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Sad Beachboys and too many cars.

The other night, Barney got the iPlayer working on our new(ish) TV and settled down happily to watch the Beachboys.  After a while, I left.  I quite liked the Beachboys in the days of my youth – great boppy stuff and lots of  nice teenage yearning.  Lovely tight harmony.  Sadly, they didn’t really have it any more.  No longer light, tight or bright and often not in tune.

Oh well.

Meanwhile, I’m in between cars.  Mine acquired a mysterious dent and scratch a while ago and after muttering a lot I rang the insurance company and got repairs organised.  In due course, an estimate was done and then the car was swapped for a courtesy car and disappeared.  In a further bit of due course, I was given an estimated completion date, of today and the wherewithal to look up its progress on line.   Last night it was 98% ready but today it was only 95% ready.  (You get a nice little diagram of a car which fills up with grey to show how ready it is.  Apparently only the front bumper and headlights remain unfinished which is odd since the dent was on the nearside rear wheel arch).  Anxious to get the courtesy car full of petrol and cleaned up before they came to swap back, I rang them and asked what time mine would be coming back.  Oh they’ll ring when it’s done and arrange a collection/delivery time/date they said.  No clue!

Well in case they did it today, I decided to fill up and get it clean. Then I went everywhere clutching the phone so I wouldn’t miss the call (and driving on eggshells to avoid bumps and puddles and er, egg, obviously).  The call didn’t come.  Well they can bring mine back tomorrow morning if they like?  If not, I might resort to driving Barney’s little fireball all weekend since I certainly don’t want to do all that cleaning and filling again.  Also, I can’t smoke or snack in the courtesy car and it has no power up hills.  Too heavy for its engine.

Oh well, I can have fun whizzing down to Wiltshire in the little car.  I won’t be stopping on steep hillsides and shoving it into hedges and gateways to take pics so I won’t feel inhibited.  And I do like all that growling and snorting it does when you floor the accelerator to make it change down.  (Though to be honest, I don’t drive it very fast because it’s so little and low that it feels about twice as fast as it really is.)

Anyway, here is some more early Wiltshire morning.  (Witchery? asked spell check.  Oh yes.)


Oh, I need to make up a bed!  Very exciting, Z is coming to stay!  And I shall see Ziggi too.  Lots of Z’s and igs.  I hope we don’t get confused!


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  1. I thought the idea was to hand back a courtesy car running on fumes?

    Comment by Rog | September 29, 2012 | Reply

  2. Be careful low flying in that fireball! x

    Comment by Zig | September 29, 2012 | Reply

  3. I used to work for a car hire company and I can confirm that you should always return the car with the same amount of fuel as it had when you collected it, otherwise you will be charged significantly more for the fuel you have used than you would have paid yourself at the pump. And for goodness sake don’t get a speeding ticket! By the time the authorities and the hire company have figured out who was driving at the time, the ticket will have got very expensive and the car hire company I worked for used to add their own costs too.

    The gits who supplied my courtesy car earlier this year very kindly passed my details on to a firm of ambulance chasers who then rang me offering to claim compensation for me. Grrrr.

    Anyway. I like the sound of Barney’s sporty car. I fancy a sports car but I don’t like the idea of sitting so low.

    Love the photos as usual (and don’t you just adore some of spell checkers suggestions? Toadies instead of today’s is one of my all time favourites).

    Have fun with Z.

    Comment by Liz | September 29, 2012 | Reply

  4. If only I could get them Rog!

    Flying your way any minute Zig, watch out for the landing.

    Oh Blimey Liz – I’m definitely not driving it again! It would be just my luck to get my first ever speeding ticket! I sort of like driving Barney’s pickup truck because it’s got lots of power and is very light but also very high. Only I have to have my feet off the floor to use any pedals and it all gets a bit physical after a while. I’m a comfy, four door saloon driver at heart.

    Comment by Mig | September 29, 2012 | Reply

  5. Oh, go for the sporty red ball of fire and go where you like, I say. Though, I’m kinda fond of the Jeep–mostly cuz I’m not driving it. LOL And it’s good for going in places that say you ought not drive there cuz no one takes care of the road.
    Of course those are the places I WANNA go down.

    Yaknow, I thought the first photo was amazing….and then I went to the second and the third.
    If I were those cows I would be very happy with that view!
    I love those misty shots with the pockets of mist hanging between the trees. You find those so well……..

    Ohhhhhh….and you have FUN TIMES on the agenda with the Z and the iggs in your life! Lucky youse guys.

    Comment by Mel | September 29, 2012 | Reply

  6. ‘The Beach Boys’? They haven’t existed since 1972. Mike Love, who claims to be The Beach Boys, sacked his own cousin the other day. Who happens to be called Brian Wilson. If you find yourself on the same planet as Love, emigrate. Just listen to the records.

    Comment by Tim | September 29, 2012 | Reply

  7. Did go with the snorty ball of fire Mel : ) It was all good.

    The records have it all Tim.

    Comment by Mig | October 1, 2012 | Reply

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