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It’s dark, wet and warm.   An appropriate end for a day that included taking Mrs Middle and her Bump to a breast feeding cafe!

What’ s that all about?

Well, actually, although babies do usually find out how to do it and Mums do often work out how to get comfortable with it, I’d sort of forgotten some of the detail and some of the difficulties and even some of the pleasures of it.  And I do, now, remember that the instruction and advice I got when Eldest first arrived was a bit sketchy to say the least and indeed, was offered a bit tetchily by busy nursing staff in the hospital.

Anyway, all I can say is that things are a lot different now.  We never got to go and sit in lovely, bright,  cosy places where mums at various stages of new baby-ness could come and discuss, feed, sit on sofas with hundreds of cushions, eat cake, drink tea and share experiences with new and yet-to-be Mums.  All provided by the local city council in a really nice child care centre in one of the less salubrious parts of the city.  At first, when we arrived, there seemed to be no evidence of baby feeding or even much in the way of babies (apart from half a dozen large dolls and a squidgy, breast-shaped stress relief toy – impressively realistic) but by the time the cafe was finished, there were three babies feeding and Mrs Middle had seen a video, chatted about all kinds of stuff and was laden with useful leaflets.  (Well leaflets anyway).  She might even have time to go again next week which is good as one of the real advantages of all this dedicated space for mums is the opportunity to meet other mums either to make friends or simply to have a place to discuss what will soon be the central activity in her life, with others who are similarly baby-centric.

Me, as chauffer, I just sat on a sofa, ate cake, dispensed the very little I could recall and enjoyed the sight of babies and mums and giggled at the abandoned breast on the floor among a heap of cushions and leaflets.

Stopped on the way home a couple of times, a couple of days.

Rain on the Ridgeway

A hole in the hedge.

*Well I’m hardly going to put breasts in the title am I.

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To you!

I’ve been partaking of a theme competition on Flickr and having a lot of fun trying to make pictures that fit the pictorialist style of photography.  This is turning out to be both harder to understand and more fun than I expected.

I thought you might like to see some of the results.

The pictorial school wanted their photographic work to be considered as ‘art’ at a time when popular opinion thought of it as a purely mechanical and representative kind of medium.  So they did a whole load of stuff to their photos to look them more like  hand created work.

Of course, now, there are plenty of people around who think that photoshop and the like are just quick fixes to add pretty stuff to ‘real’ photos and purists who think that photography should be a ‘pure’ art. 🙂

Me, I’ll try anything once.

Though I’ve been driven to distraction by flies, running around on the screen and adding quite unwanted textures and effects to my efforts.  I wonder how monitor screens feel about fly killer spray?

‘Night : )

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