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Ikea me do

A week or so ago I went to Ikea.  Somehow I forgot to mention it at the time – odd because Ikea is not a forgettable experience.  Nor is it any of;  fun, entertaining, enjoyable, pleasurable, inexpensive.  Oh, yes the goods are remarkably inexpensive but along with the musack and the airless, moistureless and soundless atmosphere, there’s a kind of hypnotic compulsion to buy things there.  It invariably costs more than one had planned.

You swim along the tides of Ikea users, following the slightly tatty arrows on the floor because if you step off the imaginary conveyor belt you risk getting into a loop which will wind you round and round for ever and ever through dining rooms , chairs and kitchens with no escape but back to somewhere near the beginning.

Also, as you perambulate, whether or not you stick to the arrows, you pick things up.  Myself, I never remember doing it but without doubt, by the time I have arrived at the restaurant, thirsty and somewhat overwound, I seem to have a trolley with things in it.   Also, I always seem to have an incomprehensible list of items I still have to choose one of after I’ve entered the giant self service warehouse bit.  But though I have written copious information, I haven’t chosen – just added new possibilities to a list I brought with me.  And there’s still the market hall to negotiate.

Oh well, I brought home a flatpack, a glass, some other fairly useful things and two new kitchen knives.  I don’t need them but they really were beautifully sharp and elegant and balanced and are already showing off to the other knives – even the Japanese layered steel ones are failing to show their metal by comparison.  And the flatpack will open and unfold into a useful piece of stuff which will replace a heap of cardboard boxes and faux filing shelves.  Once I’ve got down to it that is.  Down on the knees those are.  Those knees which have got fatter and stiffer since I last Ikea-d myself into this situation.  See, I rather like Ikea flatpacks.  They always work and as long has you view the diagrams from the same viewpoint as the bits you are putting together they usually make sense.   Just, you really need to get down to it, on the floor, on the knees.

Speaking of knees…..

…..this could turn out to be a problem with new Grandbaby minding too.  I haven’t forgotten how to change a nappy but I had forgotten how much of the process is managed from a semi-kneeling position.  I had a bit of a practice the other day.  Fortunately, todays’ nappies work more efficiently than the earlier versions or I might still be on the floor with NGB.  She on the other hand seemed to be enjoying the whole business inordinately.  There was a good deal of chuckling, wriggling and wide-eyed interest. I’m told she really likes me which is, of course, good though I suspect a bit of useful flattery going on there.

It thundered tonight and is now fresh and damp out there.  But on the way home from baby minding, it was hot and windy and glorious with evening sun.  Nice  : )

Hope your knees are bearing up!


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  1. Oh, everything is so lush and green and clean and crisp looking!

    And the grand–just adorable. Made me laugh–which is a very good thing. STILL making me laugh, frankly. She’s a cutie..and such a happy one. Mom’s doing a stand up job–and g’ma ain’t doing bad either, even if it’s tough on the knees. Wait! It’ll get more interesting! *laughing* Bug goes like a bat outta hell and it’s all I can do to keep in front of her before the whole house goes upsidedown. LOVE every minute of it!

    Comment by Mel | May 7, 2011 | Reply

    • I am looking forward to the fast forward bit Mel – she already manages to move quite fast without any obvious means of locomotion. We spent a happy hour going round and round a mat on Wednesday : )
      As to the lush green, I’m just basking in it!

      Comment by letouttoplay | May 8, 2011 | Reply

  2. Ikea flatpacks drive me insane. There is always something missing. Ikea drives me still drives me mental and I haven’t been in one for over twenty years. I love the catalogues because everything looks so great especially the furniture you can fill with a million books but when you get it all home you wonder if they photoshopped the sizes. Rant, rant, sorry, mediterrenean winds…

    Comment by rosie | May 7, 2011 | Reply

    • I believe the ‘books’ along with all the other non-ikea stuff displayed in the catalogues are made of cardboard Rosie : )
      Catalogues! I gave them up when I finally made myself believe that those women were really not the same shape as me – and no amount of elegant buying would make me look like them. At least you can measure houses and shelves!

      Comment by letouttoplay | May 8, 2011 | Reply

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