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Random day

I spent most of yesterday on my own and therefore, talking to myself.  As a result, I can’t remember a thing either of me said.   Mostly, I was wrestling with making a card for our anniversary  (37 years of variable wedded bliss).  Having completely cocked up the printing arrangements the night before and having also failed to save an adjustable version, I had to go back to the beginning and make a new one. It has me and Barney looking at each other in a ghostly way across a starry sky and is quite tasteful, I think.  Before next year, I must be sure to try and take some really nice photos of him!  For some reason, I seem to be the only person in the world who can’t get a decent happy picture of my own husband even though he is one of the most photogenic creatures imaginable.

Our guests at the weekend brought some hyacinths in a pot and as soon as everyone left, they (the hyacinths, not the visitors*)  burst into fragrant flower, really, overnight.  Over the years I have occasionally flirted with assorted room smelly stuff, by far the most successful being a small selection of aromatherapy oils in those nice pots with a tealight underneath and a little dish for the oil on top.  They don’t hold a candle to the real scent of hyacinths though.  I’m glad I don’t have any allergies to pollen.

It’s going to be a busy year.  As 1/12th owners of a boat, we have 1/12th of a year’s worth of weeks to spend on it.  It seems to me that we have hardly finished one week on the boat before the next is upon us.  Perhaps I’m exaggerating a bit?  Anyway, March is being quite leonine at the moment so I’m hoping for some stormy skies and flashes of brilliant Spring sunlight. (A bit like today but maybe a little warmer). Ooh and a bit of burgeoning green!    And I’m trying to work out which single set of clothes I will wear all week** since the storage space on the boat doesn’t allow for multiple choices!

Also, I noticed the computer doing one or two odd things over the last few days so I’m industriously backing up.  And while it was chuntering, I’ve read the sequel**** to ‘The Name of the Wind which impressed me a great deal two or three years ago when I first read it.  Trouble is, finishing it has left me with nothing to take on the boat and I need something large and absorbing but put-downable.  I’m tentatively investigating War and Peace.  I’ve never even considered reading it before but I used to like Solzhenitsyn?  And it is big and, so far, quite put-downable.  (I find Russian novels have a similar effect to that which I get from playing Bartók.  After a while I can’t understand normal English writing or play normal music in any language). A big fat read is what I require.  Um, Tom Jones?  Eminently put-downable I seem to recall from A level.

Aha!  I looked at some lists.  Dante!  And failing him, Dickens.  Or George Eliot.

While the sun shone I thought I’d get out quick and found some new woods in which to wander.  Some time after meeting an acquaintance in a landrover with whom I had a brief chat about shooting Bambi (he had a somewhat whimsical turn of phrase for a man with a gun I thought) I went elsewhere and Oh look!  I shot Bambi!  (He’s not really a Bambi but a Muntjac.  Still, though I don’t much like Muntjac, I’m glad he was a long way from my friend with the gun).

And now I think I have to tidy up and go to bed.

Sleep well.

*Well I don’t know about the visitors obviously but it seems unlikely

**probably you’re aware of the last law of packing*** which states that the more choices of clothing you take on holiday, the fewer will actually be appropriate to wear at anytime during the holiday.

***It’s the last law because it’s the one you discover long after you have finished packing and  have arrived at your destination.

****Strictly, it’s not a sequel but the second part of a trilogy.

A fairly giant book about a young wizard and how myths develop and how magic could be studied and stuff like that.  I love all that.  Very detailed, very well constructed and full of quite gripping adventures and plots and characters.   Plenty of social comment and complexity with a splendid cast of enigmatic and devilish enemies to investigate.  Refreshingly unaffected writing style.  Fantasy has moved a long way since LOTR burst onto our bookshelves. The sequel is as good as the first book and I suppose I’ll have to wait another two or three years for the final part of the trilogy.  I’m not recommending it unless you’re also fond of fantasy – it’s firmly set inside that genre and it’s quite dark, so far.  But head and shoulders above most of the rubbish on the SF shelves in bookshops and if the last volume is as carefully written as the first two it will be worth waiting for.


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  1. Oh, thank goodness Mr. IhaveagunandI’mnotafraidtoshootit went his way as he did. *whew* I’da been very sad….

    Oh, but what great twists! And green. Mig–you have GREEN!
    *sigh* I soooooo miss green. And this weekend, when I was just starting to see patches of earth–more snow happened. RAWR!!!! But–spring will come. And until then I’ll live vicariously through what you capture for us–and dream of those moments (k…..maybe not the ‘one outfit part) on the boat with the gorgeous skies and wondrous waters.

    And definitely ‘War and Peace’ is a ‘put it down’ book. There’s just so much I can take before it’s put down….LOL I muddled through it–if *I* can, you can! 😉

    The thing is Mel, do I want to? I can’t decide if life’s too short for WAP : )
    We only have tiny green shoots so far – it’s more a sort of maybe green than the whole deal but anyway, I noticed while I was out chasing Bambi there were no sounds of gunshot so I’m guessing Mr not-afraid-to-use-it didn’t get a chance : )

    Comment by Mel | March 11, 2011 | Reply

  2. hmmmmmmmmm. . . so taken with that wonderful photo that I’ve completely forgotten what it was I was going to say



    : ) I think I forgot several things when I was taking it too Inukshuk. I quite often see them in the woods but rarely close enough to get a photo.

    Comment by english inukshuk | March 11, 2011 | Reply

  3. How wonderfully conversational this post is today. Thanks, I needed that. My olfactory ceased functioning a couple of years ago. I don’t smell flowers unlessi press my nose right into them. A visit to your place would have me standing near the vase and leaning over often if the scent is as you describe. You wouldn’t mind, would you?
    After years of packing too much stuff, and most I never use, for motorcycle trips, I finally just don’t pack it anymore and use the philosophy that I can always buy clean socks and underware along the way if needed. (Was that appropriate, to say ‘underware’ here? Is this a family blog?)
    You take and post wonderful photos. I really ike these forest shots. Some day I want to weave a life size Dream Catcher in the woods, maybe in the trees along a highway, a work of art that stretches for miles.
    How nice to make a card. My spousal unit has a birthday later this month. I’ll try to remember to do something besides cook and make a cake.


    Have fun on the boat and enjoy the greening.

    You’re welcome to come and smell my flowers any time ‘Man : )
    (Underwear – no problem. All the family use it after all).
    I wanted to make a woods sized dream catcher out of willow switches a few years back but I couldn’t for the life of me work out how the willow should be woven to make the net. And I guess I ran out of steam too. We have a huge oak by our gate and I wanted to hang one there with feathers from the fields and found objects and maybe a few family things. It’s still a dream : ) If you ever make yours by the highway, post a photo? I’d love to see such a thing.

    Comment by Spadoman | March 11, 2011 | Reply

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