Life, photos but not the universe

Pottering peacefully

Just finished reading the final Wallander novel.  Sad.  I know it’s the last because of the afterword.  On the other hand I can imagine Henning Mankell finding a way to get the old detective to solve a crime even from beyond the hazy barrier of alzheimers.

Enough of that.  I suddenly thought, this evening, that none of my family have shown that tendency so I don’t know why it bothers me so.  What was I talking about anyway?

Yesterday, I had a lovely quiet day, pottering and doing a bit of this and that.  Lots of things to sort out and put away (quite slowly as I was recovering from a very convivial dinner with friends on Saturday, followed by a fairly merry session at the pub on Sunday afternoon) and then I settled down to sort out some beads that have been lying around for months waiting to be made into earrings and bracelets.

Later there was shopping to be done and a leisurely journey home via Bagnor (which is the home of the  Watermill Theatre, a rather fabulous place) along the valley of the Winterbourne Stream.  There was a man doing some rather comprehensive clearing of the river meadows, burning willow and alder and revealing the river itself for the first time in many years.  Hoping to get a photo of his bonfires I stopped and chatted for a while.  He  hopes, eventually to return the meadow to reed and cress beds and maybe to have reed buntings and willow warblers nesting there again.  It sounds good to me.

Today, with grandbaby minding looming for the next two days, I did a lot of cooking : Bread, kedgeree, quiche and soup and finally, with the left over pastry from the quiche (I use ready made – my pastry leaves a lot to be desired) a kind of cheese flat thing.  It was supposed to be straws but I forgot to cut it up before baking it.  (Well I was a bit knackered by the time I got to using up leftovers and also grated two or three bits of finger into it which was distracting).  It’s quite nice though I expect by tomorrow it’ll be a bit limp in the middle.

Oh yes and this morning I experimented with porridge.  See I like my porridge (very much indeed) made with milk and covered in sugar and cream. But that’s taking the piss a bit since I am supposed to be curtailing my fat consumption.  So I wondered about savoury porridge.

Not the first to do so; there are lots of recipes for savouring porridge.  I would have been happy with the bacony one but that would rather have defeated the object.  Eventually I did something with olives, preserved lemon, dried marjoram and tomato puree.  Not bad but neither delicious.  Sort of edible but lacking in something vital (cream and bacon probably).  Oh well.  At the back of my mind there is a faint memory of something delicious involving oats and fish and lemon and …some other nice things but it certainly wasn’t that.

As usual, this post is a day or three behind.  Somehow it always takes me a day to start a post, another day to finish it, a third day to add photos and by then I’ll have updated all the todays and yesterdays several times.  I wonder if I will be late to my own funeral?

I’m off to sleep the sleep of the exhausted grandparent perchance to dream of small, soft, toddling cuddly things.


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  1. Mig I love reading about your days and times, it’s as if you’re here chatting, thank you.

    Comment by Zig | February 25, 2012 | Reply

  2. Oh lovely Ziggi! Thank you for dropping in.
    I would love to be there chatting – will contact you asap (But not till this evening)
    and hugs
    and hoping things are going ok.

    Comment by letouttoplay | February 25, 2012 | Reply

  3. Oh, I quite agree with Ziggi. It’s always lovely to listen to you tell of your day. There’s nothing quite so lovely as a bit of a chat with familiar friend, yaknow?

    And the photos of the fire are lovely. I could feel the warmth. And I’m warmed by what the intentions are for the clearing off.
    I get a bit sad here, seeing lines of trees downed for a bit more farmland to plant. *sigh* I know it’s not necessarily bad–but it makes my heart hurt….. those old sentinel trees have a history that’s worthy of keeping. At least I think so……

    And ohhhhh…I’m feeling the ‘pains’ of being a Nana. LOL Up/down/up/down–lots of chasing cuz she has one speed. And that’s accelerated by a grandad who’s provided her with ice cream TWICE in the same day.
    NO–she’s not the least bit spoilt.

    *rolling eyes*

    Comment by Mel | February 26, 2012 | Reply

  4. I’ve trained myself to like porridge very plain. My idea of jazzing it up is adding some cardamon seeds and a couple of almonds, nowadays. Similarly, I eat bread and even baked potatoes without butter.

    I know, that just depressed me too.

    Comment by Z | February 26, 2012 | Reply

  5. It is always sad to see old trees cut down Mel. Not just sad but worrying too. The willows were not very old, they only seem to need a few years to take the land over completely and change water meadows out of all recognition so I didn’t mourn for them much.

    Mmm. Cardamon sounds nice Z. I spread bread with one of those ‘healthy’ oil things which is very depressing but baked potatoes would be spoiled by that stuff; I prefer them neat!

    Comment by letouttoplay | February 27, 2012 | Reply

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