Life, photos but not the universe


That’s me.  Again.

Our new little Gorgeous Babe is very nice and, so far, very quiet.   Her older sister is doing well too – she’d like to be more in charge and also she’d like the baby to need less space in Mum’s bed, but mostly, she’s just besotted.  As are we.  Very proper.

To celebrate the new babe’s arrival, I’ve got myself a new lens.  It’s got zooooooom and you can do moons with it.


(Who knew that the moon is really a melon?)

I wish the lens had come before the baby, I could have taken some lovely photos with it, except that I’m not best at people (They move too much).  Anyway, today we went with our other Granddaughter and her Mum, to see the ‘Fit for Nothing Circus’, in town, so I got to play with it a lot.

I was going to post all kinds of baby and circus photos but my photo hard drive ran out.  It’s taking me hours and hours to back it all up so I’m temporarily deprived of photos and indeed haven’t even got the baby and circus on the computer yet!.  Never mind.  Next time.

Here are some flowers.  Last time I looked at Flickr, there was a convention that BoF (bugs on flowers) unlike DoF (Depth of Field)♠ are hackneyed and old hat.  But who could resist the grasshopper’s knees peeping out of the rose petals?

IMG_4445-CS5 IMG_4487-CS52

Oh well.  I’d better go – us new Grandmas need our sleep.


♠  Just as well that DoF isn’t old hat since you get it whether you like it or not.  The new lens does both shallow and, er, deep?  Depth of Field, effortlessly.


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