Life, photos but not the universe

Why am I always catching up?****

Yay, I got my teeth scraped and it didnt hurt!

At the weekend*, lovely Thursday and Joe Brown came over from The Little Country and we were joined at the pub by a dear, mutual friend from London.  Better than Christmas!  Lots of people turned up to see them and then later, mutual friend and I sat and chatted till the medium hours (we were tired before the hours got very small).  I did wonder if I was just anesthetized this afternoon at the hygienist’s from all the wine we drank.  Oh and on Saturday, Barney and I cleared away the last heaps of chairs and the gazebos from the Fest so the lawn looks nice and tidy.   An excellent weekend altogether.

Then on Wednesday we went out for dinner.  We’ve been intending to do it for weeks and weeks but stuff happened.  It was very nice – we went to a local pub which is under new management and had haddock with a vanilla and squid sauce** and lamb with sweetbreads.   Pricey though.  We’d been hoping it might turn out to be a nice local place that we could just pop out to now and then but at those prices it would be more of a special occasion venue.  Oh well.

And tomorrow, we are invited to Little Middle’s third birthday party.   She’s formally invited me several times and has also ‘decorated’ individual party invites for both of us.  She’ll make a good hostess one day!  She clearly enjoys all the little details.

I’ve been trawling through photos again too.  It occurred to me that there are birthdays coming up and I need new cards on Red Bubble.  Goodness, it takes for ever to upload them.  and to think of (slightly) intelligent things to say about them.  I’ve been a bit slow on the photo front.  Usually I get through a trip’s worth within a few days but some of the trips came a bit close together this year.

Anyway, here’s a couple from Dubrovnik – you may get bored with the city before I do!



The view through the window (of the Rupe Ethnographic Museum) taken sneakily with the iphone.  the museums were all policed by unsmiling, uniformed ladies to prevent us behaving badly!

Oops, I’d better go and get a small person’s birthday present.  I’m making her some bead bracelets – since I mentioned this possibility she has assured me regularly that I will be making a bracelet for her “like that one”.  So that’s at least six!

And since I didn’t get round to posting on Friday, I’ll tell you, we went to her birthday party at the Rectory Farm PYO and she liked her bracelets.  Also immediately shared them with Charlotte – one of her guests – and offered them to other people with larger wrists to try.  We enjoyed watching the various small guests and seeing the larger ones and came home laden with huge boxes full of veg.  It was a very good occasion altogether only slightly marred by the failure of Youngest to find us.  Later I spoke to her and she told me some of the places she had driven through on her journey and I can only assume that she has a sort of topographical dyslexia.  But eventually, she found her way home.

*That was last weekend.  This weekend – Oh, I’m going to add it to the post.  Ignore this *

**I swore I’d never have squid ink again after an unpleasant meal in Venice years ago and I still feel twitchy about black food but I didn’t notice it on the menu which is fine.  It’s always good to acquire a new flavour.

****completely rhetorical.  I don’t know so why on earth should you.



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  1. hellloooo Dear Mig – you’re busy busy as per and it’s always so interesting and sounds such good fun. I’m in a bed writing this, in the Painter’s Lodge on the Campbell River on Vancouver Island and last night we saw wild dolphins and orcas! I have seldom been so excited!

    Comment by Linda | August 19, 2013 | Reply

  2. Linda! Oh I’m all excited on your behalf! Dolphins and orcas, Wow! How fabulous. How lovely to hear from you from so far away!!!

    Comment by Mig | August 19, 2013 | Reply

  3. Well, never a dull moment! And I’m elated you had more get together time. It makes for happy times…and good memories. Nevermind messes in the yard, around the house, or in the kitchen…pfftt to ’em. Always go for messes and making happy moments.
    Happy birthday to the small person, and congrats to the parents. Man they grow quickly…
    And man are you an excellent sneak with the camera….LOL

    Comment by Mel | August 20, 2013 | Reply

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