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Well my cards arrived finally and then I remembered that I need to plunge once again into the really interesting business of persuading Word to merge my addresses into a label thingie.  Actually, this year I remembered to make all the addresses centred so they don’t all appear minus the first letter of each line and I adjusted all (I hope) of the names so they don’t say John andSmith instead of John and Jane Smith.  And changed the ones whose spouses I can’t remember to Mrs and Mrs.*  What’s more, although I inadvertently bought laser printer labels last year instead of inkjet, they still printed ok.  All I have to do now is sit down and write them all.  Ooh, and get some stamps!

Really, I ought now to go back to Outlook and rearrange the christmas list so it’s up to date before next year but after a whole two hours just getting the labels printed I don’t feel quite ready to tackle that.

And so to bed.


You’ll notice, maybe, that I didn’t start writing Christmas cards last night!    My only excuse was that my feet hurt from Christmas shopping but this morning there was no excuse – only a sort of reluctance to get on with it.  So without pausing to get up properly or even to make coffee, I plunged into the heap and have just emerged, still inelegantly pyjamad, with back and elbow aching, for coffee and a pause.  And maybe I’ll finish getting up before tackling ‘The Rest’.   I’ve done ‘Family’ and ‘Abroad’ and Barney can do ‘ The Pub’ tonight.

One year we sent out one of those round robins and I realised after we’d done them all how utterly dreadful it sounded.  This year I was tempted to do a printed note saying “we love you honest but the cards were late and my feet hurt so this is all you’re getting”.  Just as bad really.  Though my handwriting has deteriorated alarmingly since I took to the computer (not that it was ever very neat or even legible) and I imagine that most of our card recipients will have to guess at the content. After all it’s the thought that counts even if you can’t be quite sure what the thought is and the context will help .

I finished the whole lot just in time to hurtle to the post office, buy hundreds of stamps and apply them all before the last collection tonight and indeed the last one for Christmas posting.  Yay!  Almost I didn’t mind that one arm of my driving glasses broke off while I was stamping the envelopes.  Fortunately they still sit quite easily in the right place so I shall be ok with the help of a bit of sticky tape till I can get them looked at.  Indeed I’m not sure that even sticky tape will be required.

I don’t seem to have taken many photos this month.  Oh well, there are a few left over from other months.

I have to go away now and prepare for an attack on Reading tomorrow.  Newbury didn’t yield up enough Christmas presents so I need to cast wider.    I expect you’ve done all yours?  Oh well good luck if your haven’t and well done if you have.  Goodnight.

*Oh dear, I hope I didn’t!

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  1. You sound entirely sorted and I’m very impressed. Good luck for today.

    Comment by Z | December 21, 2011 | Reply

  2. Beautiful photo looking through the glass. Busy looking through my drawing folder to find something to print off because I forgot to send a card to my godmother!! can’t send here a ratbag sis & bro!

    Comment by rosie | December 21, 2011 | Reply

  3. Thank you Z, I managed today and got myself some sales treats at the same time so I’m feeling complacent. Still haven’t actually done any cleaning though.

    I assume the Godmother doesn’t have a rat-sibling then rosie, or surely the ratbags would be ideal? Shame : ) And thank you, I was very happy about the darkly glass photo, we’d been to a dinner for a friend who is dying of cancer and I took lots of awful photos inside. Just that one nice one.

    Comment by letouttoplay | December 21, 2011 | Reply

  4. *laughing* Ah yes, the annual address label festivity! I’m so glad you didn’t miss out! 😉

    Ya know, I like the idea of the ’round robin’ card deal. I think he oughta do it and deliver one card in person til he’s seen ’em all! (note that I’ve made it HIS job and not mine……LOL)

    I chuckled over whole card writing process and the deterioration of handwriting. ONLY CUZ I KNOW IT. *sigh*
    Good thing HE has great penmanship. 😀

    You’ll again note that I’m leaning towards this being his job and not mine. 😉

    Comment by Mel | December 23, 2011 | Reply

  5. Now I never thought to label the labelling as Festivity Mel. Could that have been my problem all along? Delighted to hear that HE is in charge of all that?

    Comment by letouttoplay | December 24, 2011 | Reply

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