Life, photos but not the universe


I love colours.  Lots of them and all kinds (except, perhaps, neon colours) and I don’t mind if they clash.

So last week I found a scarf with loads of colours on it, convulvulus blue, deep pink, spring green and deeper green, orange, purple, turquoise, you name it, all on a cream background.  It was all so riotously lush that I had to have it even if I really wasn’t sure I could wear it with anything I’ve got.

Naturally, little Middle and I had to call at the bead shop and I collected a selection of beads with lots of similar clashing colours of which I have made earrings and a bracelet to go with the scarf.  Sparkly ones.

Thing is, it’s wool type mixture rather than a silk/cotton thing and it’s really a bit warm for this time of year.  Also, quite large.  And there’s another thing which is that it seems to me that most patterned scarves have a cream or off-white background and most of my brightly coloured patterned tops seem to have a white background.  And it’s amazing how many creams and off-whites there are which just don’t look happy together.  I love colours that shout at each other but when they sneer faintly, sidelong,  it makes me really uncomfortable.  So I’m thinking of turning the scarf into a – something.  I could either cut off most of the cream and sew the ends together to make a single narrower length of rioting flowers, with not much cream left, or I could get really adventurous and actually make a clothe out of it – there’s more than enough stuff for a top or a teeshirty thing.

‘Course, I have absolutely no dressmaking skills.  But I know, in theory how it’s done.  You make a pattern out of newspaper, using another garment as a template, and you add a bit all round so that there’s enough stuff to make seams.  Then you pin the pattern to the cloth and cut out round it and then you sew all the edges together (except the neck and the bottom and the sleeve ends of course).  Not sure if you make the hems first – like round the neck and the ends of the sleeves?  Or after it’s all sewn together.  Um. ♠

Moving swiftly back outside, while I think about the hems, it’s bluebell time and we’ve got a little bluebell wood just up the road.  So far, every time I’ve passed it I’ve been late or it’s been raining and today I went out intending to find bluebells somewhere, come what may.  What came was rain and all I brought back were sausages♠♠ and some wet views out of the car window (taken while eating a sausage roll, fresh from the butcher’s oven.  Yummy.)


And oh look!  A ghostly hand, creeping out of the grass


Anyway, after I returned home, the sun came out and I abandoned cooking the dinner and ran off into the woods.




Bluebells always make me think of the one time I met a famous person.  My stepsister was at university with the daughter of  Peter Simple  and we were invited to dinner with him.  At the time, I never read newspapers so I had no idea how famous Mr Wharton was and when he said, over the coffee, that it was vulgar to wear blue and green and that you should always look for the colours you find in nature, I promptly offered up bluebells.  “Bluebells are vulgar” he said, magnificently dismissive.

At this point, I realised that my friend/family were looking anxious, (no donkey was safe within earshot) and I assumed they were concerned that I might be about to become a total bore.  So I shut up, even though I was feeling quite adversarial about blue and green, and said nothing else for the rest of the evening.

While searching for Michael Wharton, most of whose names I had forgotten, I came across this delightful story, by Janet Aitchison, the five year old author.  You might enjoy it too.

♠  OMG it’s all coming back to me!  Facings, tacking, edging stitches, pins, needles, crumpled cloth and wayward scissors.  Wrong bits sewn together!  Unpicking!!  Pinpricks leaving drops of blood on the middle of the front of the garment!  Curses!  Strange lumps on a shoulder or a hip where something got sewn too tightly or something else got in between where it oughtn’t to have been.  I’m not sure this is going to be a good idea.  I did look at real patterns but I didn’t see any I liked.

♠♠  Well if you can’t have bluebells there’s nothing wrong with sausages as an alternative.


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  1. Hems last of all. Can’t wait to see the photo.

    Comment by rosie | May 4, 2014 | Reply

  2. A video of the cursing might be more entertaining rosie : )

    Comment by Mig | May 4, 2014 | Reply

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