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Yay! I’ve got my fiddle back

I left my fiddle with my fiddle wizard while we were on holiday and asked him (his employee actually) to replace its old and slightly bent bridge with a new one.  While checking it over, his employee discovered a crack across the peg box which a) might account for it going out of tune a lot recently and b) required urgent treatment if the whole thing wasn’t to fall apart without warning.  Not enormously expensive said the lad when I asked how much it might cost.  Nervously (having some idea of what this particular kind of repair means in terms of hours and difficulty I asked what his idea of not enormously expensive might be.  Oh not much more than £500 he said.


Well it had to be done.  But it seems the young employee erred on the expensive side.  When it was ready, it turned out to be only £130.  Oh and as I was about to leave, the same lad said, some time when you don’t need it for a week you might want that bridge replaced?  Well yes.  I might.

But it’s lovely to have it back and the worrying rattle has gone and it seems to be staying in tune better.  And it sounds quite happy after the gluing and bushing and cleaning.

But I’m too cold to play it and it’s too cold to type so I decided to fill up the bird feeders.  It’s a matter for constant astonishment how much those birds eat!  If we fill the feeders in the morning, they’re empty by lunch time.  The cost of keeping the seeds and peanuts and fat balls topped up is not to be considered and now there’s the goldfinch seed as well.  Those goldfinches had just better come in flocks that’s all I can say. (That’s why I’m sitting here at the chilly computer again – I want goldfinches to appear RIGHT NOW!  And I can see the feeder from here.)

I wonder how they’ll find out that we have niger seed out for them.  Will they smell it?  Will the blue tits tell them or will they just hear the pigeons complaining that there’s some new fangled black seed at Number x which they don’t like?

I wonder if we should consider an extension to the bird bath?

And maybe strengthen the landing stage.

I ate too much dinner*.  Time to sleep it off.  See you soon.

*It was the leftover Love Tub Caramel Pudding that did the damgage.

(Update: Still no Goldfinches.  Maybe I should leave a trail of niger seed all across the fields and hedgerows to lead them to our garden)


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  1. My heart is there for you.
    I recently took the young “manchilds” Tenor saxophone for a tuning..
    and wanted to faint from the cost.
    All those delicate bits on an instrument..
    I am sure that soon the weather will warm up and the wind and ALL those ravenous birds will be serenaded by your lovely playing…

    Funny how those Menchilds always go for the brass, Illuminary : ) (My Eldest played trumpet. Astonishing volume of noise produced by extremely small person).

    Comment by ☼Illuminary☼ | February 25, 2011 | Reply

  2. Do you not think leftover Love Tub Caramel Pudding would be the ultimate enticement for the goldfinches?

    (And your rattle-free playing, of course.)

    Oh what a shame I finished it all Christopher. On the other hand considering what it did to my stomach, if the goldfinches ate it I might be done by the RSPCA for causing innocent birds to founder under the weight of syrupy caramel and fluffy sponge. Best that I suffered.

    Comment by Christopher | February 25, 2011 | Reply

  3. Oh, well….that explains it.

    The goldfinches are boycotting the feeders because SOMEone ate all the Love Tub Caramel Pudding. (and they ain’t buying the RSPCA excuse—smart birdies as they are….)

    Try the rattle free playing. I’m sure that’ll bring ’em in!

    Oh…..and INCOMING!!!!! Gotta love the landing gull!
    And the bathing swan ain’t bad either…wowsers!!!!

    I’m sticking to my guns Mel. Caramel Pudding would be too much for the little things. It was my duty to prevent them overindulging.

    Comment by Mel | February 26, 2011 | Reply

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