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Marrons Glacé

Just wondering what you understand by this?

I thought marrons glacé came in a jar of syrup but when I asked for them in Waitrose the other day, I was given a box of candied chestnuts.  It’s a bit of a problem because Barney needs them for an excessively complex feast that Raymond Blanc inspired him to attempt on Boxing day.  (We’re going to Youngest’s for Christmas day).   Much was made of the lovely chestnut flavoured syrup on the TV programme*  but chestnuts preserved in syrup are not to be had in Newbury for love nor money.

I ventured back into Newbury, hoping to complete all the present shopping and most of the food.  Maybe I did?  At this time of year I spend a good bit of time not caring any more, but I think I did get most of it, except the Marrons and a free fix for my broken glasses.  Beyond repair they are and how can it take more than an hour to organise another pair when you don’t even need an eye test???  And what’s with the square glasses look anyway?  Why have they discontinued all the shapes I like?**

Oh well, seeing as how I am, er, how could they put it tactfully….. well, a bit old, I get a discount of 25% and until the new glasses are ready I’m doing quite well with my current ones which seem to balance quite happily on one ear and one nose.

All of which pales into insignificance before the arrival of Eldest and his beautiful Italian girlfriend today and the prospect of seeing Youngest and Mr Youngest and all the little Youngests on Christmas day and then being joined here by Mr and Mrs and Little Middle on Boxing day.  I shall revel, bask and wallow in all this filial company (um, I’m not sure about filial?  I mean the company of our children.  Is that right?)  until they have completely exhausted me (won’t take long but by then I shan’t care, again).  Now I’m going to finish cleaning the kitchen and shorten a pair of trousers and maybe even wrap presents.  Actually, after five hours of Eldest and BIG’s*** company I’m already exhausted and simultaneously feel about twenty years younger.  And I don’t care : )

Happy Christmas.

*Never mind the effect of TV violence on children – consider instead the disastrous effects on Christmas dinners all over the country caused by an addiction to Celebrity Chef programmes.

**I  wish young actresses would please not always wear the same style of  glasses as each other.  Wearing identical glasses does not a look-alike make and some people look better in round glasses or oval glasses or even octagonal glasses (my first pair, perfectly sweet) than square or rectangular ones.

***Oh dear. I can’t call her that.  a) she isn”t ‘BIG’ but b) Beautiful Italian Girlfriend is rapidly becoming a bit of a typoful.

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