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Don’t believe everything you hear

Word Press is very helpful about letting you know when someone you might not approve is commenting – various highlighted icons and a balloon above the post with all the recent comments in it.  So I looked at one and was a bit surprised to see that ChristianBookBarn. com have ‘recommended’ my “article”  –  the previous post.   I looked at the post again and there really isn’t anything in it that would attract the attention of a seriously Christian site.  Is there?

Anyway, overhearing on the radio that tonight, Jessops (photography) has gone into administration and closed down its 187 high street shops, I began one of those chain reaction news searches.  So I learned Jessops really has gone and  that a 10 foot python hitched a ride on an aeroplane wing from Australia to Papua New Guinea but presumably regretted its attempt since it was DOA though, ironically  it held on till the landing.  This seems rather sad and you have to wonder what it was doing on the plane in the first place.

Then I learned that Oxytocin, a drug I vaguely remember having something to do with accelerating a sluggish childbirth is now being hailed as the new (but better) viagra, not only rejuvenating sexual performance for men but increasing affection, trust and cuddliness.  Sounds useful in view of the suspicious and alienated state of much of the world.

Then I found that that same world throws away half of the food that it produces – in London that amounts to 540 tonnes of food a month (I think; the article wasn’t completely explicit).  This is somewhere between tragic and outrageous but not really surprising.

And, it seems that driving to the music of Cold Play causes safer driving than, for example, hip hop as its rhythms mimic the heartbeat which, apparently is calming, not only to babies but also to drivers.  I must add that one study suggested that driving to classical music improves overall driving safety but is also associated with more erratic driving.  (?) I’m sure that sometimes I’m not an erratic driver.  Well it’s true that I drive a bit faster to a Vivaldi Allegro than to a Beethoven romance.  Indeed, when you compare, for instance Ravel’s Bolero* with Stravinski’s Rites of Spring, it would be at the very least puzzling, if there wasn’t a completely different effect.

Oh and it might snow next weekend.  (that’s now)  Well at this point, dinner was ready and I looked out at the mild, damp night and thought even if it was the Independant from whom I got all this ‘news’, I’ll need some convincing about the snow.**


Next post, in the interests of verbal (literal?  literary???) restraint, I will try and tell you anything I understood from the New Scientist which I bought last week***. (There was an article about coffee).

*I once played the viola part in a Quartet arrangement of it and I can assure you it’s deeply soothing.  Soporific even.  Stravinsky**, on the other hand was almost guaranteed to start a row among the children in the back of the car.

**Slightly amusing that spellcheck offerd Nijinsky as an alternative to Stravinsky.

***Ok ok, today it snowed for ten minutes. Any minute I expect to hear that the whole of Northumberland**** (is there still such a place?) is buried under six feet of snow.

***Sorry, I mean that I won’t tell you it now as that would make a  slightly longer post.  (Very slightly)

****I don’t think there is.  Going to look up British Counties.  Oh no!  (Or maybe Oh yes! ) There is such a place.  And so there should be.


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  1. I have no idea how they know whether a chicken carcase I put in the bin has been used to make stock first, or whether binned vegetables are peelings or the edible bit (though ours go on the compost heap). Having had a greengrocer son, I know that a lot of waste is inevitable – if you don’t sell all a box of cherries, they’re no good the next day and that’s all there is to it.

    I’m cheesed off with Blogger, but I hate the way WordPress makes me register twice to receive comments and says ‘Howdy’ to boot, so I won’t change.

    We’ve had no snow yet and I’m jealous. I love snow.

    Music is good or bad, and if I’m driving I have to switch off the bad or I drive very badly. I’m afraid I probably drive most erratically when I’ve just been to a film featuring a car chase. I eye vehicles in my rear-view mirror in case they are chasing me.

    Comment by Z | January 12, 2013 | Reply

  2. It’s all those asterisks wot done it!
    I think I was going to be witty about confusion of either an equine Nijinsky or a balletic one being a bit of a worry while driving.
    And then I think I was going to think Northumberland is now Northumbria. Maybe I shouldn’t think…

    Comment by dinahmow | January 12, 2013 | Reply

  3. I think there was some emphasis on food thrown out by eating places and food shops Z. If my throwings out which don’t go on the compost heap are a tiny percentage of what we do eat. I suspect that a statistical analysis of the rubbish totals from all the households in the world would make interesting publishing and that we who use up our leftovers would be in a minority in the Western world and would look profligate in comparison to Africa and India.
    I’m sure WordPress and Blogger have a secret war going on, only manifested in the way they make it really difficult to comment on each other. We must stick together from our different camps!

    Sorry Dinahmow – the asterisks are a signpost(s) to the way I think. (Zig-zagging backwards and forwards)
    However I do think you should think because I like what you think. And as for the NorthUmber, it’s ‘ria not ‘land, though there is a ‘Northumberlandia’. As long as it’s not like the Angel of the North, I don’t mind it.

    Comment by Mig | January 12, 2013 | Reply

    • Ee…ah doan know wha’ t’think,pet! (Geordie accent needed here!)
      We have a tv programme (though I think it’s from several years ago) about a chef who set up a people’s supermarket. In Reading, maybe? Anyway, it was largely stocked with stuff the Big Ones had turfed out.

      Comment by dinahmow | January 12, 2013 | Reply

      • There’s also a group who redistribute thrown out food somehow but I’m now sure where it is. Such a good idea!

        Comment by Mig | January 15, 2013

  4. I once drove an Allegro and it conked out on the Newmarket by-pass. Should have opted for the Maestro.

    Comment by Rog | January 13, 2013 | Reply

  5. Help me up onto my soap-box would you?
    I hate throwing food away. You know what I think contributes to the amount of food we throw away? BOGOFs on perishable goods. I don’t indulge in Buy One Get One Free for perishable goods but I did recently succumb to buying two packs of tortillas because the second pack was free. I used the first pack and bunged the spare one in the bread bin because there was plenty of time left on the use-by date. This week, I made Tandoori Chicken wraps, thinking I could use the pack of tortillas that I bought “a couple of weeks ago” but then realised that my purchase was made considerably more than a couple of weeks ago and the wraps were a month out of date. So they got thrown away. Bother.

    I usually like music on when I am driving, particularly if I am on my own. Don’t listen to thrash metal though, it makes you drive really fast!

    Regarding Northumberland, I went there on holiday last year. The county council is certainly called Northumberland, as is the tourist guide website but the local university is Northumbria. I think Northumbria is the ancient name for the place but I’m not certain.

    Comment by Liz | January 13, 2013 | Reply

  6. I may have read this too quickly but: Ravel’s Bolero is the new viagra, is that right? Ah, no, skipped a bit.

    Comment by Tim | January 13, 2013 | Reply

  7. I shall have to try Cold Play whilest driving.
    Of course that will be some time–perhaps I’ll give it a try from the study and see how/if I’m soothed and slow down a bit. BOTH would be welcomed by himself, I’m sure.

    And I don’t know nuffin about Oxytocin–but I’m certain I’ll get an abundance of emails that will explain it all to me AND give me a great BOGOF deal! Gotta love ’em.

    *sigh* There’s a whole lot of food that gets tossed in this household alone. It’s the dreaded ‘sell by date’ and the belief that if it’s been in there three days, OUT it goes. Couple that with one-who-doesn’t-DO-leftovers (unless they’re combined for an acceptable meal of bubble and squeak….LOL).
    Now, this isn’t the way I was raised–you ate turkey from Thanksgiving until (and well after!) you wanted to shoot the cook. And you deliberately made too much of something so you could freeze it and indulge in it mid-week.
    It IS sad that we cultivate and perpetuate the problem with the ‘super-size’ mentality–more is better. Geeze–I’m looking forward to the ‘senior menu’ that comes with *ahem* the privilege of aging JUST for the smaller portion sizes.

    Oh, and pretty photo! Lemme guess that it’s a canal? Too straight to be a river/creek, yes? We need some of those! Seriously–how fun would it be to paddle a canoe or just drift in a inner-tube down a lazy bit of water!

    Comment by Mel | January 13, 2013 | Reply

  8. Driving to shostakovich, or rachmaninoff might make me a bit more erratic, but isn’t oxycotin the SUPER addictive drug that people have to go to rehab to get off of? oy….

    Comment by ☼Illuminary☼ | January 13, 2013 | Reply

  9. My daughter’s fiesta did the same thing once Rog. I blame the by-pass.

    I don’t buy them either Liz and I don’t pay much attention to the sell by dates . If something I’ve cooked will keep for a week I don’t see why a supermarket product shouldn’t too. I’ve taken to listening to music when I’m sitting in traffic, I can’t think why I didn’t do it before. Not so good on the A34 though as there’s so much noise and I don’t like having it on loud.

    No no Tim, it’s the rites of spring – put on a ravel and throw out the python.

    We definitely do leftovers Mel – it’s part of the fun, working out what you can do with them. And I long for the day when shops sell smaller quantities of things, Oh and for once, not a canal – it’s a bit of trout fishery lake, very neat and tidy in a park.

    I hope not Illuminary – I think it’s a hormone that we all produce!

    Comment by Mig | January 15, 2013 | Reply

  10. *laughing* TROUT lake! Well, I’ll be dogged. Very pretty!
    And if it’s any consolation to illuminary– I did a double take on the oxytocin and confused it for oxycotin at the onset of reading it myself –though I’m sure the other would do the direct opposite of what the one’s reputed to do!

    Comment by Mel | January 16, 2013 | Reply

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