Life, photos but not the universe

And counting

Ook, (typo) so I’ve got four days in which to make sure that everyone is comfortable, well-fed and enjoys the day.  (I know, it’s five but Eldest and GIGi are coming on Christmas Eve and it would be nice not to spend the time with them faffing about.

So Barney and I have written a shopping list which will break the bank (the bank’s shrunk a bit since last year but the list hasn’t) and I’ve half-finished the cards (just taking a coffee break) and nearly all the presents have arrived or been bought.  I’ve put on the heater in the fly room and tonight I will check that this hasn’t brought out a few creeping survivors of the last insecticide*

As I work through the list of cards I keep encountering people who have never been properly addressed because I’ve never known their married/divorced/children’s names and people to whom I haven’t actually spoken for maybe thirty years?  And of course people I’ve never met!  And just recently a group of people who now live abroad but haven’t been moved to that section of the list (yes, so efficient!  Well not so efficient really but it would be if I started doing the cards say, three days before the last post instead of on the morning itself – Oh and that reminds me, I really must wrap the presents before the middle of the night on ChEve because Eldest and GIGi will be all over the place borrowing paper and sellotape and Oh Goodness! – I’ll need four stockings!).  And then I have a little history of each person running through my head as I scribble and sometimes this causes me to write something inappropriate (Wrong name!  Wrong initial!!  Wrong title!!!) on the envelope.  Then there’s the scribble.  It’s ok if it’s just the names, after all how many B*scribble*ys and M*scribble*gs does anyone know.  And of course they know who they are themselves so it shouldn’t be too hard to work out the ‘To’ bit.  (Unless I’ve put the card in the wrong envelope).  But if I am moved to write a message it’s quite possible that the result will baffle or even offend.

Oh Lord!  There’s another whole page to do.  (I thought one or two people were missing from the B’s and C’s.)  I need more coffee.  Much more!

Fact is, although I claim to be very disorganised and absent minded, this is really an excuse.  What I am is lazy.  I  have engraved in my mind from long ago, an overheard conversation between my parents in which they tried to decide if I was lazy or stupid – there’s a clue about what kind of child I was.  Later it became clear that I wasn’t very stupid so if those were the only alternatives I must have been lazy.  This is a bad thing to be so for many years I put out the suggestion that I might be endearingly (or infuriatingly) absent minded and disorganised in the hope of disguising my laziness and pretty much convinced even myself that it was true.   But quite recently a friend pointed out that on occasion I can be extremely organised and Barney started getting exasperatingly soothing and relaxed whenever I suddenly speeded up in order to be prepared for a holiday or a major event (because I suddenly wasn’t laid back any more).  Now, it seems to me that as long as the cloak of  laziness can be dropped as required it isn’t necessarily an evil thing (surely it’s good to exercise the spouse’s tolerance now and then).  And, of course, the choice that matters is, when and for what is one prepared to make the effort.**

Right.  I’ve finished the cards and posted them.  (Can you believe it took me nearly a whole day?)  I’ve sent an email to the people whose card I read after the posting which told me their new address (but not any new email addresses they may have).  Now I’m going to lie down and read for half an hour (approximately – never accuse me of being pernickety about time – Oh, spell check doesn’t like pernickety but offered me persnickety which sounds to me like a mash up of snippy and pernickety with something about gate latches squeezed in).  Oh and I’ve just realised there are some cards which I didn’t write because I’d  hand written who they were for on the back of the list and not updated the list because the computer has lost the file***.  Well you will know who they’re for when the cards arrive after Christmas!

Here’s a bit of fun in B&W




Now I must put some washing in and lie down for a bit with a book (did I say that already   Maybe I did that already.  Well I’ll do it again then).  I’m getting the impression that everyone else is much more advanced with their preparations than me so I’ll just say Goodnight  (but if you’re not, Good Luck)

*This should be a word that means mass killing of insects as well as one that means stuff to kill masses of insects, shouldn’t it?  Is it?

**Equally one could say that so many things are important and need doing that everyone should be working as hard as they can all the time in order to help save the children, the old folks, the refugees, the victims and the world.  I haven’t, yet, decided to be that good.

***Complete retyping job – I really must try and do it before next Christmas


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  1. Oh, Mig, that is the most encouraging post I’ve read for ages. My card list is a disaster (after years of being the card queen), I’ve misaddressed, misspelt, mis-everything. Tree not yet up, space not cleared for it, presents are wrapped but maybe I’ve forgotten someone important… I can’t wait for Christmas Day when it will be too late to worry.
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family, and I’ll enjoy mine, too. Oh, and our Christmas is a summer one, so it’s all seafood and salads, which is also pretty easy.

    Comment by Carol | December 21, 2012 | Reply

  2. Exhausted reading this, think I’ll just go and lie down with a book for 1/2 hour, or as it happens not get up.
    B&W is so very evocative I love the pics.

    Comment by Zig | December 21, 2012 | Reply

  3. Yes, too late to worry will be brilliant Carol. Seafood and salad eh? One day maybe we’ll have an antipodean Christmas.

    Oh I knew there was something Zig. I forgot not to get up.

    Comment by Mig | December 21, 2012 | Reply

  4. Thank you for your card, it’s lovely.

    Comment by Z | December 22, 2012 | Reply

  5. Oh good, it arrived! xxxx

    Comment by Mig | December 22, 2012 | Reply

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