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Musings on luck and apricots and ordinary things like that.

I went to the pub this evening (that was Sunday actually) and spent a happy hour or two talking about gardens (my lovely friend, the gardener), apricot trees, (Sheree, the paramedic who may have the only surviving apricot tree from Naxos after an apricot tree disaster*),  Edgar and his delightful companion, Honey (a spaniel) who looks a lot like him,  the weather (if you go to an English pub and you don’t discuss the weather at least once, it may be that you are not, in fact, in an English pub), hedgehogs (Barney and Dave discovered a mother and four babies in their last load of reed*), cats and baby birds and then baby birds in general together with feeding  and rescuing of them from various disasters, food (ditto English pubs above), drinking and late nights – well we were in a pub after all.

There was more.  The rain drizzled gently outside and it was mild, green, English and summery in that way that only England is (actually I have absolutely no evidence that this is true – I’m sure lots of places have Summers which are equally prone to drizzle and green-ness).  It was just all rather nice.  And our friend who has cancer (previously mentioned) was there too and having survived the near fatal experience of his first round of Chemo (bad reaction, diorrhoea and dehydration) was looking quite well and rather endearingly fluffy –  Regrowth after initial hair loss.

On the way home, lovely gardener and I saw a tiny rodent, perhaps a shrew or a vole cross the road incredibly fast, I saw pigeons and sparrows and martins and maybe a distant kestrel, hunting.  Leaves turned and silvered in the rain and wind and I gave thanks for the myriad accidents and choices that led me to this place at this time with these friends.

A couple of days earlier it was still sunny and I came home from baby minding across the Ridgeway.

It seems a bit soon somehow but it’s already babyminding day again tomorrow.  So I’d bettter get some sleep.  It will be a busy day.

Goodnight.  May the rain be gentle and kind to your gardens and the sun open all your flowers (but not all at once you know, just a few at a time so you can have colours all year round)

*It’s a good story.  She went to Naxos on holiday and came home with a bag of apricots.  Illegal of course but not noticed at customs.  The family planted apricot stones all over the garden, more for fun and educative purposes than in any expectaion of growing trees and miraculously, one did grow into a tree which bore fruit.  Some years later, they learned that a blight had struck and killed all the apricot trees in Naxos and this year they are returning with a bag of stones from their tree to give to Naxos in the hope that they will grow there.  Could anything be more serendipitous?

*Still there and doing well I understand.  Since the reed came from Devon, I suppose these are Devon hedgehogs. I hope they can cope with Berkshire traffic.


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  1. Bless your heart.
    And bless the heart of that apricot smuggler. Wow what a story she has to tell!

    And how well you told yours.
    I send prayers and positive thoughts to your healing friend–and the simple wish of peace.

    What a gorgeous photo–could be here except for the hedgerows.

    (can you email hedgehogs?)

    Comment by Mel | June 8, 2011 | Reply

  2. oh, I love hedgehogs!

    I really enjoyed my trip to the pub, thank you. . . I must get out more often!!

    very interesting about the apricots, have they shared that already with the Naxos locals? I’d love the arrival of the replenishing apricots to be welcomed by town twinning or something similar

    Comment by english inukshuk | June 9, 2011 | Reply

  3. ooooh, don’t quite know what happened there (but can’t think what I was going to add anyhow, so probably just as well)(I know! hugs and kisses)



    Comment by english inukshuk | June 9, 2011 | Reply

  4. It”s rather fabulous about the apricots isn’t it Mel and Inukshuk. Just out of curiosity I googled the apricot blight last night and couldn’t find any mention of it (except in some seriously technical and quite incomprehensible reports) so it’s possible that I’ve slightly exaggerated the widespreadness of the blight. But even if it was one farm or district it’s still pretty splendid : )

    Emailed hedgehogs Mel – now there’s an idea. Ours are actually in decline at the moment. I haven’t seen a live one this year yet but you used to see them trundling across the road practically every day. So extra happy about the ones nestling in Barney’s reed!

    Anything that you might have added would have been a delight Inukshuk – but hugs and kisses are always wonderful : ) ((((((((((((((Inukshuk)))))))))))))

    Comment by letouttoplay | June 9, 2011 | Reply

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