Life, photos but not the universe

Come for a walk?

There must be an easier way to reach the church than through a wooden fence, laced with barbed wire, on top of a bank and through the overhanging branches of  a beech tree?

The sunshine of the last three or four days is becoming patchy and might go away soon.  There’s still blossom everywhere and the daffs, celandines and violets are out.  Also an unusual number of Wood Anenomes Amenones Anemones* which I love.

So after the last few days, my feet hurt, my back aches and my camera batteries are all flat.  And I seem to have encountered a number of brambles.   All worth it in the interests of being out in the sun.  Yay!

Quick, before it goes away again.

Got to go in search of magnolia now.  Enjoy the walk : )

*Spellcheck hasn’t heard of them but offered me Amenones.  What on earth are they?**

**”Any one of numerous species of soft-bodied Anthozoa, belonging to the order Actrinaria; an actinian”.  Oh but wait – those are Sea Anemones aren’t they?

“Sea Anemone.
Phylum: Cnidaria
Class: Anthozoa
Sub Class: Hexacorallia
Order: Actiniaria
Family: Stichodactylidae”


Edit:  And then I spelt it wrong!  Would maybe be best just to call them little white flowers with yellow middles.

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  1. lovely walk – thanking you!

    I saw on the news today that this gorgeous warm spell of sunshine has brought on the bluebells earlier than usual. . . I wonder if any of your woods have that ethereal haze over the ground

    I do so love the spring flowers – can still remember the cowslips on Leckhampton Hill in Cheltenham

    thank you for a wonderful breath of freash country air


    (I always get so confused about anemones!!)

    Oh! cowslips! I forgot them. Last year I found a patch of them, apparently still growing wild and I’m blowed if I can remember where! The bluebells are just beginning to show but aren’t hazy yet.
    I used to remember anemones by saying ‘an enemy’ but I’m not sure now if that was the wrong pronunciation or the right one. I just know they’re not amenones cos they’re like ammonites see? Hmm.

    Pretty aren’t they : )

    Comment by english inukshuk | April 13, 2011 | Reply

  2. Cowslips! What a cute name for the little things.
    And thank you for braving the barbed wire–nuisance that it can be.

    *scratching head* I think it’s suppose to deter me from entering.

    *laughing* NOT that it works! 😉

    Cowslips. WANT some–if even just for the name!

    If they last the weekend Mel, I’ll post some.
    I found there was an easier way than barbed wire – like going back to the road and walking down to the gate. But I did get distracted by a footpath on the way.

    Comment by Mel | April 14, 2011 | Reply

  3. I see things have evolved here since I last dropped in. Finding your way to that church is a telling metaphor for navigation about your new Playground. But if I concentrate hard and not waste my time looking out of the window I expect I shall find my way about.

    Well you do seem to have managed to get this far Christopher – that’s got to be a good sign?

    Comment by Christopher | April 16, 2011 | Reply

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