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head first and face down

That’s what I have to say to myself when inserting paper into the printer.  Otherwise I’m likely to overprint or use the wrong side of the paper.

Some years ago, I was busy aranging the inside of the tent at Bampton (I enjoy that bit) and plunked all the pillows at the end of the beds away from the entrance. “I always sleep with my head towards the entrance” said our friend. When asked why he said he felt vulnerable in a tent and felt safer facing out towards whatever might come in.  There was general agreement.  Setting aside the likelihood of  the unexpected ingress of whatever, I pointed out that should an axe-wielding maniac enter the tent  while I was asleep I would prefer the first thing he encountered to be my feet, not my head!

This gained some consideration and thoughtful looks.

Then there are some people who always like to sit with their back to a wall or even a corner, say, in restaurants.  Barney is one.  It’s so that you can see what’s going on around you (and who it is that’s having that really weird conversation about the government’s responsibilties regarding underwear).

Also, it’s a fairly atavistic safety thing.  You can’t so easily be taken by surprise.  (Axe wielding maniacs, embarrassing acquaintances you’d rather not encounter during meals, escaped giant cats, small or large blue or green aliens and so on)

But babies are supposed to come head first because the head’s biggest and needs to come out first so the delicate neck isn’t damaged by the follow-up.  (I suppose?)  Oh and it’s a better shape and nice and hard for shoving its way through a gap which is demonstrably much too small to get through.  Brave babies, pushing their heads out into the unknown.  Getting the worst over with quickly.

Well New Gorgeous Babe had her own strategy which was to put trust in them nice people out there to pick her out and get her pointing whichever way up would be best, having hinted as strongly as she could that head up and feet down would be preferable.  So when we arrived for our first visit, she was perched upright on Mum’s tum and they were eye to eye, (and nose to nose) no doubt discussing plans for the immediate future.

There’s a lot of it about at the moment.  I know of four babies of friends which are due during the next week and at least two of friends and family which were born during the last week.  Unless it’s a local effect this tends to suggest that the gloom and doom of such things as global warming hasn’t been putting people off – possibly the reverse.  And of course there’s the cold Winter we had last year – wasn’t there a baby boom after the hard winter of – Oh I can’t remember but I do recall it being officially noted that there was a statistically significant rise in births after it and lots of comment about making our own entertainment during the long dark evenings and power cuts.  (An attempt to google this led irritatingly to a lot of stuff about population decline and demographic winters so unless you also remember the winter in question you’ll have to take my word for it).

Anyway, going back to the population boom, you’d probably like to see more photos of our personal boom.  wouldn’t you?  Of course you would.  I knew you would really.  (Please forgive any extra foolishness here.  We’ve not only been and had some more cuddles, we’ve been and wetted the baby’s head at the local and I for one am temporarily not responsible for my actions .  Or my typos.  Or the fact that WordPress has added some spaces which I can’t remove).  After all, Barney is high on cuddles and head wetting and anticipating dinner and I am high etc etc and making dinner.  Anything could happen at this point.  I’m rather hoping it’s going to be dinner and that I’ve remembered to reset the timer but we’ll see.

Taken on the first day.

Update:  One of the babies above mentioned has since arrived.  His grandma sent me a photo which, to my surprise, appeared on my mobile phone.  I didn’t know my phone could do that!  Anyway, I couldn’t help noticing that it looked exactly like a baby, for instance exactly like our NGB.  One of my friends has been kind enough to say NGB looks like me.  It’s nice to know that I look like a baby* since I feel a little bit older than that : )

*Yes, there is a logical inconsistency there.  Just because all babies look like babies it doesn’t follow that if one baby looks like a grandma the grandma looks like all babies.


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