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By any other name

I was going to have a rant but after I’d written most of it I got bored.

So what shall I do today?

Oh!  Dunno.  It seems my head is empty.  Odd that.  usually there’s plenty of fluff in there out of which I can fish the odd post.  Surely I’ve had some thoughts in the last few days?


Ah!  Rescued.

We’ve had our cars serviced and maintained at the same garage for the last fifteen years or so by Paul.  A helpful and friendly chap with a habit of beginning a sentence with “as I said” though in fact he hasn’t previously said what he is about to say.  We have enjoyed many a conversation about the weather, the roads, politics and  modern cars over the years on the short journey between his garage and my home.

Now, he and Barney call each other Paul and Barney as men do but, possibly because Paul is an old fashioned type and I’m the lady of the pair or maybe because my accent bears traces of a middle upper class upbringing, he has never called me Mig.  Another probable reason is that he daren’t say it because it doesn’t sound like a proper name.  Once he’d got over calling me Mrs Bardsley, some ten years ago, he’s politely managed by calling me ‘you’ or not needing to use my name at all.  So when he called me today, and I called him back with some information he needed, I was quite pleased when he called me by name.  Except for a small detail.

Most people, when they get it wrong, say it as if I was a small, swarming, biting insect (of which they have many in Scotland) instead of pronouncing me as if I were a Russian jet fighter, which is correct (if a little too flattering; there is no way in which I resemble any kind of jet plane) .  A fair number of people pick up most of the name phonetically but not believing that they’re hearing right, transform the last consonant into two other consonants which make more sense to them (though there must be a momentary gender confusion).

Now I have a social dilemma.  Should I put him right, in which case I strongly suspect I’ll go back to being ‘you’?  Or should I simply be grateful that he’s finally dared the barrier and let him call me Mick for evermore?

Life can be so complicated sometimes.  It would be so much easier if I had been christened Rose instead of Marguerite.

Also, if I hadn’t married a Bardsley.  Variations on the spelling have included Barguley, Bardfley, Bardlsey, Bardoly and Barabbaly as well as the less adventurous Barkley. But the prize goes to the charity which annually sends us a request addressed to Bauble Eye Brown.

Moving  on to lunch (I’m hungry), I watched Hugh Eat-it-all Whittington and Dear Jamie talking about fish the other day and as a result, have found it necesssary to check out the sustainability and environmental  responsibility of John West’s tiny tins of tuna* which Barney likes for a quick snack when he comes home.  Sadly, John West are rated the worst of the major tuna suppliers investigated by Greenpeace in 2008**.  So I was about to tell Barney that he’s just have to make do with bigger tins since no one else sells the tiny tins. Only, the big tins that I knew were hiding on the shelf in the larder, turned out to be John West’s.  I am embarrassed.

Apart from a couple of large and embarrassing tins, I have no fish on offer so you’ll have to make do with ice and a duck feather.

Sleep well.

*I know I know.  The tins cannot be held responsible for their contents.  But I’m sure you knew what I meant.  And now I think about it, Barney doesn’t eat the tins, only the contents.

**Not only do they use some kind of evil technology which attracts turtles and sharks to their nets, they fish in overfished waters and catch a number of bigeye and yellowfin tuna which are both more endangered than skipjack tuna.  Sainsbury’s, amazingly, scored best for responsible fishing and although Waitrose weren’t mentioned in the survey they do at least claim to catch tuna with line and pole rather than the other methods.  (Oh and it’s possible that John West have improved their methods since this survey was done but if so, they don’t say so on their tins so it seems unlikely).

Just in case you’re interested, Greenpeace have a page devoted to sustainable fishing here.


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  1. Dear Mick,

    Take comfort. You’re by no means alone, not just in experiencing a friendly anonymity when use of your first name would be over-familiar and use of your surname would be over-formal, but in people making a complete hash of calling you anything. Parents’ notes to teachers provide prime examples.


    Crisp Camblowz (aka Crumblehurst)

    Oh crisp and crumbly one, I appreciate your understanding : )
    Doctors are good too, on paper, but understanding their limitations, rarely address one by name. (At least, not in our surgery – perhaps in more trendy places?)

    Comment by Christopher | March 1, 2011 | Reply

  2. ((((((((((( Mick )))))))))))))

    I like Mick.
    It’s a nice name. 🙂

    Mel, it is a fine name, an excellent name, a worthy name. For anyone to whom it belongs.
    Much too good for me – I’ll keep my own (except when I’m getting the car fixed of course)
    I’ll take the hugs with me when I next see Paul

    Comment by Mel | March 1, 2011 | Reply

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