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The cleaning ladies have come

Three of them!  My quote was for six hours but I didn’t realise that meant six person hours – they’ll be gone before I know it.

Barney has fled – I don’t know where; when they arrived he rushed out to stop them blocking his car in and was gone before they were properly in the house.  Well, I’m going to have a cig and a cup of coffee.  Then I’d better go and see how they’re doing.

Ah.  Not so well.

O-K.  See I had this vision of two people working away for six hours.  Even I could get this house clean in twelve hours – even, almost, while avoiding strain on broken bits.  Anyway, they’re coming back tomorrow and hopefully another four (person) hours will finish the job off.  Meanwhile, I can’t get into the larder and all the boxes full of coats and stuff will have to come back in and go out again in the morning – and back in again when they’ve finished (it probably wont rain but if we had a Fish moment I’d feel really silly getting Barney to bring all the heavy wet coats in for me).

They’ve got half the kitchen done – It’s not as easy as I thought it would be to see which bits, which is good because it means I’m not such a slattern as I thought I was – but now, I feel obliged to clean after myself while I’m cooking so they won’t be upset tomorrow to see all their good work undone.  (I didn’t mind them seeing it before!)  And I went shopping because that’s what I’d planned to do when they’d gone and of course now I can’t put the shopping away – which means more stuff to put out in the morning and bring back in.

That’ll teach me!   Oh and now I’m a day behind!  Today was supposed to be spent cleaning all the glass and knick-knacks before putting them back and then tomorrow I was going to get up very very early and enjoy a couple of hours with the camera and then another couple of hours in the late evening.   Because Hey!  Isn’t this weather heavenly!

So tomorrow came and with it the cleaning ladies who finished the job and whose boss gave me a reduction because her estimate of the time required wasn’t very good.  But the weather was still wonderful.

And then today came and with it the sun (again), the tree people and the oil man.  But no water.

The tree people are cutting down two huge, old leylandii and trimming and topping the oak (I’m not sure I’ve got that right*).  The oil man is delivering oil and the water one hopes, will return before the end of the day.  I really do hope so because I want a shower.  Why did I decide last night to leave it till after I’d been out with the camera this morning?

Oh well, at least I filled up next door’s watering cans after the last watering.  And I did get to go out with the camera and the smell of the leylandii in the chipper** is wonderful.  One of the tree people told me that Laurel smells of marzipan when it’s cut!

It was all rather nice and thistly this morning.  And I saw a kestrel. (no pics though – he was far away and very small).

After taking lots of photos of young men in trees with chainsaws I’ve embarked on the cleaning of the larder.  This is not something the cleaners could have done for me because a) it requires continuous, ongoing planning and b) the larder was full of the kitchen.  There was lots of stuff to throw out and I mostly enjoyed it, however it’s now getting towards dinner time (I hope I cooked some – Oh yes, kedgeree, in the oven) and I haven’t actually attacked the fridge though I’ve cleared and cleaned and rearranged all the shelves.  Now Barney will have to climb over the beer to reach his lunch material instead of me (with my bad back) having to reach over it for almost everything – coffee for instance and spices and all sorts.  Anyway, what with dinner and the delicious heat, three glasses of wine and the lack of a shower I think I’ll leave the fridge till tomorrow.

The larder is one of the reasons why we bought this house.  Larders were becoming a thing of the past when we moved here and it happened that all the houses I lived in with my parents had one – I thought it was just the natural order of things.  Then I grew up (sort of) and left home and lived in many different places and realised that most of the world didn’t have larders.  It’s a proper, walk-in larder with shelves and a curvy ceiling (as it’s under the stairs) and a window which is open all year (but less so in winter when icy winds blow in through it and the fridge doesn’t need it to be open as it does during the Summer).  And if you’re in it, you can hear stuff going on all over the house.  Larders and box rooms.  Remember those?  Fancy having a room just for putting boxes in.

Right.  I’m off to sleep the sleep of the virtuous I hope.  And the water is back so with any luck there will be clean cups for the tree people tomorrow.  ‘Night.

*No – they’re ‘raising the crown’ and deadwooding.

**An amazing piece of machinery – they feed in bits of tree*** at one end and it makes a lot of noise and throws out wood chips into a trailer.

***Quite big bits.


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  1. So you wanted three ladies and got tree fellers!

    Comment by Rog | July 26, 2012 | Reply

  2. I got the ladies Rog and Barney got the fellers. Something wrong about that.

    Comment by Mig | July 26, 2012 | Reply

  3. I wish my house had a cellar.

    Comment by Z | July 26, 2012 | Reply

  4. Oh yes Z. a cellar would be wonderful. Icing underneath the cake!

    Comment by Mig | July 27, 2012 | Reply

  5. Well, we have a pantry, which is akin to a larder. And we have a basement with a storage room–cuz that’s what I deemed it. The rest holds the laundry room, a small office for himself and the rest–the length of the house (in the basement of course) is the trainroom….which is HUGE and quite fun, tyvm.
    It’s great having a storage room–and it’s a pain having a storage room. I sort things to go bye-bye and he drags them to the storage room cuz we might need ’em someday don’tchaknow…..

    They’d need six people for six hours JUST for the storage room. *sigh*
    I need him to make a trip to see his mum so I can clear that sucker out. LOL I try while he’s here and he’s dragging BACK the things I drag OUT. *shaking head* Silly fella…..if we haven’t needed it for three years……whyfor are we hangin’ on to it?!

    Basements are necessary evils in the midwest. I enjoy going there when the tornado sirens sound, I can look at bitty train things! (good distraction!!)

    Comment by Mel | July 29, 2012 | Reply

  6. I really do envy you the train room Mel but maybe not the tornado sirens. Though if it means you get to watch trains ….

    Comment by Mig | July 30, 2012 | Reply

  7. with all that rain… you still don’t have water?
    ~scratches head~
    I am wondering if a larder is the same as a pantry.
    a little room off a hallway near to the kitchen that has the food stuff in it?

    Comment by 4ceiba | August 2, 2012 | Reply

  8. Different source of water 4ceiba – the pump broke! And yes, a larder is pretty much the same as a pantry .

    Comment by Mig | August 5, 2012 | Reply

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