Life, photos but not the universe

Last night – very busy, and I didn’t even mention all the tidying up.

Last night, I was at home having decided not to go to the pub with Barney and dinner was nearly ready and the phone rang.  As I walked towards it I thought fondly, it’s so sweet of him to ring five minutes before he comes home (much too late for me to change anything about dinner time of course) just to say he’ll be on the way soon.  And I picked up the phone and said “Hello my love” and he said ” I’ll be leaving in a few minutes, burble burble.” and I suddenly realised that it might not have been him at all.  I mean it might have been a customer!  Or someone from the stamp club.  Or absolutely anyone …. one or two of you even!  He hadn’t even noticed that I didn’t wait for his id before offering love to whoever it might have been.  Well obviously he knew it was himself.

So we had a good giggle about that.  And then when he came home we had a lengthy discussion about who’s going to be free at what time on which holiday for travelling up to various boats.  After that I was totally confused, dinner was warmish and since Barney had garnered most of his information at the pub, we’ll probably have to do it all again later.

Later, I watched this TED talk which I found astonishing and even a bit breathtaking*.  (I’m getting addicted to TED, can’t go to bed without watching one or five talks).

Then I updated and charged the netbook because I might need it on holiday. Now I’m waiting for a hundred or so of Barney’s emails to arrive so I can delete them – they’re all on the computer and his iphone so really, we don’t need them on the little netbook as well!

A final nice surprise; when Z came to stay, she brought us a very pretty and exotic looking pink cyclamen (I think) which has been sitting on he kitchen windowsill, looking quite happy until yesterday morning when I realised it hadn’t been watered for quite a while.  All the pink flowers were lying sadly on the sill.  Oops!  I thought and gave it a quick splash and forgot about it.  Lo and behold, last night, there it was all standing up again and looking happy.  Remarkably resilient.

And here are a couple of pics from a quick walk round Hosehill Lake nature reserve.  The walk was squeezed in between a trip to Reading and rushing home to make dinner a few weeks ago.  It was touch and go whether the sun would come out as I was passing and make it worth the small detour.

Spider hide

Grebe, swans and coots


Kind of Autumnal warning weather.  It’s well and truly Autumn now isn’t it.  The heating has been on for several evenings and there’s drizzle and rain and howling gales and all sorts.  I foresee a wet weekend!

Oh and there are lorries trying to pass outside our gate.  It’s pretty tight even for cars, never mind half a mile of reversing juggernaut!

*Not so much the music, though it was nice enough, but the concept and the scope.


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  1. The concept, the scope and the art of putting it all together…..amazing. Wow.
    I went to the website and watched several others–it’s awesome how they made it all work and how everyone, in their own little piece of the planet, contributed to the whole……wow……..

    And the bit of Autumn–it’s happened here and continues to happen. I don’t think there’s any turning back now! But it’s all good! The pollen count will go down and all of those allergy sufferers will be grateful…..’cept the whiney one in this house. LOL

    I just pat his little head.
    Oh–and we’ve already had our giggle over my answering of the phone when it’s NOT HIM on the other line. I now pause and actually READ who’s calling instead of answering as if I know!
    <– blushing at the remembering!!

    Comment by Mel | October 8, 2012 | Reply

  2. I watched a lot of the others too Mel including the complete version. Our trees are turning quite briskly now- and blowing about a good bit too. It’s nice. I wish I had got round to the show the number thing on our phone – though it’s such an old thing I’m not sure it has that. Never mind. Mostly I remember to wait before talking.

    Comment by Mig | October 9, 2012 | Reply

  3. The cosmos are in full bloom here but I would love to walk down a road full of red berries.

    Comment by rosie | October 12, 2012 | Reply

  4. Well Cosmos are not to be sneezed at rosie, even if you can’t make syrup or wine out of them – but what am I saying! Perhaps you can.

    Comment by Mig | October 15, 2012 | Reply

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