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Over the Edge

We spent the weekend on Barney’s brother’s (1/12th of a) boat*, on the Lllangollen canal.

There were a few bridges of course and water flowed under them.

On this blue and green morning in Ellesmere, there was a tree house.

And inevitably there were reflections- with condensation.

We had a fabulous drive up, avoiding the M6 and instead driving through the Vale of Evesham.  The light and the weather in both directions was absolutely stunning and made me wish that we didn’t have to arrive anywhere on time but the journeys were enlivened considerably by passing a number of place names which desrve to be recorded.  For instance, Quatt (where we found a farm shop which sold delicious pies and amazingly large breakfast sausages which we had for breakfast the following morning on the boat).  We also passed Wyre Piddle, Peopleton (close to Wolverton which must once have been a source of anxiety for the people of Peopleton), Pinvin, Wigwig, Atch Lench and Sherrifs Lench as well as Church Lench, Rous Lench and Abbots Lench.

We drove close by the Wrekin on the opposite side from last time (and close to, it was very large and imposing) and went through Much Wenlock, which one assumes might be close to Wenlock Edge, immortalised by AE Houseman and Vaughan Williams and frequented, so we’re told, by the ghosts of Ippikin, who will push you over the edge if you say the wrong thing and of a horse belonging to Major Thomas Smallman, who, to save important dispatches from a pursuing horde of Roundheads during the Civil War,  leapt his horse off the edge (200 feet high).  The horse, alas, died but Major Smallman was saved by landing in an apple tree and presumably delivered his dispatches safely.  And if you’ll believe that you probably believe all sorts of interesting things – do let me know.

On the homeward trip, we enjoyed the place names all over again and were treated to the sight of an enormous, pale orange moon, wreathed in violet grey cloud and infuriatingly looming over a long long windy stretch of road with a 50mph speed limit and double lines all along its length – no place to stop.  So no pictures of any of these wonders.   I may have to return, slowly, stopping and diverging often from the main road.

But not wishing to deprive anyone of moons, here is this one which looks a little like a diseased orange.  Quite a big orange though.

*Not the same boat as that of which we own 1/12th but another one – the inspiration for our venture in fact.

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