Life, photos but not the universe

And today I’m slightly pissed off and increasingly shook up

though still hugely grateful and slightly astonished to be here.  (see previous post)

The thing is, I gave the insurance company a lengthy and detailed account of my little adventure while I was waiting for various people to come and rescue me.  At the time this seemed like a good thing, fresh in my mind and all that.  However, it seems a much less good thing to have to explain it all over again to the courtesy car company, the legal assistance company and the police (because the nice young copper who took down a brief statement and my details at the scene of the accident filed me under witnesses instead of drivers involved).  And I have to say that explaining exactly what happened and how it was that I wasn’t underneath a lorry and why my car had damage to its front lights not its back ones and then not being understood is wearing my patience and making me feel shaken all over again.

It all seems quite simple to me but it’s quite amazing how difficult it is for anyone on the other end of a phone to understand me.  And they all seem to think they really need to understand, not out of interest you see but because they need to know that someone else’s insurance will be paying in the end.


Never mind.  At the time, I was hugely impressed with myself and very pleased that years of watching lorries nervously had finally paid off and proved that when you are forewarned, you are actually forearmed as well.  And given two seconds you can do a plan and it can work.

Anyway, I’m now feeling a lot better, a) because the police told me that both injured drivers are now out of hospital and although the guy who was trapped in his car is in braces and stuff, he’s not as badly broken as he looked at the time*  and b) because Barney took me out for dinner.  I think he’s quite pleased to be keeping me : )

And also, there were a number of shocked and shaken people wandering around – the accident involved five cars and two lorries.  And people were nice to each other.  There wasn’t much to say except are you ok but they said it. Even people who had been hit without any warning at all.

As for the driver of the lorry, I feel for him.  Yes, he was totally at fault whatever was going on in his head as he failed to notice what was happening ahead.  But I’ve no doubt he’s paid for that already in remorse and loss of confidence and guilt.  Glad for him that no one was killed.

There’s something wrong with a system in which men drive for hours and hours in vehicles which weigh too much to stop within a sensible distance on roads with nowhere to escape if things go wrong.   There’s something wrong with a system in which every single hold up could have death and destruction hurtling towards it.  And there’s something wrong when this kind of thing is almost commonplace and when it happens it’s considered to be the fault and responsibility of one man alone at the wheel of several tons of unstoppable machinery.  People aren’t designed to hurtle, nose to tail along thousands of miles of tarmac in charge of all that metal and momentum.

Let’s bring back horses and canals!  Or for heavens’ sake, trains and buses!

Today I have to make nice little diagrams to show all those phone-deaf people what happened.  Tomorrow I am going to visit wolves**.  This will be much nicer.

And so is this.

*And me and the policeman agreed that this was wonderful and much much better than it could have been.

**There’s a wolf conservation place about four miles away and tomorrow they have an open day.  I can’t believe I’ve never been there!


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  1. heck Mig – what a scary tale and how brilliant you were to have copped that he wasn’t stopping in time – glad everyone involved is relatively unscathed – so relieved you weren’t damaged!

    Congrats on NBG!

    Thank you Linda, I am also relieved and ready to go back to being a besotted grandma again : )
    (after visiting wolves that is)

    Comment by Linda/ziggi | August 29, 2010 | Reply

  2. good grief (is that what I just said already?)

    I can understand them wanting to glean everything from you whilst it’s still fresh in your mind, but. . .

    and I’m not surprised by your reaction, dear mig, after such a shock – I’m sure what you’re feeling, altho not pleasant and hampered by all the people wanting to know what you experienced, is totally normal

    hope you have a good vent and get it all off your chest!

    I know this doesn’t sound good, but I had a friend who was driving along a country lane and a cow, which was loose and shouldn’t have been where it was, went thru her passenger side window: her reaction was as you are describing yours; the initial shock of it and having survived it, then the pffftht. . . it went on for a long time; but, she is alive! as you are! and thank goodness for that


    A cow??? Through her window? I really don’t think I’d like that!
    Though it would make a much more entertaining after dinner story!

    Comment by I, Like The View | August 29, 2010 | Reply

  3. A cow…..through her window…… HOLY cow. LOL
    Or–holy car?

    I’m glad you’re okay…..beyond glad! I say let Barney buy dinner multiple times!! And pfffffffft for having to replay it over and over and over again. Gosh…maybe if they’d talk with each other, it’d save you having to replay it? Nah…. LOL That’d be too simple!

    (((((((((( Mig ))))))))))

    A wolf conservation place?! 🙂

    Ohhhhhhhh…. 🙂

    Simplicity isn’t a feature of insurance claims in general Mel. Never mind. Complexity is one of the joys of being alive! Under the circumstances. And if multiplicity is required so that I can have a car to drive when fetching and carrying for new Mum I suppose it can be endured. And as you say I’m OK! Yay!

    Yeah!!!! Wolves!!!!

    Comment by Mel | August 30, 2010 | Reply

  4. Well done. Very sane and balanced. I expect the people on the other end of the phone had forms and diagrams and boxes to tick in front of them and your circumstances didn’t quite fit conveniently. It will have done no harm to have shaken the system up a bit.

    Wolves? How exciting!

    I’m quite looking forward to my bath chair.

    Oh you are a tonic Christopher : ) I wonder if bath chairs are supplied for wolf visiting. Wonder, indeed, if I ought to be asking the courtesy car company for one?

    Comment by Christopher | August 30, 2010 | Reply

  5. Wow! I went back and read what happened. So glad no one seemed to be dead from the ordeal. That accident could have been so tragic.
    We were on the road this past weekend. While traveling down, we met up with brake lights. that’s not usual out in the country on an American Interstate highway, in the city, yes, out in the country, no.
    Traffic was stopped for an hour, then started to creep. After ten miles at an average of 15 miles per hour, we finally saw the wreckage. No one died, but it ruined my time schedule to show up at my sister’s place in time for dinner!
    Just so glad you’re okay and hope you get things sorted out quickly.


    Things always seem to take a long time to sort out after an accident ‘Man but that’s such a small price to pay for having survived that it seems silly to whinge about it (not that I plan to let that stop me whinging a little bit now and then).

    Peace, yes. Thank you.

    Comment by Spadoman | August 31, 2010 | Reply

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