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A cross word.

Oh!  Wordpress said, “this is your 485th post.  Dope!”  Not polite.

A while ago (quite a long while by this time) I  made a silly comment on Christopher’s blog and mentioned an occasion when, as a teenager, I’d wasted lots of homework time writing an essay on why I should be permitted to miss a day of school for a purpose which I still find slightly embarrassing.  Give us a clue, said Christopher (teasing, obviously, since I’d just made it brilliantly clear that I’m not a crossword adept),  for instance an anagram of firebody?????  Well if there’s an anagram for firebody* I’d like to know what it is.

Ok.  After many hours of deep thought, extensive and ramified googling and a certain amount of frustrated head scratching and bewilderment, I have produced a crossword of sorts**. Quite a lot of the clues relate to the subject afore-not-mentioned.  But not all of them.  I’d like to say this was out of some kind of evil intent but actually it’s because I couldn’t find  any more words to fit.  And one or two clues may be more a matter of free association than deduction.  And in some cases the clues are so tenuously related that they might as well not be at all and one word is included just because I liked it and what’s more it’s not in even our venerable OED because it’s so old.  There.  I’m not giving you any more help.  (And of course you won’t need it, even supposing you could be bothered to give it the time of day which of course you need not; I won’t mind : )

Oops!  Must remember to remove the answers before posting.

OMG, just noticed a whole lot of errors!  (That’s to do with inadvertantly transposing numbers in Word, not the actual words – I think they still work).  Here is an updated version.





2  In this kinde of woode be Badger (5) 1  Do you know the old song about John Peel?  Perhaps    Barbie does (3)
5  Clumsy ¾ of a loaf (3) 3   Unsuited for consumption (8)
6  Too awful to say (11) 4  Unfledged king (4)
8  Thin gun (anag)(7) 5  Often found sitting on Athene (3)
10  To trap and tease (4) 7  Uncrowned Scrofula, not at all good (4)
11  Born to be wild (5) 9  Alleged home of a funny smoked fish (7)
12  Vulpine and cunning (3) 11  To stammer and in the first 4 not really doing a lot (6)
13  Look, a  place of  Episcopal authority (3)  12  In the age of the big screen he probably would have won a few himself (5)
14  Bring it home (5) 13  Tinker Tom in a dream between two gardens, smoking it.  (5)
16  A pointless ruin (5) 14  When you’ve gone to it, it becomes a place of terrier (5)
17  Purchance to buy a set of clothing (7) 15  Booker Mann character  was a very small number (2)

Not that I ever thought otherwise but my goodness, crossword makers must be a clever lot.  I bet they do it in their heads too and don’t cheat by using the internet.

And you can see that I haven’t lost the ability to waste hours on something quite pointless but I did have a lot of fun doing it.

The whole crossword thing reminds me of those rare moments when I spent time with my Father being driven to or from various appointments (once, on the way to the dentist, I solved one of his crossword clues).  He was disappointed that, although a voracious reader, I showed no signs of being a real scholar.  Though one year of unexpected academic success in the year 3G, earned me the punishment of an ignominous term in 4X*** attempting to catch up with three years of Greek and Latin, previously unknown to me (except through the books of Greek myths and legends and the short introduction to declensions in Arthur Ransome’s Missy Lee).  That taught me something but not a lot about Greek or Latin.  Anyway, Dad could occasionally be persuaded to tell tales of his school days and one that I will always remember was of a teacher clashing with a clever but undisciplined youth who on being told to write out a hundred lines from Shakespeare, as a punishment, wrote

“The devil damn thee black thou cream-faced loon.  Where gottest thou that goose look.”

If you’re completely stumped on that very old word, if you can find it, there’s a link.

*I’m sure there will be and I’ll kick myself when he tells me.  If he does. (You will won’t you Christopher? Please?)

**I won’t mention the fun I had persuading word to make it look like a crossword.  Pretty isn’t it.

***We never understood why the streams in the local Grammar school were named Y, X, G and D instead of, for instance A, B, C and D or possibly C, VC, NVC or R.



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  1. Give me a day or two….

    Comment by Rog | March 27, 2012 | Reply

  2. Can I write the answers on my monitor screen with a felt pen?

    Comment by rosie | March 27, 2012 | Reply

  3. My crossword gene has regressed. I got (I think) nine of your clues – but I also got exactly one (1) out of the last three Guardian cryptics. (That’s 1 clue, not 1 puzzle!)

    Comment by Tim | March 27, 2012 | Reply

  4. Oh as long as you like Rog, have fun : )

    What a good idea rosie : ) Wipe-off board marker might be safer though, I wouldn’t want you to be stuck with it for ever.

    Just shows how good you are at randomness Tim. I can’t remember the last time I got one right (that’s also clue not puzzle. Indeed it’s quite possible that I’ve got some of these wrong)

    Comment by letouttoplay | March 28, 2012 | Reply

  5. You wanted to go FOX HUNTING!???

    I think Oscar was right.

    Comment by Rog | March 29, 2012 | Reply

  6. Well I did say I was embarrassed about it Rog. And clearly I was an unspeakable teenager.

    Comment by letouttoplay | March 30, 2012 | Reply

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