Life, photos but not the universe

Really, I’m not at all with it at the moment.

I’ve written three posts and haven’t got round to sticking pictures in so I haven’t posted them.  All sorts of stuff is happening and I haven’t got round to posting about any of it.

Here is a photo – I’m not sure yet, of what.

DSC_3127-CS5 – Ah, crowds like ants at the finish of the London to Brighton Bike Ride.

We’ve just come back from Brighton.  Barney and Eldest did the London to Brighton bike ride and me and GIGi (Gorgeous Italian Girlfriend) did the support thing, of driving them to Clapham Common so they could set off at 6.30 am, and then drove down to Brighton to wait till they arrived, at 5.30 pm, to take them home.

I am so proud of my two boys.


And me and GIGi had a lovely day in Brighton, shopping, trudging, shopping a bit more, eating, drinking coffee, chatting a lot and then leaning over a railing waiting for an hour and a half for them to cycle past  and wave and take pics.

When they arrived, waving and after two or three phone calls to tell us how soon (or not*) they would arrive, we ate fish and chips with enthusiasm (always an easy thing to achieve in Brighton) and then I drove them all home past Petworth and Arundel and other lovely places in a glorious sunny evening with golden light shining on the turrets and spires and all the leafy roads in between.

Probably this will be Barney’s last L2B ride – 54 miles with Ditchling Beacon at the end of it is a very long day for a slightly elderly gent who has just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes**.  Actually it’s a long ride for a lad – 34 – with type 1 who has promised to look after his old Dad as well.  (He did that.)

I decided to park near the centre of Brighton in a VERY EXPENSIVE car park.  Thing is, over the last several rides and years, I’ve always parked in a car park, at the top of the hill, which is a bit cheaper and a long way from anything interesting in the town and a very, very long steep way away from the finish of the ride.  I’ve spent many hours trudging around The Lanes and the other delights that the town has to offer***, with whatever I could be bothered to bring from the car (wearily carried in handbags and shoulder bags) and then have led the exhausted bikers back up the steep hill to hitch the bikes up on the carrier and set off for the long drive home (It’s about three hours).  This year I decided to park at the bottom of the hill and to avoid the three hour traffic jam of other support teams driving from London down to Brighton and amazingly, it worked.  We escaped all the traffic jams and parked ten minutes from the centre of town and paid through our noses for the privilege,  Worth every penny!  A lot of pennies but, shit, who cares if we only have to trudge for ten minutes after they’ve arrived all hot and sweaty and cramped from all those hours of cycling – about ten hours???  Can it really be worth saving £15?  I think not.

Anyway, after having said “too expensive – don’t go there” when I googled the car park the night before, they seemed quite pleased not to have to trudge up the hill.  And GIGi and I definitely appreciated not having to walk all the way into town before we could even have a cup of coffee which we really needed after the early morning drive – I’m always  wrecked by the time I get there and then, as it’s very early on a Sunday morning, it’s a very long time before anything opens – we were really lucky to find a caff in The Lanes which was open for breakfasts and coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice.

Here’s the fiddle player on a rope


And now I’m waiting for Eldest and GIGi to come downstairs to say goodbye to them before they head off back to Lancaster.

Good morning!

*40 minutes does not equal  an hour and a half

**More of that another time

***The thing is, you have to pay to find anywhere comfy to sit, even if it’s only the price of a coffee and then as the sun follows night, some time after that you have to find a loo and then, sooner or later, you have to do it all again.


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  1. Blimey well done Barney! My brother did it and claimed it was hardest ever year with 40mph headwind

    Comment by Rog | June 17, 2013 | Reply

  2. That was exhausting reading! They did good tho your boys, no wonder you’re proud, you have every reason.

    Comment by Ziggi | June 17, 2013 | Reply

  3. Hurrah for the cyclists! They look remarkably fresh and perky in that photo for 2 people who have just cycled 54 miles.

    That sounds like a rather splendid, if somewhat exhausting, day.

    Comment by Liz | June 17, 2013 | Reply

  4. Sympathy re diabetes – the Sage is borderline, so keeping an eye on him. I gather that the cholesterol/bp/beta blocker combination of pills that so many men have to take nowadays can trigger Type 2 in people who wouldn’t otherwise seem likely to get it.

    And well done for bike ride – I won’t tell my son in law about it or he’ll want to do it too!

    Looking forward to seeing you – hope Barney is coming with you to the blog party this year?

    Comment by Z | June 17, 2013 | Reply

  5. Well done, fellas! (and support crew, of course) I was quite chuffed after my little Central Park jaunt, but this has put me in my place!
    And now I’ve got Larry Adler’s “Genevieve” for an earworm. Good thing I like it!
    See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by dinahmow | June 17, 2013 | Reply

  6. Barney and Eldest didn’t mention the headwind Rog but they got quite tired of the bits where they had to walk because the road was so crowded with cyclists!

    Me and GIGi were bouncing up and down when they (finally) got withing viewing distance Ziggi.

    I think the last 2 miles was either downhill or walking Liz so they’d had a bit of a break before the last five hundred yards on the flat stretch to the finish. (It was a good day, me and GIGi bonded a bit over coffees and shopping and the boys were just fabulous really : )

    It’s going to be a pain for a while keeping the diet under control Z but at least Barney isn’t bad enough to need pills. In theory, type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle effect but one can’t help but recall that his Dad had it and his son now has type 1 – which is popularly described as inherited! He has been a bit sad about his choc bics! I am about to email you about the blog party but yes! He is : ) Can’t wait to see you : ) : )

    Thank you for that Dinahmow, I will pass on your pats to their backs : ) YES!!!! See you soon : )

    Comment by Mig | June 17, 2013 | Reply

  7. Goodness that was a long day for all of you. I remember being in Brighton once many many years ago and realising that the Bike race had been on when we saw all the cyclists. Interesting route home from Brighton Via Arundel and Petworth.
    Well done for all of you on your epic day.

    Comment by ladyinredagain | June 18, 2013 | Reply

  8. Thank you Ladyinred, we enjoyed it. And it was a nice journey home.

    Comment by Mig | June 18, 2013 | Reply

  9. so .. did I miss the post full of travel photo’s? or are those the ones that you are waiting for time to insert the photo’s on?
    I am impressed by the fiddler on the rope..~laughing~
    but more impressed by the cyclists who actually dash around the city.
    Wow~1 brave in my book!

    Comment by ☼Illuminary☼ | June 19, 2013 | Reply

  10. *laughing* LOVE the fiddler on the rope. Have the movie! 😉 I shall now refer to it as that and chuckle the entire day.
    54 MILES?! Are they NUTZ?!
    Heck yeah, be proud! OHMYGOSH…I’d be a bit anxious about both of the fellas staying well for that trip. But good for both of them to take that journey again. And good for you to surrender to the 15 pound parking spot. You’re worth it! And really, it made for an easier time of an ‘on your feet’ kinda day.
    Love the photos–glad to hear that Barney’s got a diet regulated issue and not discovered to be insulin dependent. That would have been a tougher transition, though giving up some of those foods is going to be a transition in and of itself!

    Comment by Mel | June 19, 2013 | Reply

  11. There have been some travel photos Illuminary and who knows (certainly not me), there may yet be more : )

    Oh very good Mel : ) Now I shall be laughing all day too. Yes, he’s very sad without his choc bics after lunch but I’m sure it won’t do him any harm.

    Comment by Mig | June 22, 2013 | Reply

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