Life, photos but not the universe


Photos, about 200 – mostly very blurred, drunkenly lopsided, or pitch black!  I really wasn’t paying attention.

Glasses to wash and return to Youngest, approx 144. (plus sundry dishes, platters, bowls and cutlery, about 30 items)

Amount of water leaked by dishwasher while glasses were being washed, about 6 gallons.

Breakages, few,

Un-drunk wine (!!!!) to share among those who did the clearing up, 26 bottles.  (actually I’m going to pay F and HF for our share because that seems more fair.

Leftover cake, not much.

Days that the wedding high of proud and happy parents is expected to last, several thousand : )

Days that joints of aged parents who danced too often, too largely and not wisely are expected to continue aching, quite a few!  (Worth every twinge)

Excess postage to pay this morning on a redelivered piece of charity junk mail, £1.66 !!!!!  WTF?

But I have to mention the little note I found waiting when we got home from the wedding, from the lad up the road who fed the animals and walked the dog while we were away.

Welcome back,

Today is such a nice day so I have got your fantastic dog at my house,

Martin 🙂 ”

Today is such a nice day too : )

: )


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