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Two days grandbabyminding and I’m quite used up.  I’ve been smiled at, laughed at, covered with blanket, book and kisses, fed “chiz” and “‘nana” and have even been hugged once or twice.  Also I’ve walked all the way to the playbus and wrestled us both up to the top deck and crawled around the floor picking up paper and toys and having interesting conversations with a small ‘pirate witch’ (witches hat, Captain Hook’s hook and large curvy plastic sword) while fending off another small person who had that special blank look which small boys wear when they are intent on toysnatching from an even smaller person and have no wish to hear or understand any naysaying from Mums or Grandmas or strange, old women who happen to be attached to the snatchee.  Listened more or less politely to one young Mum droning on at length about her difficulties with giving up breast feeding at six months and almost in the same breath handing out advice, wisdom and cliches to the other, which didn’t seem to be needed and didn’t sound very good to me.  (It was ok though, I crawled away with NGB and we had a great time with the fishing rod and the magnetic fish).  We also went to the bead shop and a very small curly, coffee coloured person was delighted to entertain NGB by pushing her pram into furniture, occasionally giving me a shy and dazzling smile.

She gives me things to hold as she takes them all out of their box so that she can then put them all in again.  This fills me with wonder and admiration – I’m sure my children (her mother included) concentrated solely on finding more and more violent and urgent ways of getting stuff out of things.

And I’m lost in amazement at her dogged and thoughtful persistance in dealing with all small problems that she encounters.  (Like how to cross the room bringing with her a woolly shawl.  She’s so patient and methodical about the trailing bits and the possibilities of pushing, gathering, pulling or abandoning.  She also considers the possibilities of a Grandma helping but she likes to get on with it herself)  I expect she isn’t really an extraordinarily clever and thoughtful child, I’m sure most fourteen month old babies have similar traits – how else do they almost all learn to walk and talk?)  but I am quite besotted.

Anyway, it seems Mr Middle asked at the Nursery school if Little Middle was walking much there and was told that she prefers to sit and get the other little people to bring things to her.  Who’d a thought it.  She’s perfectly happy to get her own stuff at home!  Got her little head screwed on right, that one!  And she knows all about buckets and washing up bowls too.

Anyway, I won’t be minding again till after Christmas – just as well, when I’m with her I go into a kind of trance and speak in tongues forgetting how people speak out in the world.  Not that we do baby talk, it’s just that I spend a lot of time deciphering the meanings of sentences in which the only words I can guess at are, f”rinstance,  Daddy or Teddy and occasionally, possibly, baby.  Thus, “DaddyTeddy/Baby is there”? could be answered, Yes!!!! Daddy’s back!!! or Nooo, not yet, or Oh the teddy book!, or hello Teddy or yes, that’s a baby.

Now I’m going to rush about a  lot (slowly) and panic a bit.  My Christmas cards haven’t arrived from RedBubble yet and half my family haven’t told me what they’d like for Christmas and anyway, the’s no time for shopping since the house (neglected even more than usual while I’m on baby duty) needs to be dragged into a semblance of tidiness before the family descend in droves together with dogs, children, new and beautiful girlfriends and, oh well that’s enough to be going on with.

Oh oops!  I forgot the toast!


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  1. Oh.My.Gosh.

    She’s just adorable.

    And I know the privilege well. Only the bug is now two and it’s non-stop play until she drops–and she don’t drop easy. LOL I, on the other hand, am ready to drop HOURS before she is–so I drag until she drops.

    You’re doing good, Nana!
    Well, you’re holdin’ your own–which is about where I’m at.
    And I’m not a pensioner….LOLOLOL

    Yeahyeah….naughty corner.
    I’m good with that. 😉
    There’s coffee and a comfy chair there! 😀

    Comment by Mel | December 16, 2011 | Reply

  2. I think she is extraordinarily clever and thoughtful, really.

    Comment by Z | December 16, 2011 | Reply

  3. She is adorable Mel. I worship at her little feet and laugh a lot when I’m playing with her. It probably helps to counteract the pensionable bit. (Of course the actual pension will do that too)

    Thank you Z. So do I really but then we all do don’t we?

    Oh and Mel, coffee, comfy chair, woolly blankets, reading glasses, hearing aid – the lot – I’m entitled now.

    Comment by letouttoplay | December 17, 2011 | Reply

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