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Change in the air

Actually, the air remains obdurately damp and grey.  However we are at the end of our income and while this situation usually doesn’t, (remain obdurate) who knows?  This time it may mean changes.  Barney came home the other day and said well, that’s it. No more work in view.  This happens from time to time, usually a little earlier in the year and usually, after an anxious week or two it starts coming back.  And of course it helps that for a while we can promise to do the work much sooner than anyone else.   Of course last time it happened, there wasn’t a depression or a whatsit thingie going on.

Oh well, I said, how much have we got in the bank?  A month?  Two months?

Well after we’ve paid ourselves at the end of this month and paid out bills, um, nothing.


So I  went to Reading and collected our new TV, which is already paid for and may have to last a long time – well it was going to have to do that anyway, we really aren’t upgrade type of people.  And I bought a pair of shoes, which will have to last a long time anyway because it’s all kinds of hell finding shoes to wear that don’t give me all kinds of hell.  It was pure luck that I saw a pair which seemed to fit all the peculiar requirements of my feet before the purchase of shoes becomes economically unviable*.

Otherwise, things go on as usual.  Once again I got myself a blood test for low thyroxine levels and once again the doctor (one of them anyway) wants to see me which means they have to adjust the dosage again.  Which means that once again I have to postpone the cholesterol tests and a visit to Dr Porsche to see if I have to finally curtail all eating and smoking and drinking to a level which will mean finding a whole lot of new things to do so that I don’t notice the absence of food, smoke and drink.

And I haven’t dropped dead of a heart attack in the last many months** which is also good.

Meanwhile, in the interests of economy, I have ordered a lot of free books for the Kindle.  One of them was Hobbs’ Leviathan.  Well it’s a book I’ve heard of once or twice and although I couldn’t get on with Moby Dick I thought maybe Mr Hobbs would be more entertaining.  Um.  Well, I was never a political person and it’s always a useful excercise to have your ignorance exposed.  The more you know the more you know you don’t know. And all that.  I put Mr Hobbs aside for a time of true literary deprivation and moved on to the Illiad.  More readable than I expected.  Then I found a small heap of books bought from charity shops and dived into all kinds of unexpected delights and pleasures.  I’ve put Leviathan and the Illiad on hold since I feel the need of light escapism at the moment rather than education and improvement.

And I went for a walk this evening which is also free and although it was nearly dark I took some photos.

I don’t know if they’ll appear though.  They show up in the preview but there’s no sign of them in the draft.  Weird.

Hope you had a nice Mother’s day and failing that, a nice any kind of  day.

*My goodness, aren’t shoes expensive!

**since Dr Porsche first assured me that I was about to.

(Update:  Today the weather is glorious.  Isn’t that nice)


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  1. I think buying a Porsche when things are a bit tight is really irresponsible. Let’s hope the sun shines on business soon.

    Comment by Rog | March 19, 2012 | Reply

  2. The Porsche comes free on the NHS Rog.

    Comment by letouttoplay | March 19, 2012 | Reply

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