Life, photos but not the universe


Some time ago I bought a camera from a charity shop.  Since then I’ve been sporadically wrestling with the differences between film and digital.  After working my way through various expired and cheap films (with appropriate results) I finally decided it was worth getting some better film and also that since the film that had been recommended was a fast film I ought to stop waiting for magical light to appear just when I didn’t have time to stop and take photos.  Instead, I should make art out of whatever happened to be lying around.   Like I was taught at Art college years and years ago.

Which really meant going out on a dull day and finding a rather stunning bit of woodland to play in.  Fast film I thought – it’ll pick up all the natural colours without creating noise and stuff.  I’m a bit hazy about tecnical stuff but I think I have the general idea.  So I dodged drizzle and used up a whole film and then used the little digital camera because there were still trees and stuff (they didn’t go away just because I’d run out of film!).

Anyway, the next day there was glorious sunlight and all the autumn colours positively glowed and I couldn’t go out because I’d procrastinated over the fly hoovering already and needed to get the job done.  And because it’s film I haven’t had a chance to see what came out either.  Certainly a lot of the settings on the little camera were all wrong!  (The little camera does have a live viewing screen but unfortunately it lies.  What comes out at home isn’t nearly as sharp and bright as it says it  will be)

So although a very patient person (honest) I’m practically jumping up and down with frustration because I still haven’t had a chance to take the film in to be developed.

Meanwhile, I’ve been to see Bill Wyman and the Rhythm Kings at the Anvil in Basingstoke which was very nice.  Gorgeous blues and tremendous musicianship.  Some things (and people just don’t age at all at least not in the ways which matter).

And spent a lovely day visiting a friend and catching up – it seems to be forever since we last got together.

And driven home watching a huge pale moon rising over the hills.  Followed a bird along a narrow lane with high hedges – I think it might have been a swift or a nightjar; it was definitely in the wrong place, lots of swooping and dipping but seemed to have no idea of how to get out of the lane and away.  Eventually it went through a gap in the hedge and I was much relieved.

And ordered a new shower pump.

And without quite  noticing I was doing it, went into a charity shop and came out with  £10 less than I had before and one film camera more, a Canon EOS 1000F. . …  I still haven’t noticed that but I might just be getting another battery today.*

Quite a productive day or two really.

And now I’m going  to do a bit more jumping up and down.


Ok, jumping up and down over.  It was a very dull day.  These photos needed a lot of processing and I’m not so impressed with the film.  The colours were very flat and I hadn’t realised that fast film is quite so grainy.

Yesterday it was not dull so I went back with the big camera.  One reason I wanted to try film is because the DSLR either over- or under-does the colour.  More processing.

Beech trees and swooping valleys feature a lot at the moment

And a bit of Autumnal while the leaves last.

It was quite hard to tear myself away.

Anyway, today is dull again.  I may go shopping for batteries and little halogen bulbs (for the dining room, not the camera).  Or I may wait in for the shower pump to be delivered.  I’ll have another coffee. Would you like one too?

*I looked it up when I got home and read a review that said don’t pay more than £100 for it and another which told me all sorts of things about how it works – very little of which I understand.  The internet is a wonderful thing.

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I’ll be away for a day or two.

So I’ve had the sort of day when my mind keeps trying to think in three directions at once.  Partly because a friend came for the day, partly because I need to decide which little pocket sized camera my lovely family would like to buy for my birthday and another partly because I inadvertantly bought a film camera from Oxfam a day or two ago.

Oops!  how did that happen?

Anyway, gradually I’ve been acquiring the information and batteries and film I needed to find out if it works ( the shop said it did but they won’t really know) and while I’m away I may attempt to make it work and then when I get back I may find out if it did.  I always did wonder if film wasn’t too complicated for someone like me and I suppose I’l be finding that out too.

Anyway a number of knowledgeable people have confirmed that if it does work it is a bargain.  And Oxfam said if it doesn’t they’ll take it back.  Can’t lose then can I?  and it’s a Mamiya which means all day I’ve been wandering around muttering Mymamiya to myself.  (which translates roughly as “what have I let myself in for?” if you say it quickly enough.)  And I haven’t dared tell er, anyone who shall remain nameless, that I seem to have a camera which I didn’t have a day or two ago and that I still need the tiny pocket sized one for my birthday and that of course I will use all three of them.  And that, no, it won’t mean I have even more stuff to carry around wherever I go (bit hard to make that last sound convincing even to me but I’m working on it).

And now I’m packed and trying to remember if I’ve supplied all that is necessary for them what’s being left behind.  Very difficult when I can’t quite decide how to pack  MyMamiya so it travels safely.

Meanwhile I’ve run out of notebook (brain) and We (that’s not the royal one but the plural one …. two) have decided to do an exciting thing which I shall save for another day.  Oh and my friend pointed out that I ought to have been reminded by the government that my pension is nearly due.  I spent a harassed half hour tracking down the appropriate department on the computer before deciding that it’s really silly trying to think about that while also thinking of all that other stuff.  Next week then, I shall attempt to garner up the things I hope I have earned by being good for all those years and giving my hard earned cash to the government.  Hmm.

Lots of love, lovely people and have a very, very nice weekend : )


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