Life, photos but not the universe

Time is of the essence

Isn’t it always?

There’s the timing of Fran’s hair colouring and getting here in time for dinner

There’s the timing of my hair perming, a bit of a mystery but YAY! It’s curly – who cares when 🙂

There’s the timing of Barney and the Bridegroom to be, having a last pre-wedding drink together (Yeah, I know, what’s the difference between one of those and one of the after-wedding drinks)

spot the spider.

There’s the duck.  Thinks it’s ready to eat now. And the roast potatoes – nobody could imagine they’re ready.

The Bee is dead. Long live the Bee.

Oops!  someone’s ready.  I can hear them arriving outside.

They’ll be either hungry or apologetic depending on if they’re the drinkers or the hair colourers 🙂

You may have noticed that these photos are not connected to the text.  This is because I had a number of flowers from a certain garden which I felt the need to post.

Some people just have that touch.  Their flowers are all beautiful.  (And in this case so are her photos but there’s no harm in taking some more since I happened to be there on a cat feeding mission and the sun was out 🙂

I had planned to visit tonight but as Fran and Andy came for dinner and then me and Fran printed and folded 100 orders of service I’m now going to take my hot tired little feet to bed. And the rest of me.

Sleep well everyone.

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