Life, photos but not the universe

Taking the weekend off.

Phew!  Coffee!

I needed that.

I looked at a facebook link today – apparently I have messages waiting.   I may have mentioned before that I don’t like facebook – the interface confuses me and I find it only too easy to get lost.  Also I’ve heard a lot about ways in which personal details can be handed merrily around the universe if you use any of its games and things and I must say, the first thing that I saw today was pages and pages of people I might know who have mutual ‘friends’ on facebook.  So many that I couldn’t scroll to the bottom of the page to look for  a way out of it.  All people I’ve never heard of of course (except a large number of a certain very large family to which I am rather tenuously linked).  And no exit on the page anywhere.

Oh I can see the atraction – nowhere is the the universalness of the web more clearly demonstrated.  Clearly I’m not a universal type!  My hair stood on end – oh well to be fair it was doing that anyway, it’s one of those mornings.

Anyway, to see my messages and get out of facebook I had to close the page, open another one and search several baffling options.

Meanwhile, every so often I get messages saying that some complete stranger wants to link with me on Yahoo.  My only reason for using Yahoo is because you have to have an account to join Flickr.  So I delete them with a small apology in case they are actually people I’d like to link with if only I knew who they were.  Oh and if I knew what linking on Yahoo entails – or even means.

Ok.  Grumble over.  The sun isn’t visiting today but that’s good because I seem to have suddenly acquired a large number of tasks to be done before tomorrow.

But here’s a few sunny bits and bobs

And now I ought to make dinner and be organised.  Hard, that last bit – today I ‘mislaid’ my glasses (not the same ones as last time) and then spent several minutes crossly trying to get my remote key to unlock someone else’s car.  Didn’t work.  Fortunately, before getting cross enough to kick it, I noticed that the stuff on the front seat didn’t belong to me.  I blame facebook.

Have a lovely weekend – see you when I get back.


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  1. I’m laughing.

    NOT for any other reason besides I KNOW this. I know this WELL.

    Not Facebook stuff–but remotes not working on someone else’s car. Been that, done that–didn’t realize it until I noted the aerial didn’t have my little candy corn with ears on it.

    Yes…..I have a Mickey Mouse Candy Corn on the aerial of the car. :-/
    G’head…..LOL YOUR turn to laugh!

    Go have fun. Take photos so I can keep drooling over what’s not quite found us yet….

    Right – candy corn (what’s that?) with ears on – Oh but where’s my aerial?
    We can laugh together Mel – the whole thing gets sillier and sillier as we get further behind the younger (wiser?) generation. Much and profound gratitude to the internet for bringing us together : )

    Comment by Mel | April 14, 2011 | Reply

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