Life, photos but not the universe

I am a cross, not to say furious bunny

Blogger won’t let me publish anything.

I’ve tried all sorts of stuff and posted a help message on the help forum.  This seems to consist of a lot of people saying “help help” and an occasional other person saying “have you tried this” or “yes I’ve got that problem too”.

Sometimes, a little row of blogger employees replies appear!  the last time they did was on a different thread from where I posted mine (I went for ‘publishing problems’ rather than ‘it’s broken’) and that was last night.  On the publishing problem thread, the last appearance of a blogger employee was Sept 3rd!

Anyway don’t exactly know how to publish photos yet.  I’ll try later.  Oh! right!  Like that then!

Got to go now!

Er, I’ll have to work out how to make it fit though!

Ah!  Like that?

Golly, Look at the time!




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