Life, photos but not the universe

Beautiful light

So this morning I got up early (ish) (Bother, that’s yesterday morning).  I didn’t exactly go to bed early last night but as they say, there’s no time like the present (whenever that was).  And it was worth it because the light was gorgeous.  (Well I knew it would be worth it, it’s just hard to remember, when I’m wide awake and bouncing at 2 am,  that I won’t feel the same when the alarm dingles at me and I’m all cosy and comfortable in bed in six hours time).

Of course nothing is a s simple as one hopes.  It’s so long since I’ve been in the habit of getting up when Barney’s still around, I’d forgotten how totally we don’t mix, early in the morning.  I forget how wide awake and full of questions he is and he’s got used to me being semi-comatose and mostly invisible when he brings me up a cup of tea.  He’s full of exasperatingly delighted astonishment at seeing me up and of course, I haven’t had my cup of tea!  So although approximately ambulatory and possibly conscious, I’m thinking “Tea.  Wee.  Ouch (because my back kills first thing)” and am not prepared to think, never mind say, anything else till these things have been attended to.  Me and Mrs Middle are both slow starters and we agree that Barney only thinks we’re grumpy in the morning because he doesn’t understand that we’re not actually awake.  (Mind you, even when he’s sound asleep Barney can give a convincing impression of good cheer and happiness, occasionally singing and laughing a bit and sometimes uttering incomprehensible comments which sound as though they need a cheerful response though they don’t get one.*)

Never mind.  I did get up and even got a bit of a move on and was out well before mid-morning.  I’m not sure that I remembered to brush my hair but by the time I’d parked in a holly bush** and followed a faint footpath through the woods I’m sure it wouldn’t have made any difference .


And now I realise that the clocks are going wherever they go at this time of year, tonight.  (Of course, that’s last night).  I’m not sure if this means I’ll have to get up even earlier or not?  Not, I think.  Anyway, just in case, I’d better go and get stuff done that needs to be done before I can sleep.  It seems awfully early to be doing all that.  Oh and I mustn’t forget to wake Barney up and send him off to sleep too!  Goodnight.

*Though on one occasion, he said in sorrowful tones and very distinctly, “Oh dear!”  and then repeated this several times with increasing emphasis before settling back into regular snoring.  I was quite worried.

**Not exactly in it but uncomfortably close.


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