Life, photos but not the universe

I am not complaining!

Really.  This kind of steady rain interspersed with very short outbursts of sunshine are exactly what we need.  The garden is loving it.  And it’s a good thing that it chose to rain heavily on the one day so far when I had neither a Barney nor a grandchild to look after because I was able spend the time usefully tidying stuff and sorting things and um…. maybe going up to Coombe to see if there’s low cloud over the beech trees.

Barneywent out with his partner, Dave, to do some estimates and if it wasn’t a ‘lovely’ day out, at least he was OUT for a while.  This was good for both of us.  I sorted out his heaps of clothes and even put some of them away.  And I had coffee in peace in front of the nice new machine, listening to the rain falling.

Oops!  the pigeon is flapping around the wisteria again.  I do hope this doesn’t mean it’s going to nest up there again, it’s a real pain when you want to prune.

Well I went to Sydmonton, near Watership Down* and there was low rain and not just over the beech trees. So a bit later, I came home, wet and slightly frustrated because twice, on the way home, slivers of sunlight bejewelled the grey hedgerows with brilliant gleaming leaves and then vanished before I could even think of stopping.  Barney was back and he also had been frustrated since all he could do was sit in the car while Dave did whatever they do when they do estimates.  Then he sat and watched something awful on TV and I made cous cous and smoked mackerel pate and bread and kebabs.  Then, obviously, it was dinner time!  Dinner is always good.

Here’s the ridge above Sydmonton and a wet view Northwards


And a week or so ago, a quite different kind of sighting in the woods near home.

Meanwhile ( though I am absolutely not complaining), Vax helpline thanks me for my my call and informs me that I are”_ 16th _ in the queue”.  Stupid new hoover has a blocked hose and you can’t remove the bendy bit in order to poke a broomstick down it and push out the revolting ball of fluff!  Oh for heaven’s sake!

Ah.  Well it seems that the thing to do is poke the wrong end of the hose into the place where the right end ought to go and let the hoover suck out its own blockage.


Yes I knew that wouldn’t work.

So now I need a very long piece of rigid but flexible wire and an hour or two of spare time.  Oh and no rain – I’m not poking bits of fluff around indoors – already after emptying its cylinder and shaking out its filters I look like a cartoon ghost of a dust devil.

I hope all your hoovers work and your gardens grow.

*I always think the Ridgeway and the Beacon are tremendously high ridges wrinkling the landscape like a big scowl but I found this Map  the other day which suggests more of a shrug and a raised eyebrow than a full on, ridged and wrinkly scowl.  Also, I realise the ridges are not so high – I’d have to go far north or west to climb higher than 1,000 feet.  

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  1. That balloon looks awfully close – Mr Murph would have been absolutely livid!

    Comment by Rog | May 19, 2012 | Reply

  2. Grass is getting longer and longer and it’s never dry enough to cut, but at least the rain is warm and I don’t have to worry about the veg patch.

    It’s the sort of thing you might not think about when you buy an appliance, and it isn’t mentioned in the blurb. I bought my hoover because it is so easy to take apart and unclog, having had problems in the past. But it still can take ages to do.

    Comment by Z | May 19, 2012 | Reply

  3. Watership Down? More like Airship Up.

    Or that book Roald Dahl nearly wrote, Mig And The Giant Peach.

    (Please excuse me. I was just going for my medicine anyway.)

    Comment by Christopher Campbell-Howes | May 19, 2012 | Reply

  4. Oh poor Barney–that has to be frustrating for a fella who loves to do what he does.
    And poor you with all the rain and clogged fuzzy bits.
    But thanks for the tip and the pretty photos.

    I shall now advise himself that the vacuum is clogged and I shall have to be forced to wait on a sunny day to clear it out.

    ….k…I’ll save that one for a day when it’s actually raining. 😀

    (I have all sorts of remarks about ‘Virgin’ balloons, but I’ll wait for Christopher’s medication to wear off cuz I’m certain his are better! LOL)

    Comment by Mel | May 19, 2012 | Reply

  5. Nutmeg would have hidden behind me and made us both fall over Rog. Tosca on the other hand would have run up the nearest tree and shouted for rescue. That reminds me of a story with which I shall probably bore everyone very soon.

    Our neighbour cut ours today Z. I believe it was a bit stressful for him being somewhat jungular by now. And I keep looking thoughtfully at the weeds. I may have to try looking stern soon, thoughtful isn’t having any effect at all. (doesn’t work on the hoover either)

    Do enjoy your medicine Christopher. I’m having some myself just now.

    Glad to be of use Mel. Do tell – about the virgins – Christopher is probably having a peaceful drink on his patio : )

    Comment by letouttoplay | May 19, 2012 | Reply

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