Life, photos but not the universe


Every so often, Picasa has a housekeeping moment and decides to update all the pictures in its library.  This is a lot of pictures and seems to take it several hours.  Meanwhile, all the exciting new photos from the weekend aren’t appearing.  It’s making me a bit cross.  Suddenly I wonder if it’s changing the hour on them all.  I’m not sure it should be allowed to do that.  No, surely it can’t be doing that?

Well the computer, the car and the shower have all recently been showing signs of stress.

The only thing to do with the shower is wait till it stops working and call on John who comes and fixes it on his way to the pub.  The car is booked to have its ‘engine systems fault’ light investigated on Wednesday.  As far as a driver can tell this warning means nothing at all except possibly, “be very scared!” and Paul at the garage didn’t seem particularly concerned.

The computer – well it’s about due for a breakdown and it’s been having a few hang-ups and virtually stubborn moments recently.  So I must do a bit of diligent backupping as soon as I can bring myself to wrestle with all that copying and pasting and the new back-up hard drives whirring loudly and the fan going into overdrive and all that.  And then I can call Mr Treasure, my excellent computer man and  see if he can clean up the existing system. I might spend the extra money on a complete overhaul if it includes getting most of my programmes back afterwards.

Meanwhile, Picasa has taken on itself this task of updating thumbnails and no doubt will keep doing that till I’ve got completely fed up with waiting for it or until the hard drive falls apart.  A quick glance at the current icons suggest that it’s working its way through all the photos since January 2010.  That would be about 50,000.  It should only take an hour or three.

Here’s one. (photo, not hour)

Taken in Enfield at the weekend.  It’s  a surprising place if you’re used to thinking of the outskirts of London as a concrete desert.  Enfield makes me think of rifles and motor bikes and looks as if it’s going to be a thoroughly depressing place to spend an hour while your other half burrows into the papery depths of a stamp shop.  But behind the busy shopping facade it’s all green.*  Oh well apart from the man eating his lunch and gravestones and the rest.

WordPress tells me repeatedly, that if I ‘upgrade to pro’ (at a small (!) monthly cost) I can be Master of my own blog but I think I’ll continue to be mistress of the one I have until it runs out of space.  Then I’ll have another free one.  I can be mistress of lot of blogs if I keep going long enough.

*Which is a bit ironic since we were there to chop the top off an oldish tulip tree growing in Brother-in Law’s tiny garden.  If the tree survives it will almost certainly get even bigger so we’ll probably have to do it all again in a year or two.


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  1. It’s a good time of the year to prune if you want to discourage growth, though. Do it in spring and it doubles in size every week, more or less.

    Comment by Z | November 2, 2011 | Reply

  2. You’re lucky, a mere computer, car and shower. My Sky+ box tried to break down earlier this evening, which would have meant missing Frozen Planet. Luckily I obeyed instructions – switch it off and on again (or on and off, as my colleague Neil used to say – but he’s Australian).

    Comment by Tim | November 2, 2011 | Reply

  3. Troubles come in threes! Well, that’s what folks have told me my whole life.
    Sadly, I’ve ascertained they all have difficulties with numbers and lack and ability to count correctly. :-/

    Back up as you go! Another nifty things folks have told me. Do I NEED to tell you how accurate that one is? k……that’s probably more on my part than on theirs. *sigh* I SUCK!

    Now, the idea of discouraging growth in fall and encouraging it in spring–THERE’S a keeper of an idea!! As long as I don’t get that backwards and wonder how I got the opposite result I was wanting–which, given that I get LOTS of things bassackwards, I’d undoubtedly do.
    Or, I’d kill the darn thing I was pruning and wouldn’t need to be concerned about any of it.

    Life is good! ROFL

    Wanna hear about the water heater, the car’s thermostat and the brakes on the Jeep?
    (please note that I kept it at three JUST to be respectful of those folks who say troubles come in threes…….well, that and I think there IS a limit on how many characters one gets to put in a comment…….unless you’re commenting on a web log someone’s the MASTER of, undoubtedly…LOLOL)

    <– might be a TAD whiny…..

    Comment by Mel | November 3, 2011 | Reply

  4. Excellent information, thank you Z. I shall discourage trips to Chingford in the Spring!

    It was great wasn’t it Tim. The penguins were fabulously comic and balletic.

    I back up after I’ve gone Mel – but more often, these days, before the computer has gone. To dispel the triple troubles myth, when I got home tonight, Barney was wrestling with a broken desk lamp. It can’t be fixed unfortunately.
    Anyway, I do, of course, want to hear about the water heater (bad time of year, that one) and the thermostat and the brakes. Actually, it’s a bad time of year for all of them. Could it be the time of year that prompted the discoveries?

    Comment by letouttoplay | November 3, 2011 | Reply

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