Life, photos but not the universe


Last week the potato masher broke and was promptly forgotten, till last night when I was about to mash potatoes.  After a fruitless and increasingly grumpy search for it I recalled its final demise (it’s been a bit loose and shaky around the handle for a long time)  and proceeded to confirm a truth I’d suspected for a long time – as long as we’ve had a potato masher – which is that  potato mashers don’t do the job as well as a fork.  The holes are too big.  And, if you want a bit of foody folly, the masher flattens the air out of the potatoes while the fork merely breaks them up and even lifts them a little.

Barney likes a potato masher though so I’ll get a new one.  But I might go back to the good old way myself.   (Hark at the old biddy : )

Anyway, I was thinking of having the left over, excellent, light fluffy mash for breakfast with MnX but Barney beat me to it (by a couple of hours – we rarely breakfast together as mine is usually closer to lunch than breakfast) and ate all the potato so I had MnX on toast instead.  And the X, very briefly, tasted like eggs used to taste when I was a little girl.  They were those Burford Browns’ eggs which Waitrose sell ( I buy them as a special treat now and then) and which always have the most gloriously orange/yellow yolk.

If you’re wondering why this maundering on about minutiae of daily life it’s partly because I’m reading a book called the Trout Opera, which is written moment by moment (though with much more style and lyricism than I can), and mainly because I don’t want to sort out the washing.

The Trout Opera now.  I’m not totally enthralled yet but who could resist such a title?  And then after noticing that this is a free uncorrected book proof, not for sale‘, wonder how it came to be in Oxfam.  It does in fact begin with the staging of an opera about trout* in the town of Dalgety in Australia but as a prologue, there’s a visit to the town by two Townies, in search of a historical old man, and the Snowy River is introduced.  And long ago, I used to read and reread, with absolute devotion, Elyne Mitchell’s Silver Brumby books, staged on the banks of the Snowy River and among the mountains.  I still think of snow gums and bogongs and sallees as if they were familiar old friends, recalled intimately as if I’d lived with them though I’ve never even met any**.

Anyway, a friend has just sent me a link to these photos .  Extraordinary and beautiful.  But also, don’t those pics of the lit up world at night make you think just a little of how the Earth might have looked when it was being formed, aeons ago and its surface ran with fire and magma?  How can people see photos like this and doubt that humankind is truly affecting the atmosphere in a huge way?

(I looked at these last night and was mesmerised by a comment argument on the existence of God which ran to about 12 pages of heated and often insulting exchanges of views.    One commenter complained (repeatedly and with increasing capitalisation) that the astronaut failed to mention Israel and it occurred to me that there were no photos of North America, China or whatever they now call the area once occupied by the USSR.  Censorship for security reasons?  Who says the sight of Earth from the heavens strikes us dumb with awe!***)

I won’t post any photos.  The whole of Earth is enough for one day.

Oh well.  Back to the Trout Opera.

*And who could resist such a theme?

**Spellcheck had a small fit over all those delicious words and painted my text red!

***Yeah yeah.  Me too, rabbit rabbit rabbit.

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  1. Okay……what’s MnX?!

    It’s makin’ me nutz.
    Although……..after seeing the photos–I’ll soon forget it.

    W O W ! ! ! !

    Yup–dunno the point of the argument, but thanks for the warning….I won’t bother with the comments and just stand in awe of the view……

    Ok Mel – you have to say the letters out loud
    OK, MNX
    (Only you have to imagine you have a funny accent where you say ’em instead of ‘am and ‘ess instead of yes. Oh and eff instead of ‘ave).
    The photos are quite amazing aren’t they : )

    Comment by Mel | February 20, 2011 | Reply

  2. those photos are incredible – I’m not sure which I like best, parts of the world at night, the wonders of nature or the amazingness of space. . .

    I can’t remember what else I was going to say now!!!!

    (probably no great loss)(something about pieces of kitchen equipment breaking recently)(see, no great loss!)

    Oh I hope it wasn’t a coffee machine! That’s a very great loss.
    Yes the photos are quite overwhelming I thought.

    Comment by english inukshuk | February 23, 2011 | Reply

  3. Can’t think of anything much to comment. Too overwhelmed by the photos, certainly, but also by the daftness of the comments, many of whose authors must have left the lights on all night.

    I have a friend who regularly sends me this kind of link Christopher and I frequently (and unwisely) find myself reading what other people are moved to say. Almost invariably I’m forced to recall another, quite sensible, friend who pointed out that if we had a referendum on the subject tomorrow, we’d probably have capital punishment voted back by a huge majority.
    (Hasten to add that I do my midnight typing by the light of the monitor. Ahem. Well, and one low watt super efficient lamp above the keyboard.)

    Comment by Christopher | February 24, 2011 | Reply

  4. Okay.

    I own it!

    <– had the lights on all night


    JUST fine!

    Oops! I just sat down leaving all the kitchen and hall lights on. Going to have to turn them all off now!
    Glad you’re ok with the MnX

    Comment by Mel | February 25, 2011 | Reply

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