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Silent and peaceful nights

I have discovered that Vivaldi is the music of choice for government waithelp-lines and that someone else  (infuriatingly, I can’t remember who*)  is what you get when you phone the Civil Service, for whom once I worked.  Amazingly, the Civil Service pension system remembers me and they will send me forms with which to claim my just deserts!  Equally amazingly, the government is prepared to send me goodies on the strength of a single phone call, backdated, updated and in spite of the fact that they haven’t got my date of birth on their system.

It took me a long time to get round to this but every time I phoned the state pension claim people I got Vivaldi followed shortly by a message saying “we’re all busy, try again later”.  After a while I felt discouraged, nay, rejected – they didn’t even say my call was important to them.  But today I phoned all of them and they all answered and once you get to talk to a real person they’re very helpful, straightforward and efficient.  Well they seem so, I’ll find out next week when stuff should start arriving : )

Anyway, in anticipatory celebration, I’m looking up beds on the Ikea website.**

For the first many years of our marriage, I spent my nights (the sleeping parts of them) in the top left hand corner of our bed, clinging to the edge to avoid sinking into the central pit full of sharp, knobbly, pointed bits belonging to my husband.  I have been known to make comparisons to a volcano.  After about twenty five years we bought a new, flat bed and I realised that we were two halves of a couple instead of one and three, quarters.  After a further two or three years I learnt to let go of the edge of the mattress while sleeping.

The new bed stayed flat for quite a while but now, it’s beginning to sag ever so slightly and I notice a tendency to roll toward my nose when facing inwards.  Also, what seemed fairly soft on the surface when I was fifty odd now feels quite hard and hurts my bunions and my knees. I’ve been wondering whether to broach the possibility of replacing it – possibly a contentious subject as it’s only about ten years old.

And then, when we bought our 1/12th of a boat, Barney waxed lyrical about the foam mattress in our bed.  And I thought, hmm.  Could be time to talk about a new bed at home with a lovely firm but soft mattress.  A flat bed.

And yay!  Thanks to the government (after all those years of grumbling about the monthly National Insurance payments) the time has come because with my backdated owings, I can just go out and buy one.  I could even buy two if I wanted!***  And this time it’s going to have slatted base so that all we will ever need to replace is the mattress.  And what’s more we’re going to have some of that magic memory stuff on top so that we’ll both have just as much squashiness as we need.  Talk about icing on the mattress.  I feel quite cock’a’whatsit.  Hoop?   You know the expression I’m sure.

Oh look!  A chicken!

But we’re having Pork Vindaloo tonight.

*Oh idiot!  It’s Mozart, of course.

**It won’t save me from having to spend several hours wandering the Ikean labyrinth like a lost soul, wailing occasionally (but quietly in case people think I’ve gone mad) but it does mean I will have decided roughly what I need to look at and measure and ask questions about.

***I’m almost tempted, like when you find a pair of shoes that fit and want to buy several pairs so you can wear them for ever instead of having to do the whole shoe shopping thing over again when they wear out.

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  1. Our visits to Ikea are so infrequent I REALLY look forward to them. And expenditure on beds where we spend 1/3 of our lives cannot be argued against at all. You should have titled this post “Magic Memories in Bed”.

    Comment by Rog | December 13, 2011 | Reply

  2. I can sleep on a clothesline.

    Comment by Tim | December 13, 2011 | Reply

  3. We used to have a lovely Victorian half-tester bed, but it wouldn’t fit in this house with its low ceilings. Fortunately, we sold the last house to an antique dealer and he bought everything that we couldn’t take. We then bought an extremely expensive bed for here, and we’re still sleeping in it 25 years on. I’ve never been to Ikea, am I alone in that?

    Comment by Z | December 14, 2011 | Reply

  4. And do you eat the Swedish meatballs too Rog? I feel the Ikea experience is incomplete without a dose of meatballs. But you’re absolutely right about the beds.

    So can I Tim as long as it’s underneath the mattress. But I think I’d prefer it to be under 17 mattresses along with peas and other such unpleasantnesses.

    I’m planning to buy an extremely expensive bed too Z and I hope we and it last another 25 together.
    I expect you are a rare breed – you could probably start a twitter group called “never been to Ikea”. (or is that just a facebook thing? People keep inviting me to join weird groups on facebook). I like Ikea goods but hate the place so I don’t think you’re missing out much.

    Comment by letouttoplay | December 14, 2011 | Reply

  5. Wooohoooo!! I can be in a group with Z!! 🙂

    <– never been to Ikea (and yes, we have them around these parts)

    You're officially a 'pensioner' now?
    Holy moly. *laughing* I probably will be shot for saying that, huh?
    I thought it was very kind that none of the others mentioned it. (shoulda been my clue, huh? LOLOL)

    Comment by Mel | December 15, 2011 | Reply

  6. Wow! the universal music of bureaucracy is Mozart…
    who would have thought.
    I am longing for a new bed myself. as the kids refer to the deep swail in mine and the canyon.
    but recent medical bills will prevent that for a while..
    do let me know how that memory foam stuff works, I hear it’s a bit warm…

    Comment by ☼Illuminary☼ | December 16, 2011 | Reply

  7. (Oh……I just HAD to slip back and let you know I adored the “Oh look a chicken” photo! LOL)

    (You didn’t think I’d miss that one did ya?!)


    Memory foam–I like the idea of that, I think. Moreso if I can apply it into my ears to stop STUFF from falling out of my head…..but somehow I don’t think that’s whatcher talkin’ about! :-/

    Comment by Mel | December 16, 2011 | Reply

  8. *Laughing* Oh yes Mel. At least I hope I am – all I have so far is promises! (And yes /i did hope you’d notice the chicken : )
    You can get memory foam ear plugs but I think they’re only supposed to keep noise out. Still one could try some and hope?

    I heard it was a bit warm too Illuminary and I wouldn’t mind that but I slept on Eldest’s bed last time I visited and it was just comfortable – total all over comfort. On the other hand, Eldest is a bit prone to leaving doors open so maybe it’s a cold house and the bed needed to be warm.
    Mozart is supposed to be good for your intellect isn’t it? Maybe they’re hoping to get well thought out, cogent and pithy curses and imprecations when they finally get round to answering?

    Comment by letouttoplay | December 16, 2011 | Reply

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