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Recently I have been reminded of a film – Marathon Man it was called.  I don’t know if you remember it?   I think Dustin Hoffman was in it and it involved torture by dentistry.  I’ve no idea what happened during or after the dentistry bit as I declined to watch any more.

Late last night after a series of increasingly ferocious and unpredictable attacks of what I can only describe as extreme toothache, interspersed with a kind of sullen, nagging ache, it suddenly all went away.

I had been counting the minutes (hundreds of them) to my next permitted dose of paracetamol and considering abandoning my early morning appointment and just ringing the emergency dentists and demanding instant removal of the dragon in my mouth plus a general anaesthetic and a generous supply of some kind of extreme narcotic.  (Because I am a complete wuss about pain.)

Deeply suspicious of the sudden quiescence of the raging monster, I went to the mirror and peered thoughtfully at it.  It seemed to have grown longer  (I wondered briefly if I’d taken an extra dose of paracetamol by mistake and was hallucinating, or even already in a coma, and imagining the whole thing).

Daringly, I poked at it and it leaned sideways a bit.  No pain.  After a minute, I took hold of it, very very oh so very gently, just to see how firmly it was held in place.  The answer seemed to be, not at all!  It came out!  (it come off in me ‘and M’m.)  I can only assume that all that had been holding it there was a nerve, which had finally given way.

So, I have been spared a visit to the dentist, several hours spent trying to locate things like half a numb tongue and the insensible inside of a face, and several days of tenderness and a diet of yoghurt, bananas and soup.  No mess, no dribbling and no trying to speak without being able to form more than half a word at a time.  I am so lucky!

Sometimes I wonder if in an unguarded moment I might once have made a pact with some sort of devil.  How else to account for my problem having solved itself without any outside assistance?

Anyway, the hour of departure is now not quite but nearly upon us.  Which is alarming because every time I decide to nip next door and ask them to mind the house, feed the cat and check the mail, I see them setting off in their car before I have time to rush out and intercept!  But Mrs next door might still be in.  Meanwhile I’ve been engaged in a flurry of laundry, charging of various batteries and serious thought about food.

Probably I won’t be able to connect to the internet while I’m away so I shall leave you with a picture from a previous canal trip.

Hoping for sunshine for us all while  I’m away – I feel sure we’re all due for some!

Have fun – don’t be too good : )



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  1. *snickering* “don’t be too good”?!

    This from the woman who made a pact with the devil. *chuckling*

    I love you dearly!
    But I will NEVER be “too good”………cease worry about that immediately–and enjoy the adventures.

    I KNOW you’ll be graced with sunshiney days.
    How’s that for optimism?!
    Yeah, well, I don’t ‘know’ but I wanna trust that you will….so…….

    Safe journey.
    Glad that pact with the devil paid off..for now……. LOL And as much as I’m relieved for the pain and the tooth to have been remedied, I gotta wonder what payment #2 on that pact is gonna look like……

    NO worries. I’m sure it’s ‘paid in full’ just having to put up with the likes of all of us. *laughing!*

    Safe journey, ma’am!

    Your optimism was sound Mel. We were graced and shone upon and even, it was warm some of the time! What more could one ask. And I feel quite content with my pact. Who knows – maybe I paid already?
    Anyway, I’m glad you’re not going to be too good – not that I’d ever accuse you of any such thing : )

    Comment by Mel | March 18, 2011 | Reply

  2. Happy travels. And I hope they aren’t too marked by poking the tip of your tongue gingerly into unexplored cavities.

    No gingerliness needed Christopher, thank you. Except, canals being designed the way they are, a certain amount of stiffness in the back, arms and wrists after a couple of days winding lock paddle gear.

    Comment by Christopher | March 18, 2011 | Reply

  3. the weather has been lovely – which devil was it? Can I have his number?

    I wish I could remember Linda! If I do, I’ll let you know.

    Comment by Linda | March 20, 2011 | Reply

  4. hope you’re having fun!

    (that dental story had me shuddering. . .)


    Had lots of fun thank you Inukshuk and I’m sorry about the shudders – but it’s a thing about dental stuff that once it’s over you wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! Something to do with the shuddering I suppose?

    Comment by english inukshuk | March 23, 2011 | Reply

  5. SO GLAD for you that your tooth issue solved itself!
    Have a good trip!

    Thank you Betty – we did : )

    Comment by Betty | March 23, 2011 | Reply

  6. Hope you’re having a great time. I also hope you brought some rum or the like with you to swirl around in your mouth to ward of any infection the offending tooth may have left behind.
    Do you have any of those pain pills leftover? They’re great when NOT in pain you know. At least that’s what I’ve been told, (I never tried them).
    Take care and be well.

    Peace, hopefully

    Didn’t get as far as pain pills ‘Man, the whole thing sorted itself before I could go begging for them. We did have rum though – for lacing the coffee when it got cold rather than for application to sore parts. (Have to say, I’ve always swirled with hot salty water rather than alcohol which inflames the parts other liquids stay away from. I’m not saying it’s nice but it does work!)
    Peace was plentiful – nothing like a village mooring under a rookery for making you appreciate peace when the rooks finally go to sleep!

    Comment by Spadoman | March 23, 2011 | Reply

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