Life, photos but not the universe

I think I’m back

A couple of random photos

Barney, going for a lock.  I hope the others had the gate open already, he’s not hanging about.

One of things that’s really nice about being back is being able to read blogs.  I’ve missed you all : )

Another really nice thing is our own bed which is wide enough for both of us.

A lot of  boatshare owners seem to like cleaning, polishing and touching up.  (With paint).  They say things in the diary about it for instance, “we spent a pleasant morning in the sun, polishing the brass and cleaning the paintwork”).  In the sun??  If the sun was out, what were they doing, moored up?

Regrettably perhaps, we are not like that at all.  We like to scramble on board, unpack in bits and scraps between locks and carry on boating from when we wake up until we reach a pub, to moor near, for the night.  An occasional hasty flurry of wiping and the odd push of a brush is all we do until the last morning, when Barney flops a mop around the roof and sides and I sometimes clean the windows.  (Apparently this is required in the terms and conditions).  Then we book a ‘valet’ and leave the rest to the valet ladies.   This time, due to our various incapacities, I left an apologetic entry in the boat diary about the windows and hoped the valet ladies would make the inside as pristine as it usually is when we arrive.  However, I did make an attempt to clean the outside.  Sort of.

Our boat is moored together with a whole lot of shared boats, managed by the same company, and when we pulled in yesterday (a faultless bit of reverse steering from Barney, watched breathlessly by the boat crew alongside us*), we realised that all the other boats were crawling with people mopping and wiping and polishing and scrubbing and touching up (No, the boats.  With paint.).  It was like watching a beehive.  Our neighbours were particularly industrious and we overheard such comments as “no, I’ll do that bit when we won’t need to walk over it again” “Well I don’t want you to walk along there once I’ve washed it, so you’d better do that first”.  (What made this specially entertaining was that one of them was a Gryff Rhys Jones ** soundalike.   Meanwhile, since Barney is in no condition to flop mops while balancing on a four inch ledge above a marinaful of dirty water, I began on the jetty side, rinsing the mop in the canal occasionally and giving the odd rub with a cloth and giggling under my breath at the sound of GRJ on the boat next door. ( This was painful as bending over while wiping and laughing hurt my broken or bent bits somewhat.)  Then I paused and observed one of our neighbours creeping precariously along their gunnel, a foot or so away from ours, with a minute pot of paint and a tiny brush, dabbing carefully at invisible marks on the pristine boat.  Meanwhile two ladies polished brasses and cleaned bits and bobs with immense care and several different pots and jars of cleaner and rinser and polish.

I looked at my mop and the slightly dirty water below and decided that the other side of the boat would have to be done with the cloth and a great deal of care.  I just hope they appreciated my thoughtfulness even if they were probably horrified to see me mopping with canal water –

– which looks lovely in the sun but close up it’s quite brown and oily.

Oddly, it seems that we were the only people to have mostly miserable weather – our friend who was out a bit further North than us had only a few half hours of rain and back home, apparently it was a lovely fortnight.  Pfft.  And now we’re back, with armfuls of washing to hang out, it’s raining again.  We did something wrong obviously.

*We realised later that this was not breathless admiration but anxiety in case we might bump, scrape or splash their beautiful paintwork.

**I added this link because on our Thames adventure we actually went past this boat.  We didn’t get invited in though.  And I’ve added this one because I thought it was quite funny.  Well, very funny.


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  1. It hasn’t stopped raining here either! I’ve seen GRJ naked bar a long tie you know.

    Comment by Zig | July 3, 2012 | Reply

  2. Nice photos, as usual. Sir Bruin is still keen to do a canal holiday and I think that might be on the agenda next year.

    I once saw Griff Rhys Jones when he visited the college where I used to work. He has a home in Suffolk (or Griffock as Mel Smith once called it) so he didn’t have far to come.

    Comment by Liz | July 3, 2012 | Reply

  3. Golly! I think naked trumps school visit Zig though only by a little! Certainly a big leap from hearing a soundalike voice on the next boat.

    Griffock – I like it Liz. If you want I can tell you heaps and loads of things about canal holidays – some of the kind that even the nicest Knights don’t think of.

    Ok, so everyone except me has seen the real GRJ. I on the other hand had a more pertinant sighting which I must try and remember to tell. I keep forgetting, which shows how exciting it was.

    Comment by Mig | July 3, 2012 | Reply

  4. Ah, I see Mrs Bear has been here already. Do keep the positive canal related comments coming! GRJ came to my place of work last year and had a go in one of our cranes. Just thought i’d mention it…

    Comment by Sir Bruin | July 4, 2012 | Reply

  5. It’s a shame you don’t live nearer our mooring Sir Bruin, you could have come out with us. Thank you for the mention of the sighting. No where near as good as naked though.

    Zig – do tell! xxx

    Comment by Mig | July 4, 2012 | Reply

  6. I don’t know half of the stuff you’re talking about…..LOL…..but that’s fine and dandy. The photos make up for all that PLUS!

    Oh, I’m glad you’re back and mending along with the ladder-less one.

    Gotta love that last photo…..ohmygosh what a lineup–and I love the shiny black of the boat.

    Comment by Mel | July 8, 2012 | Reply

  7. Thank you Mel – it was quite shiny : )
    And if I hadn’t seen them all doing it I wouldn’t have known what I was talking about either!

    Comment by Mig | July 9, 2012 | Reply

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