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Um… No title. Head empty, no one in today

I should have been cuddling a small delicious person at this moment and possibly visiting the bead shop just down the road from Mrs Middle’s house.

Instead, I’m languishing.  I can’t take what I’ve got to Mrs and Little Middle – it’s all very well babies acquiring immunities but think of the nappies!  So I’m here again and not best pleased about it.  I do have a large list of things to be done.  Today will be as good as any other  in which to get started I suppose.  Meanwhile, the light outside has brightened making the oak tree bark a kind of silvered grey though the clouds remain unbroken so I’m really not sure if this is a suggestion that the sun might come out or if the silvery look means more rain.  Also, Amazon have emailed me to say a book I pre-ordered now won’t be published till 2012 so I’m not expecting that to arrive any minute.

I think I’ll have a shower.  And another coffee, since I don’t suppose there’s any point in eating.  And a large glass of water – to stop my brain cell dehydrating.

Oh!  That is the sun!

Jolly good.

Meanwhile, since home publishing is somewhat on my mind, I’ve reread Mrs Middle’s wonderful book of short stories* which, regrettably, isn’t on a site like Blurb, to which I could have posted a link , but it does occur to me that it could be.  However, she’ll have to change the title.  It’s presently the same as that of  a collection of short stories by one  Jeffery Archer and her book would suffer by association!

One of the stories has been published though, in this book, which may also suffer through association with such a notoriously trashy newspaper and doesn’t deserve to.  It’s a quite arresting story.  I’m sorry, there doesn’t seem to be a link anywhere to the story itself.

And here are swans seen through the bridge that crosses the Kennet and Avon canal in Newbury.

Totally irrelevant  really.

When I saw this, I naturally thought of Christopher.   Wish I’d seen it a couple of days ago when I began this post.

*Wiping away tears of laughter and delight and going back for another look*

See you tomorrow.

*It was a Christmas present for me.  And I’m very pleased that I really have kept it in a place which is both safe and easily discoverable – right in front of the computer in fact, where I also keep another treasure, a tiny book bound and covered by a dear Blog friend.

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  1. really love the swans thru the bridge. . .


    can’t think what else I was going to write now as I’m totally entranced with your book!!!


    Oh but do watch the video link Inukshuk – it’s utterly even more entrancing than a book! A recipe for instant happiness I promise

    Comment by english inukshuk | March 4, 2011 | Reply

  2. Fascinating! This little chap’s certainly got something, hasn’t he? (And a lot more than I have!) Thanks so much – as you say, instant happiness!

    It seems to me he must have been regularly watching a live conductor Christopher. Perhaps his father or another close relative. It’s so enchanting the way he occasionally scowls at the orchestra and turns to different sections (even if it does seem that the cellos and violins change places once or twice). And the little staccato bits are just fabulous – especially when he changes hands : ) Perhaps not so much thinking “which hand” as “why not this one for a change”. Above all, the joyousness is marvelous.

    Comment by Christopher | March 4, 2011 | Reply

  3. Awwww…….it’s the joyousness! He’s a keeper!! What a fun kiddo.
    He could come and we’d share the baton! (ha…..methinks he wouldn’t be too keen on that idea)

    Oh–and the photo–WOW!!!!!

    And the book.
    WOWOWOWOW!!!! 🙂

    Just for the record–I hope to have a ‘no brain use allowed’ weekend…..the WHOLE weekend! 😀

    I definitely had a no brain weekend Mel. Looking for it now, I know I keep it around here somewhere : )
    Isn’t the little conductor just the best tonic!

    Comment by Mel | March 5, 2011 | Reply

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