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I’m off up North again to join the family when they bury my sister’s ashes.  It’s quite complicated working out a plan that will allow some time en route for the hills and lakes since if I get there before dark, I’ll need to find something to do for several hours in the dark – I’m staying in the local Premier Inn as their house is currently heaped with stuff they’re trying to sort out.  I don’t particularly want to drive up the M6 in the dark especially considering its habit of stopping for hours.  Probably four hours in a Premier Inn would be marginally nicer than in the car on the motorway in the dark.   Most of our friends and family up there either live on the other side of the Pennines or on the wrong side of the sprawl of motorway madness that surrounds Manchester – not brilliant for getting to a cemetery at 10 am.

Just in case I’d forgotten someone absolutely lovely who won’t have forgotten me, I trawled through my address book and found that I am quite right in thinking that there are lots of people I’d love to see and haven’t forgotten at all who live just a bit too far out to be practical.  I also found a lot of people I can’t remember at all?  Who on Earth can that be I wondered, frequently.  And then there are loads of people who got duplicated when I first connected my iphone to the computer and again when I started using icloud.  One fine day I need to spend an hour or two removing them.

Right so now I need to plan an outfit that can be worn while scrambling up and down Tegg’s Nose ♠ (assuming that I get there before dark) and also while burying ashes.   We’ve been involved in ash burying twice before, once scattering them across the cliffs on the Beara Peninsula and once trudging across a cricket pitch carrying a cardboard box.  Prosaic that time, and amazingly heavy.  When you condense a person into a cardboard box, they become dense.

Anyway, this time we’re doing a graveside thing – so I suppose a bit of smartness is in order.  So, ok.  Two outfits.  Both warm.  As long as the graveyard outfit is comfortable it’ll do for travelling as well?

Although I am not as mapslexic as Youngest ♠♠, by a long way, I do need to know where I’m going, especially if it involves small roads and lots of turnings where I haven’t been before (no, no satnav in any of our cars) so I’ve goggled, sorry – googled, myself a route from here to Tegg’s Nose country park and then street-viewed all the turnings (so I’ll recognise them and not panic when I get there).  And then Macclesfield high street because when the sun goes down at four-ish, I can go and check out the charity shops but I’ll be knackered after the Tegg’s bit so I need to know where the nearest car park is and how to reach it.  Although I used to live near Macclesfield, I never went into the town itself so I had no idea how to find it – there’s a big road cutting through it which is quite hard to get off at a sensible place.

And I’ve just read Trust Your Eyes by Linwood Barclay, a rollicking thriller which begins with a young man seeing a just-murdered person on a google maps-type street view.  I recommend it but that may be because I’m nearly as addicted to Street view as the young man in the story.  Quite apart from the whole rest of the story, the young man was amazed and delighted when he first saw a reality which he already knew like the back of his hand from the map thingie.  I am so with him on that and really looking forward to seeing the Nose in the flesh – or the rock as it will, hopefully, be.  Although it would be surprising and extremely interesting to see a real nose on top of a Derbyshire hill, I will be quite happy with a heap of rocks.




And some late afternoon sun.  Wish me luck on that – the weather seems to be getting less sunny up there every time I check.

I’ve travelled past it many times and I think it will be as good as its name.  Which is extremely good, don’t you think?  How can you not yearn to see a place called Tegg’s Nose?

♠She has an uncanny ability to get lost half a mile away from her own home – satnav was made for people like her.

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  1. Do hope it all goes well.

    I haven’t managed to master Street View. I fail miserably at making it go where I want it to. But, I suspect it’s because satnav is the best gadget I ever purchased, bar none.

    Enjoy your walk!

    Comment by Blue Witch | December 11, 2013 | Reply

  2. I love street view and find it particularly useful for figuring out shorter local journeys when I do not want to cart the sat-nav around with me. I also love sat-nav. I pooh-poohed it a bit until I actually used one and then was instantly a convert. Sir B’s car has a built-in sat-nav, of which I am envious.

    Fantastic photos as usual. I hope Teggs Nose lives up to your expectations and that the interring of the ashes goes as well as such things ever can.

    Safe journey.

    Comment by Liz | December 11, 2013 | Reply

  3. I am never organised enough to plan the route with Street View, though I do use it for making sure I’ll recognise a house when I get there. It can be a bit fiddly to get exactly the view I want, though. Russell was very dismissive of my satnav until the first time he used it, since when he has loved it, though he hasn’t learned to programme it yet. It’s particularly useful for driving in large towns where there are lots of side roads and it’s quite difficult to plan a route, let alone remember it when I’m on my own.

    I hope it goes well – or went well. Scattering ashes is a very loving thing to do, the last and most personal act.

    Comment by Z | December 12, 2013 | Reply

  4. Thank you all, it went well and I’m glad I made the effort to get there.

    I would probably love satnav Blue Witch but I cling to a foolish belief that I can manage perfectly well without it and therefore, ought to.

    I expect if we ever get another car we’d look for satnav Liz. After all everybody loves it – though I have it on good authority that it won’t find us. It used not to anyway – probably it all works better now.

    I think if I had one, I’d definitely use it for large towns Z, as my memory gets worse it gets harder to remember how many lefts I’ve just done – or even if they were really rights. As it is, I’ve discovered some interesting bits of towns that I never needed to know about.

    Comment by Mig | December 13, 2013 | Reply

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