Life, photos but not the universe

Oh woe are we.

For I have not saved all those things which I should have saved.

Actually, I was under the mistaken impression that when Eldest made me a crib sheet for how to do everything on our website and who hosts and provides everything and all the relevant passwords that this would naturally include the email set up since he was the one who set it up.  Um, and I thought it would be correct down to the last detail.

Apparently this is not the case and though I have saved and secretly documented as many passwords as I could ever think of, the stuff in the email account box is not among them.  Also, I’m sure I’ve taken at least one screen shot of it but that’s in the documents folder which is currently unavailable.

My new computer treasure thinks he can retrieve the data from the hard drive (at the last attempt it said it would take 10 days to back up my documents but he thinks he can do it faster than that).

Ah… fast forward a couple of days. First, Barney and I danced a little bit at a rather fabulous gig by the Budapest Cafe Orchestra*.  By a little bit, I mean once, for the very last tune.

Barney ruptured his Achilles tendon.  (It only took him a couple of minutes so it was a really short dance)

We went home and rang our local after-hours medical service and it seemed that maybe it wasn’t the whole tendon but just a bit of calf muscle.  Next morning we went to Minor Injuries and at first the Doctor thought the same but then had a quick feel of said tendon and said “Oh Crikey!”.

Then we went home, suitably plastered (in Barney’s case), and wielding crutches and found to our immense relief that cancellation of the so recently booked-and-paid-for holiday was covered by our credit card insurance.  So we cancelled it.

Then we ate.

Then Patrick, the new treasure, came and after successfully extracting my documents and all our emails from the ruin of my computer, began a rebuild.  After a while – quite a long while – it became clear that something was badly wrong.  The motherboard perhaps.  We investigated replacement motherboards**  The HP website gave us both a good helping of frustration and eventually we found a replacement mother board which is not theirs but which some googled, geeky (I hope) person thinks will do the trick.  Patrick was already a bit late but I anxiously asked if he could just quickly set up Barney’s email on my netbook before he went as I now had useful information from Eldest which would make this really straightforward.  (And let’s be fair, he was late arriving here because his morning appointment over-ran a bit too.)

Game to the last, he sat right down and started all over again.  He tried all sorts of approaches and passwords and usernames and none of them worked.  I phoned Eldest and after three phone calls, two changes of tack and about another hour Patrick finally got the emails – all 1492 of them – and the thing set up so that now Barney can infuriate me by hogging the netbook instead of the computer.

I must say, Patrick has earned whatever he eventually charges me.  He really is incredibly dogged in the face of adversity and successful too.   And he’s good humoured and admired my book.

Meanwhile Barney had visitors who brought him a case of beer and another friend came to take him to the pub.  At this rate, he won’t need the crutches, he’ll just be able to float around.

Like a butterfly?

maybe not.

The net book is small and I can’t be doing with all this peering – maybe I will soon have my computer back.  Until then I shall be short and sweet.  Well I am that anyway, no?  Short, definitely.  And rabbiting on.

See you soon.

*They are very good.  My netbook’s little speaker doesn’t do them justice but here they are.

**I can’t type this without thinking of Alice’s Restaurant (Arlo Guthrie).


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  1. Oh noooooo…. He’s hobbling (aka floating) around AND you’ve lost ‘stuff’….oy, you poor thing. Well…the good news is you have a new fella that’s proving to be a good resource. The bad news is he’s hobbling (aka floating) around and the trip is cancelled. *sigh*
    But you’re practiced in how to make it happen, so making it happen when he’s on both feet again should be easier?

    Yes, I know….LOL….feeble effort on my part.
    Geeze, what a messy moment in time for you…and him…..

    Comment by Mel | April 26, 2012 | Reply

  2. I’m so sorry, poor Barney must be in a lot of pain. And I’m so sorry about the holiday, though at least you were insured. And as for the computer, what a nightmare. I had a computer die on me a few years ago and I was extremely anxious about all the contents – got it all back but it taught me a lesson.

    Comment by Z | April 26, 2012 | Reply

  3. I feel great sympathy. First reaction when this kind of thing happens is to hurl computer and entire 21st century out of window. Sorry about Barney (and holiday) too, but not to the extent of advising you to throw him out of the window.

    Otherwise I think ‘Wo’ is probably a 1st conjugation Latin verb:

    Wo – woe is me
    Was – woe art thou
    Wat – woe is he/she/it
    Wamus – woe is we
    Watis – woe is you
    Want – woe is they.

    Comment by Christopher Campbell-Howes | April 26, 2012 | Reply

  4. I should have seen it coming Mel, when the hoover broke – things coming in threes and all that!

    Thankfully it’s not painful Z, now it’s in plaster, so he’s coping quite well. And as it turns out I had backed up more than I thought and probably haven’t lost anything much. These things are a right royal pain but that’s all this time : )

    Ah. I shall add that gem of knowledge to that which I have stored away in Arthur Ransome’s Missy Lee, Christopher. That could be three latin verbs I can conjugate.

    Comment by letouttoplay | April 27, 2012 | Reply

  5. […] something odd about the way his is set up.  Oh well.  Time for a call to Lovely Patrick, the computer fix-it man, who will probably not be terribly happy to learn that he’s needed to wrestle with this […]

    Pingback by Life’s little difficulties « Letouttoplay | August 21, 2012 | Reply

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