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Further travels

After a longish break I’ve resumed Grandbaby minding duties.  It’s exhausting but NGB is a very rewarding small person.  I suspect she may have inherited gymnastic abilities from her Mum – although not quite walking, she will use any and every structure in the house and garden to further her energetic progress either head or feet first.  (That includes grandparent legs and any other parts within reach).  I shall try not to wax lyrical about her cleverness, charm and beauty since we all know our own grandchildren are the most beautiful, charming and clever in the known universe.  (But she does give me kisses – of a kind- bits of her dinner and hugs.  And for an hour or so each afternoon, she sleeps.  Could anything be cleverer or more charming?)

Anyway the other day,  as we stood in the garden, a bird swooped, a mere ten feet or so over our heads.  It seemed to be part of a flock of pigeons but also seemed to have a kind of  grey and feathery undercarriage – somewhat pigeon like.  As it passed I realised that it was a bird of prey with actual prey dangling fluffily from its talons.  Too small for buzzard or kite so I’m guessing it was a sparrowhawk or a kestrel (I’ve never been able to tell them apart).  Unfortunately I had a babe in my arms instead of a camera.  On the other hand I doubt if I’d have had time to get a photo of it.

“…’At!” said NGB, pointing randomly.  She says that a lot.  And after it had passed “…er..ooo…”

Moving right along and a little bit backwards, here are photos from the previous weeks journeys.  (The journey to  Mrs Middle’s house  is about forty minutes on a good day, so if I get to leave a little bit early, sometimes I can stop at sunset on the way home)

there’s a convenient car park where the Ridgeway crosses the road with a splendid view of Didcot Power station.

Once or twice I’ve been had to stop on the way there on catching sight of something like this in the rear view mirror

or through the window

It’s a lovely time of year.


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  1. Very lovely pics. I remember walking the Ridgeway and being stalked by that bloody Power Station.

    Comment by Rog | October 8, 2011 | Reply

  2. Great pics of gorgeous places. The Ridgeway contains ancient magic, and it’s only just up the road from me. Must get out more.

    Comment by Tim | October 8, 2011 | Reply

  3. It is lovely. And finally, here today, some rain.

    Comment by Z | October 9, 2011 | Reply

  4. *Laughing*. It’s a splendid piece of architecture but it does get around a bit Rog. There’s one at Rugely too and the canal goes round and round it like a moth to a flame. Every other view has assorted sizes of power station looming over it.

    The Ridgeway is definitely steeped Tim. History, superstition, magic and the feeling that you could just step off down onto the plain. One of the best places for blowing unwanted stuff out of your head.

    Yes, rain here too Z. Yesterday, a tremendous squall blowing up in seconds out of a clear sky. It was rather wonderful : )

    Comment by letouttoplay | October 9, 2011 | Reply

  5. Oh it’s a darn near full moon and it’s lovely out. Has been all weekend. So lovely that Bug got photos taken with the changing leaves and went park visiting as opposed to Nana visiting. Ah well…..next week, maybe.

    AT! Great word!

    Great fun chasing the little boogers as they figure out ‘mobile’, huh? 😉

    Oh, but lovely photos in the morning light, through windows and the rear view mirror.
    I try with not so good luck. I’m too busy pointing and ooooh-ing to shoot the camera.

    It’s okay no camera was in your hand for the ‘At’. Ewww….
    ….just sayin’……

    Comment by Mel | October 10, 2011 | Reply

  6. I’m sure park visiting is a good thing in it’s place Mel. But not, surely, a sufficiently good alternative to Nana visiting.
    We had a full moon too but mostly clouded at night whenever I looked.

    Comment by letouttoplay | October 10, 2011 | Reply

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