Life, photos but not the universe

Over the Hills and far away.

I am a very chirpy bunny indeed.

Not only was yesterday sunny and hot and gorgeous but I spent it with a lovely flickr friend driving the little car around the hills and pausing only to sit on the grass and view at least three counties spread out under the blazing sun (and almost under our feet), to scramble around taking photos and to eat excellent (though I say it myself) home made soup and sanis, we chattered away like two kids on holiday.  And we found tiny 12th century church of st Swithun, nestled in a fold of the hills at Combe (just below the famous Combe Gibbet).

Then she (friend) gave me an unwanted copy of Photoshop CS3 which has really cool new features and it loaded up on my computer swiftly and meekly and produced most of its features without a murmur.   So when midnight came, I wandered into the kitchen and considered the mounds of dirty dishes and the heap of damp washing and thought “Ohhhh.  I’m Soooo tired”.  (Insert whiney, whingey voice here.  Also insert a glass of wine, two cigs and an amble round the garden with the dog in the warm darkness)

Then I wandered back to the computer to sit down and contemplated my shiny, fast new CS3 and a couple of photos taken yesterday and two hours later I thought “Actually I’m not tired at all”.

The sun was really too high and bright to get good photos but I’m going to try and find some.  Back later.

Definitely going back to this church another time.  It’s so charming and in spite of appearances, open!

Got to ring my middle girl now and find out if she’s still at home!  I’m sure she will be or I’d have heard by now.

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Buttons and bracelets and too many things at once.

I spent an hour this morning trying to make a bracelet out of old buttons.  It’s not going very well.  I can do earrings easily enough,  since they just hang in small bunches, but making buttons lie neatly* along a thread isn’t so easy.  And you need a lot of them.  I have a very nice blue bracelet made of buttons and beads and shiny bits and bobs but that was made by some hardworking, extremely skilled, underpaid person in a far off country and sold to me by Accessorize.  I believe Monsoon justify their enormous prices by claiming to be good to their workers but though Accessorize seems to be associated with them, I find it hard to believe that they can be paying their workers so well.  Those people do bracelets much better than I have, so far.

Anyway, it’s back to the drawing board here.  In fact a drawing board might be a good idea but for the moment it’s a conceptual drawing board only, as I really must stop playing with pretty stuff and get the washing out and the left overs put away and find the will forms**

As I may have mentioned before, I’m not a proper woman in that /i can’t do two things at once.  (For instance ‘shift’  ‘i’, apparently).  In  fact as I get older and perhaps because I’ve got wiser (?***) I sometimes can’t even do one thing at once.  So shopping yesterday for dinner tonight and also for lunch tomorrow, as I have a very nice friend coming over, led to all kinds of confusion.  For instance, I bought a ham to cook for tonight and also, some cooked ham for sandwiches tomorrow**** (a tentative plan to take to the hills with cameras, soup and sanis).

Then I decided not to get any root veg for tonight.  Don’t ask me why.  There was something in my head but clearly it wasn’t tonight’s dinner.  Shame, because a bit of celeriac would have been good in the soup as well as roasted with the potatoes tonight.  And it would have been nice to have had carrots.

I completely ignored the fact that Barney used up all the broad beans yesterday and really, the main reason for eating roast ham is to have broad beans and parsley sauce with it. (And of course to have cold ham for sandwiches the following week.  Oh well, yes, it is quite nice to eat).  He used up all the parsley too.  Did I get any?  No but I got basil to add to the soup.*****

I did get some very dinky little pink potatoes.  Well they will make a nice potato salad to have with the sanis tomorrow.  The whole bag?  Um.  I love potato salad.  I can eat it till it comes out of my ears.  Perhaps I will.

Anyway, in despair about my inability to shop for two meals at the same time I wrote out  a timetable for the cooking of this one.  I’m just a bit concerned that, now I needn’t think about what I have to do next, I may get my blogging overcooked and my ham mistyped.  (so far so good).

So, today dawned (I didn’t notice that bit but it’s a good start) and some time later I was awoken by a certain person who, once again, had forgotten to tell me he needed me to take him down to the garage to deliver a vehicle for an MOT).  Oh and sorry, I forgot to say that today was the day after the day where I started this post.

Then I rushed about a bit making sanis and heating soup and trying to decide how best to pack it all up.  then I hung the washing out and carefully put my umbrella with the going out pile.  Added a rainjacket for good measure.  It’s a well known fact that if you take your brolly out with you, it won’t rain.  On the other hand, if you hang the washing out it will rain.  So which will win today I wonder?  Washing or brolly.

Yay!  Brolly!!  (And in the end I forgot to take it.)

*Spell check thinks neatle is a real word!  I wonder what it thinks it means.

**No, we aren’t planning to die just yet but we’ve been promising each other to write wills for the last twenty years.  It really is time we actually did it!  It’s not as though we have anything enormously complicated to leave anyone.  Apart form my Accessorize bracelets of course.

***Sooooo much wisdom in here, there’s no more room for thought, see.

****The ham, no problem.  I’m going to find out what frozen, cooked ham is like.

*****Thank heavens for gardening neighbours, I have permission to raid their parsley patch whenever I need.  I wonder about the carrots but I’m not sure if they’re ready and I wouldn’t want the neighbours to come back to an invasion of carrot fly.******

*****Yes, they’re away, again!

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