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Space, time (quite a lot of it ago) and power

Not only had I put the letter from SEB up on the notice board, I’d put the date in my calendar.  June 18th.  Power Cut!

So it’s a shame I didn’t look at the calendar last night because by the time I’d got round to realising there was no power this morning, it was too late to have a shower.  And without a hairdryer there’s not much you can do about sticky up sideways hair with flat bits on the side.

So I didn’t go out today.  Furthermore, I still have several hours of backing up to do and still can’t look at baby pics or circus pics or any other pics for that matter.

But that was fine, as tomorrow,Youngest’s ex-partner will be bringing round all her stuff.  I offered to come and collect it and he said,”I don’t think it will fit in Barney’s pick-up”.


So I trotted up to the top room and began to empty cupboards.

Thing is, when three children lived here, we turned the attic into bedrooms and stored our things in sloping eave cupboards.  When they left, we moved our stuff into the rooms and their stuff into the cupboards.  Clothes, nintendo games and boxes and boxes of nintendo cartridge thingies, super nintendo games and boxes etc, books, clothes, books, GSCE reference books and old school papers, books, nintendo booklets, boxes for old electronic stuff, monitors, keyboards, clothes, books, toys, cuddly toys, bits of bike, cuddly toys, old lamps – have I won a prize yet?  Well there was also a box of crockery, which I didn’t feel we needed cluttering up the kitchen but to which Barney may have sentimental attachment, and a lot of my old silk shirts, which I thought I’d thrown out, and some ancient photos in an even more ancient suitcase (incredibly heavy) which I haven’t yet got round to looking at – that will be fun.

Right, now have I won a prize?  Did I mention the cuddly toys?  And the clothes?  Books?

There was also quite a lot of sticky, rusty, greasy and otherwise undesirable stuff.  And junk.  and rubbish.  So I trotted up and downstairs with bags and boxes and after a while I trudged and later still, I wobbled and finally collapsed in a heap at the bottom of the stairs, surrounded by mounds of rubbish.  Phew!

Then I went back up to the top room and spent a couple of hours, more or less, on my knees, pushing boxes and bags into spaces that were smaller than required.  Eventually, there was more space than there had been before I started and my knees hurt.  Surely I must have won a prize by now?

And Barney came home and we loaded all the junk into the pickup and he went off to the dump – always a satisfying expedition.

It’s still a bit worrying though.  Half a pickup load of junk has gone and quite a lot of stuff has been compressed but how much more have we got to fit back in.  I just hope Ex is, like many people, quite without my special understanding of how stuff will fit into spaces with a smaller volume than that of the stuff.  In fact I really hope he’s an absolutely rubbish packer and sorter!  Well I’m just going to investigate the garage in case he’s right about the amount of stuff.

Did that.


The power came back.  That was nice.

Next day I discovered that one of my carefully hoarded, back-up hard drives wasn’t big enough for the backup and one of the disadvantages of virtual things is that you can’t really push them around into different positions so they’ll fit into smaller spaces.  (Because, I suppose, 50 gig always takes up 50 gigs’ worth of space even if you turn it on its side)

After much thought and peering at properties I realised that the new camera makes files which are nearly twice as big as those that the old one made.  I suppose it’s got more pixels (when I was choosing the camera I didn’t really think about pixels beyond noting in reviews that there seemed to be a satisfactory amount of them.  I certainly didn’t think about gigs.  Or terrabytes).

Then the new hard drives dropped off the computer screen, one by one.  More deep thought and suspicion of the USB hub and lots of plugging and replugging and occasionally “safely removing devices”, but often, just unplugging them.  The mouse still worked though, so surely the hub was ok?  Later the mouse stopped working.  (But that was a flat battery.)  Anyway, eventually I unplugged everything and then plugged it all back in.  It seems to work now so I can start backing up again.  Isn’t that nice.  And I’ve got a new, bigger, hard drive so there will be plenty of space for the moment.

Finally, on power, I was looking for a cheap battery for the camera and on finding one, was told that if I spent one more penny (one can’t help briefly thinking about toilets), I would qualify for free delivery.  I quickly glanced through the seller’s other items and discovered, for the princely sum of £8.99, a

Mini USB Flash Disk Hidden Camera Mini DVR with Motion Activated Wholesale.


Coo, I thought, Isn’t that nice, what is it?♠  So I looked at the description.

Features: 1.New and high quality 2.For a safely meaning like business negotiation and contract signing 3.High quality monitor, protect personal privacy data and information confidential. 4.Fit for hotel/restaurant/public toilet/changing room, etc. 5.Have a long working time…….

You’ve just got to wonder about these meaning like business negotiations in public toilets.  Or maybe I did because of the penny spending.

I think I’ll pay the postage.

Meanwhile, there are things that require no batteries or other power and work beautifully all by themselves as long as they get fed regularly (and etc but I needn’t bother about that just yet)


Don’t take up much space either but time will change that.

♠Was that Flanders and Swann?






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That’s me.  Again.

Our new little Gorgeous Babe is very nice and, so far, very quiet.   Her older sister is doing well too – she’d like to be more in charge and also she’d like the baby to need less space in Mum’s bed, but mostly, she’s just besotted.  As are we.  Very proper.

To celebrate the new babe’s arrival, I’ve got myself a new lens.  It’s got zooooooom and you can do moons with it.


(Who knew that the moon is really a melon?)

I wish the lens had come before the baby, I could have taken some lovely photos with it, except that I’m not best at people (They move too much).  Anyway, today we went with our other Granddaughter and her Mum, to see the ‘Fit for Nothing Circus’, in town, so I got to play with it a lot.

I was going to post all kinds of baby and circus photos but my photo hard drive ran out.  It’s taking me hours and hours to back it all up so I’m temporarily deprived of photos and indeed haven’t even got the baby and circus on the computer yet!.  Never mind.  Next time.

Here are some flowers.  Last time I looked at Flickr, there was a convention that BoF (bugs on flowers) unlike DoF (Depth of Field)♠ are hackneyed and old hat.  But who could resist the grasshopper’s knees peeping out of the rose petals?

IMG_4445-CS5 IMG_4487-CS52

Oh well.  I’d better go – us new Grandmas need our sleep.


♠  Just as well that DoF isn’t old hat since you get it whether you like it or not.  The new lens does both shallow and, er, deep?  Depth of Field, effortlessly.

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