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Amuse bouche

Youngest sent me a link to this about two years ago and I just found it again.  Amuse?  There are still tears of laughter running down my face.  Do look!  I’m going to keep it as an antidote to everything.  Feel free to skip the rest of the post – I’m just rabbiting on about nothing much.

Ok, back to my world.   The first time we were offered an amuse bouche was at a hotel restaurant with a bit of a reputation for Very Good Food.  We had no idea what the tiny cup of brown liquid was all about (or whether we would have to pay extra for it – no problem there, the prices would have covered dozens of little amusements).  It was a mushroom cappuchino and very nice indeed.  And I think it’s a lovely idea though we don’t often go to the sort of place where you get them.   In fact I can’t remember another.  Shame.

Anyway, Youngest makes them for special occasions (like Boxing Day.  Yay!) and they’re lovely – usually tiny soups in glasses.  And while Barney is getting into the idea of yet more roast beef and orkshires, I’m toying with the idea of amusing our bouches to begin.  So I tried to make a mushroom cappuchino.  It took forever to find a recipe and it wasn’t quite what I was looking for and sadly, the light creamy mushroom puree didn’t float appetisingly on the dark, clear intense porcini liquid.  Instead it glubbed heavily to the bottom of the glass and looked a trifle alien.  Tasted pretty fantastic though.  I can have the rest for lunch.

So tomorrow I’m going to try chilled pea and mint soup.  And I might try and make some alcoholic ice to drop in it.  I’m not sure if you can do that actually?  Oh yes, of course you can – wine freezes quite adequately as you discover when you forgot to stop chilling it in the freezer.  But while soup in tiny glasses is a nice thought, I suddenly began to think of other little things that I could make (maybe one day).


tiny meat balls (about broad bean sized) with a salad of those little growing leaves

tiny sauteed potatoes with a cheese sauce (or something runny that goes with potatoes)

tiny chips with lemon mayonnaise

fennel soup with little slivers of pork crackling.

I even wondered about tiny scotch eggs – smaller than quails eggs – you’d have to inject the egg into them but I can’t see what you’d do about the whites.   Well it’s supposed to be amusing right?

Any suggestions?

Oh well, there really isn’t time to try all these things before Christmas and anyway there wouldn’t be time or space to play with little bits of frying and crisping and shaping while the Big Dinner is getting under way.  The pea soup can be made the day before.

Other new Christmassy stuff was the decorations.  When the outside lights turned out to be broken, Barney went off to get more and it didn’t occur to me to say whatever you do, don’t get coloured flashing lights because we both like nice, simple, white ones that do’t do anything complicated.  So I was stunned into silence when I came home later to see a virulent, purple glow emanating from our row of houses.  And gobsmacked when I realised that the purple glow was our new christmas lights (blue, he says).  Well they don’t flash which is good otherwise we’d think there was an ongoing emergency here.  (There is, of course, but I’m sure an accident can be arranged before next year).  Yes well, I should have done it myself.

Now the board from which the coats hang has fallen off the wall.  Barney is up there wielding a ruler, pencil, ladder, drill, all those things which will restore order to our tiny hall.  And maybe we’ll throw out some coats.

There are two presents which were ordered in time (so the websites told me) and haven’t arrived yet.  I am NOT panicking.  But I don’t think Mr Youngest will be impressed with a pair of socks, especially as his aren’t the cool fluffy ones I’ve got for all the rest of the family.   Actually, I’m not sure they will be either as when the socks arrived I had a sneaking suspicion that I got the sizes wrong.

Else?  It’s a bit wet isn’t it.  But not cold which will help a lot in the choosing of suitably Christmassy clothing to wear tonight – we’re going out for drinks and nibbles and I wonder, should we eat first or not???.  After the mass throw-out of clothing last year when I lost weight,  I seem not to have anything bright and cheerful to wear.  And so far, I haven’t seen anything worth buying except one Monsoon woollie which is very nice but will have to wait for the day itself as it was the only thing I could find for Barney to give me for Christmas – he doesn’t do on-line unless it’s to look at stamps in auctions.  Oh well, it’ll be black with gold thread and a black and silver thread scarf.  Not bright but sort of sparkly.  Or the green cardi and white tee shirt with red and green buttons if it’s still really mild tonight.

I haven’t taken the camera anywhere for days.  Last month there was sunshine – remember?


Ah well.  Nothing like a bit of rain.  (just checking – it’s stopped.  Jolly good).  Don’t get swept away before Christmas will you.


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  1. Oh, it won’t load, I’ll have to try when not everyone is using the internets (we’re at the end of a long line). I’m pondering what to serve for a first course on Christmas Day. Mind is quite blank at present.

    Comment by Z | December 22, 2012 | Reply

  2. 12hours ago I watched Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall make a soup starter that belongs on your list. At the time I thought “I’ll remember that” but 12 hours later I’m wondering what it was. Maybe chestnut soup. Looked fabulous, anyway. Our Christmas lunch will be held in the garden. After days of heat and no rain the prediction for Christmas Day is storms! I don’t think lightning is attracted by a surfeit of tinsel, do you? Fingers crossed! Merry Christmas! Oh, loved the amuse bouche video!

    Comment by Carol | December 22, 2012 | Reply

  3. Oh I do hope you can see it Z. Barney’s doing something interesting with kippers for a starter. Kipper patties!

    I think that every time we watch a cookery programme Carol. I hope you don’t have any lightning, just in case.

    Comment by Mig | December 23, 2012 | Reply

  4. Right. I live in small town, rural midwest. Like I even KNEW what ‘Amuse bouche’ was?! Courtesy of the search engine, I now get an idea of what you were talking about. But seriously–we’re fried chicken with mashed potatoes and corn on the cob country! *laughing* You hand us some cute looking thingy on a spoon and we’re gonna smile, nod and whisper to our spouse ‘what in the hell is that?…….’.
    Oddly enough, when I asked he-who-adores-food……he didn’t have a clue. LOL Well, he does now and he thinks it’s lovely–gorgeous even!
    *shaking head*
    Gimme dill pickles wrapped in cream cheese and dried beef, cut into slices. :-/
    THOSE I know about. LOL

    Bless your heart for going to the length you do to have a holiday dinner be special for you and yours. We, on the other hand, simply toss a turkey in the oven and forget about it for hours while we munch on things that would probably appall you as much as he-who-shudders-at-the-mention-of-greenbeancasserole! ROFL

    Socks are a nice prezzie.
    ‘Specially if they don’t match!! 🙂

    Have a great time with the family, Mig. Hug the sweetheart for his purple light efforts and just love ’em all like crazy.
    Happy, Joyous Noel to you and yours!!

    Comment by Mel | December 23, 2012 | Reply

  5. Once I’d stopped laughing along, I actually found that clip a teensy bit spooky.
    Are you doing a culinary anti-Heston, Mig?
    N e way, fanks 4 the wonderful card!

    Comment by Tim | December 23, 2012 | Reply

  6. Ok Mel. I’ll shut my eyes tightly and give him a purple hug. (but there’s still going to be an accident before next Christmas.) I think the little spoonfuls are really to shove in the mouths before they start saying anything – just when they’re getting fractious because they’re hungry see.

    I got sucked into watching a whole lot of very creepy baby videos Tim. I thought of Midwich once or twice.
    As for Heston – I positively yearn for a bottle of liquid nitrogen (is that what he uses?) to play with. No, really it’s a fad. I shall do two or three of them and then feel clever and not bother any more. (card, a pleasure xx)

    Comment by Mig | December 24, 2012 | Reply

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