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Tripping the light fantastic.

I’m quickly squeezing a post in between Eldest and GIGi being out and dinner being required.  Oh.  Too late, they’re back.

We have that situation where the leftover food is equal to more than the sum of its parts.  However, it still seems to be true that the curvature of space inside the fridge and freezer is – um?  more curved? – than that on the outside.  In other words we haven’t quite reached the point at which there is more food to be eaten up urgently than we can manage but it can’t go on much longer.  Actually I suppose, in a minute I will need to go and pack up all the food that hasn’t been eaten tonight and decide how best to fit it into whatever space is left.  Surely there is some.

In the small hours, last night, the trip switch tripped and all the lights went out.  And the washing machine and computer and dishwasher and freezer went off as well, obviously.  So I flipped the switch back up and everything except the computer (which has more sense) started up and carried on washing and freezing etc.  After a minute, it tripped again and everything went out or off*.  So I turned off the dishwasher and the washing machine and tripped the switch merrily back up and the lights stayed on and the freezer started humming again.  Then I rang the Southern E  just to see if there was an external explanation for this and got a lengthy inquisition into who and where I was and since no outages had been reported, an even more lengthy explanation of how I should check all our appliances and turn them all off and back on one by one and so on.  I hadn’t the heart to say I was just trying to eliminate the outside world before starting on our side of the wall.

Eventually I decided to leave everything off, as I didn’t want the switch to trip again and all the food in the fridge to get warm and runny, and went to bed.  Just after I fallen asleep  Barney got up to go to the loo, came back and switched the light on (Oh good – still working – yawn) and reset his alarm.  Clever.

The others all got up early this morning to go shooting with Mr and Mrs Youngest (clay pigeons, not furry or feathery stuff) so when I came downstairs later, I found:-

A lot of breakfast washing heaped up everywhere, a big pile of Eldest and GIGi’s washing on the floor in front of the washing machine, a strong smell of kippers and an even stronger smell of smoke and the grill, closed, switched on low and containing a bit of evil, black, burnt kipper smelling foil.  And of course, some half-washed crockery and clothes in their various machines.  After making appropriate comments to the cat (who pointed out that she hadn’t been fed yet and didn’t care about burnt kipper or Eldest’s red pyjamas) and disposing of all traces of said kipper, I gingerly switched on the machines, one by one.  No tripping.  Then the computer.  Still no tripping.

~ Well, probably I’ll never know what did it.


Having written that sentence, I went and emptied the washing machine which had finished the job, put some of Eldest’s bright red clothes in it and set it to wash.  After  a few minutes I wandered back and noticed that it wasn’t doing anything except hum.  At an unusual pitch.  A minute passed on it’s display.  I stared at it and it hummed back.

~ Ok.  So now I probably know what did it.


A little later, I noticed that the dishwasher had been chuntering away at the same pitch for a very long time.  There followed mental arithmetic concerning when I might have switched it on and the conclusion that it ought to be finished.  Slightly baffled, I went out to do some shopping and returned to learn that the water is off.  Obviously, both dishwasher and washing machine are unhappy without water so, um

~ probably I’ll never know what did it.


Eventually the water came back and I was able to start all the machinery again and it all seems to be working and the switch is sulking because it has no excuse to trip merrily.  In the meantime, the kitchen is heaped high with things that we couldn’t wash when there was no water and now haven’t time to wash as dinner is occupying my brain cell to the exclusion of washing and most other things  (but not blogging).

No problem really.  I do have to spend four hours or so ferrying Eldest and GIGi to Gatwick tomorrow morning and simultaneously clean the house and prepare some of the party food but I’m sure we’ll cope.  It’s just that my brain cell is still trying to work out what caused the flippin switch to trip in the first (and second) place(s).


There’s a picture.  A chilly, late afternoon canal – from the bridge – no boats this time.

*There must be a conundrum about this.  What can be off or on or out  but never in?  (And why not???)  Meanwhile, the whole out/off /on thing is making me imagine all the light fittings and appliances briskly setting off, out into the garden or up the road and then turning back, only to find that they can’t come in.


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  1. I’d blame the kippers. They overslept.

    Comment by Tim | December 30, 2012 | Reply

  2. Goodness, you really are Wonder Woman! Such patience. And such a sense of humour, that gets you through these dramas. Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and may all your appliances do their thing appropriately.

    Comment by Carol | December 30, 2012 | Reply

  3. It’s them red pyjamas what done it, Guv! Or perhaps the Maya Calendar was also tripped and we’re having a delayed end-of-the-world.
    Best eat up the food, drink up the hooch and have a Happy New Year!

    Comment by dinahmow | December 30, 2012 | Reply

  4. They deserved everything they got Tim.

    You’re too kind Carol. The humour came afterwards – that’s what these things are for!

    Well the red pyjams have gone now Dinahmow so I hope I’m safe. You too have a happy: )

    Comment by Mig | December 31, 2012 | Reply

  5. I was going for the red jammies–but I see they already shouldered the blame.
    RED jammies! Gosh…..now I want red jammies for the drama and excitement of power on/power off! NOT that we particularly need more drama–seems I can create enough as is. *laughing*

    You enjoy that road trip, ma’am.
    I’m sure you can turn that into an adventure with a wrong turn on the way back. Umm….on the way TO might be a bad plan but surely on the way BACK is do-able. 🙂

    It’s a lovely photo with the muted colours and the reflections. And water–look! WATER!! 😉
    I dare wonder what would have happened had you worn red jammies during that trip! 😉

    Be safe, stay well……and enjoy those left overs?
    *rolling eyes* 13 pounds of turkey for two people….I know ALL about left overs.
    Oh…..and bubble and squeak!
    I watched, he ate.
    *laughing* I’m smart like that!

    Comment by Mel | December 31, 2012 | Reply

  6. I’m glad the cat was there to talk things over with.

    Happy New Year!

    Comment by Liz | December 31, 2012 | Reply

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