Life, photos but not the universe

I’ve been out!

It’s lovely having all the family here and all the friends and eating the feasts and having a sort of tidy house and all that.  However, some glorious days of fleeting sunshine and rainwashed sunsets and dawns fled past while I shopped and cleaned and enjoyed the company.    Every now and then I glanced wistfully out of the window at the weather.  Not that I’d swop.

But they’re all gone now and the sun came out twice and I was off like a shot.

Unfortunately, when I tried to upload all my pretty pictures the computer informed me that there wasn’t enough room on the hard disc.  Urg!  Is it really that time already?  One day, I plan to delete all the photos that aren’t any good from each batch as I finish working on them.  But I haven’t done it yet.  So there were  a few thousand photos to be backed up and blow me if the back up disc wasn’t full as well.  Urg!

Two new discs and several hours later, I discovered that when I replaced the My Docs back up disc, I didn’t actually back up  to it.  Um.  And did I really only take two folders of photos during the whole of December or have they vanished somewhere during the backing up?  It was a very wet and gloomy December and I was quite busy so maybe that’s all there were.

Anyway, while stuff chuntered from one disc to another, I was moved to sort out the huge wadge of paper which I optimistically shove in the shelf referred to as ‘to be filed’.  I haven’t actually filed any of it but I have uncovered enough NHS paperwork to make a couple of new forests and successfully postponed an appointment I’d forgotten about, since the relevant blood tests haven’t all been done yet and anyway I’ll be Grandbaby-minding on that day.  And I’ve test drunken my new little thermos, tiny and completely satisfactory.  Also in this pile was another small forest concerning various pension and benefit applications, shelved, somewhat randomly, during the frantic Christmas tidy up.  Amongst it, there should have been my birth certificate, returned, unused,  by the winter fuel benefit  department because my name isn’t the same any more.  Eventually I found this in another hastily tidied stack.  Phew.  But now I can’t find my marriage certificate which is somewhere in Barney’s office.  This is organised and filed at least as efficiently as mine is though possibly a little less tidily. *

Some time during the early afternoon, I suddenly thought ‘goodness, I’m hungry’ .  At about the same time, the cat gave me a shove with her head and squawked stridently at me.  It occurred to me that neither of us had eaten yet.  So we did that.  And now the files have all moved and maybe it’s time for another excursion, though it’s absolutely freezing out there.

There’s a view I’ve glimpsed sometimes on my way to Oxford along the A34.

After many glimpses, I’ve worked out how I might be able to get to it off the main road.  It was interesting looking from the world towards the A34 for a change too.

And worth noting at the time, that the weather might be about to change.

Which it did, quite dramatically

and several times

I  had to take shelter under an ivy clad tree at one point (It’s good stuff that ivy for a winter photographer caught out in a rainstorm).

I do love a bit of weather.  On the other hand, I’m not so pleased when it causes the water supply to stop.  I may have said before that we get our water from a borehole (near Boarshole farm as it happens.  I’ve been told that the name is a coincidence ) and we sometimes get cut off if there’s a bit of weather – trees falling on the pump, cattle breaking the pipes, that sort of thing.  So today, as I opened a water bill from the estate which owns the borehole, I was absently turning the tap, hoping for a cup of coffee** but getting only a splutter and a thin and diminishing dribble.  Do you know, I just haven’t had time to ring the Estate and pay the bill.  Tomorrow perhaps.  When the water is back.  If it is?***

*My office is in various cupboards and shelves in the dining room whereas his is in a tiny room upstairs.  Naturally we don’t expect guests to need anything from his office so basically, it never gets tidied or sorted out at all.  Possibly Barney remembers where he has put things.  Or possibly not.

**Oh alright, hoping for water with which to make coffee.  It’s ok anyway, we have a couple of big bottles full just for this kind of moment.

***It is.


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  1. Perhaps the Winter Benefit Dept are concerned that you are named after a Russian Fighter Jet?

    I’d be inclined to insert an apostrophe in Boarshole Farm after the second letter, but that’s just me being very juvenile.

    Comment by Rog | January 5, 2012 | Reply

  2. *laughing* I like when Rog is being juvenile! Just sayin’…….

    Oh, but what lovely photos of the weather.
    And can I tell ya–I have perhaps five days of photos, random and insignificant probably, of December. Not even one of the holiday time with kiddos……..good grief.

    I think I’m getting lazy.
    Or maybe it’s that time of year when I’ve just not quite adjusted?
    Or maybe I’m saving hard drive space!! That’s it!!!!!!!! I’m saving hard drive space. :-/

    Comment by Mel | January 6, 2012 | Reply

  3. When my last computer died, I was so relieved to find that all my photos were still on iPhotos. I can never be bothered to back up, delete duff ones or even label them. I don’t deserve a camera, really. I don’t have a ‘to be filed’ shelf, I have a series of piles of papers. My husband spreads his out. He calls our two *systems* vertical filing and horizontal filing. I find things by how deep they are buried and rely on remembering chronological order.

    Comment by Z | January 6, 2012 | Reply

  4. I didn’t tell them that Rog. But maybe they read my blog?
    Oh! it took me ages to see what you meant but that’s because I apostrophise it in my head already. Being quite young at heart myself.

    I did some of the holiday stuff Mel but that was about it. I saved a lot of hard drive space though and look where it got me!

    ‘To be filed’ means when the paper starts falling out at the back I need to put it in piles somewhere Z. I sort of like filing but then it comes under the heading of ‘something quite satisfying really, to do when I’ve got a lot of spare time’.

    Comment by letouttoplay | January 6, 2012 | Reply

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