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Good Lord! How long can it take?????

Yes yes I know that’s a silly question.

We’re sitting around here like a couple of old hens on a mobile phone waiting for it to hatch an informative text!



Delivered (by Cesarean) at 4.30 this afternoon, one  pink, perfect, female person.  8lbs 3ozs and deliciously like a baby.  All went well and when we got to visit at 7.30, Mum and Babe and Dad were all looking pretty lovely.

Grandad got to do his making baby fall asleep trick and I got to cuddle her too.

: )

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Oh Oops!

Time, tide and babies wait for no consultants.

Mrs Middle’s baby on the way!

Fingers crossed for no complications and perhaps even (XXXXXXXX) no cesarean!

Oh my Goodness!


oH, UNCROSS THE FINGERS and undo caps lock.


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The baby’s not for turning

Oh well.

Mrs Middle’s consultant did his best and the baby remained firmly right side up.  Which is to say wrong way up.  Cesarean booked for next week.  Of course, the baby might arrive so quickly and determinedly that a cesarean isn’t the best option but it is looking like the most probable.  Sad for Mrs Middle to have to go through surgery and sad that she will have to combine recovery from surgery with those precious first days after the birth.  But as we agreed (won’t everyone) as long as there’s a baby at the end that’s what matters.

So next Week it is.  Probably.

Stand easy all.

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