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Time for a change

I mentioned the flu which I took on holiday with me.  What I didn’t take was a king sized sheet.  After many trips, Barney had finally given in and agreed to use the sausage shaped extension to our bed even though it’s a bit harder to get in and out of said bed when it’s wider (because the passageway, beside it, disappears).  Of course for the person next to the wall, it’s almost impossible to escape get out anyway but he always sleeps on the passage side so he wouldn’t know about that.  So because I forgot the big sheet we couldn’t extend the bed and on the first night I woke up with a cough that went on and on for ever and got quite fed up, since sitting up involves major contortions and struggles  in the confined space and flopping back exhaustedly brought the cough back.  So the next night I declared my intention of decamping to the living room bed.  “Shall we get a divorce?”  Barney asked.  I gave this ridiculous comment the attention it deserved and set myself up in the other bed quite comfortably thank you and apart from the continuing cough, slept fairly well there for the rest of the week.  But what with the cough and the resulting strained stomach muscles (quite painful) I came to a major decision (even more major than changing beds).

For some time now, I’ve been carrying around a small card, given to me by Youngest, who has given up smoking.  It has on it  (don’t laugh) the phone number of a hypnotherapist and the fact that the Youngests have both been a cigarette free zone for nearly a year after seeing him made me think this might be worth trying.   I’ve been procrastinating a bit.  I was going to phone him just before we went away but I lost the card.  I’ve found it again.

I’m going to phone the man now.

There.  Done it.  Booked for next Monday.

To be honest he didn’t really need to give me his sales pitch on the phone because I’d already decided that the results I’ve seen are worth paying out for – you wouldn’t believe how much the Youngests smoked before they stopped.

Thing is, I’ve stopped smoking before, for three and a half years and what made me go back to it was that it was bad for my health.  No, really.

But if I’m honest, what was really doing the damage was that I found the new improved taste of wine  so delightful (and it really was a revelation) that I took to having a glass or five at the times when I would previously have settled down for the evening with a half dozen cigarettes.  So enjoyable was it that the housekeeping bills which should have gone down since only one of us was smoking, went up (Barney liked my new taste in wine too).  And I won’t go into the details but far from leaping around like a young lamb with lungs full of fresh air, I got more and more tired and fat and generally sore and achy.  My teeth all tried to fall out.  I got ‘benign’ polyps on my tongue which caused me to look up the definition of benign.  And you wouldn’t believe how many colds I got, not to mention a permanent runny nose.  So Mr Hypno will have to auto-suggest a sensible and healthy alternative to cigs which isn’t alcohol or food!

I’m going to make a list of possible pleasures that I can indulge in instead!  Oh Yes!  I plan to be a new woman.  (He suggested excercise, sociableness and oh, something else that I already have or can’t do.  He’ll have to do better than that.)  Oh and I’d better ask him about the problems that, my hygenist, for instance, has told me I might have – yes, it really was the not-smoking that made my teeth try and escape.  And if the polyps come back I might just give up on the whole idea.

I wonder if I’m hypnotisable.  You don’t get a money back guarantee but you do get a free second dose if you revert within a year of the first visit.  He also offers treatment for eating disorders, public speaking, stress management, self esteem, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, bad habits, anger, IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome?  How on earth does that work?  I’ll have to ask.)  Bad habits though,  I’d like a cure for some of mine.  And public speaking – is that really a disorder?  Oh I’m being picky.  If it works it works and I’m not going to argue with that.  However, I reserve the right to join the smokers’ group outside at parties – as an ex, I’ll feel excluded if I can’t and I promise not to be boring about having lost the habit. And meanwhile, since time is short, I think I’ll have another cig.  And a glass of wine.   Oh and some photos.  Neither flu nor cough nor anything else stopped me from recording in minute detail every inch of bank and bridge that we encountered in between sleeping and eating.

‘The Narrows’ on the Staffs and Worcester canal


Autherly Junction


The Shropshire Union.


One of Thomas Telford’s deep cuttings


Approaching Brewood in the evening along an embankment


And moored there at night in another cutting.


Time for bed.  Got the dentist tomorrow so I’d better be up early.  Goodnight.

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