Life, photos but not the universe


Firstly, it’s a virtue and that’s got to be good and is, of course, its own reward.

Secondly, it gives you time to consider.  Can be very good since the rewards may include new ideas, new information and not making people miserable.

Thirdly, there are times when it’s all you have at your disposal.  Not necessarily good but better than having an apoplexy while you’re waiting, arguing or struggling with the inevitable.

Fourthly, it can be a tool for getting what you want.  Perhaps this is bad, to use a virtue for your own ends?  Well I don’t think I mind being bad if it gets me where I want to be.

Of course there are times when impatience, though not a virtue, can be useful in all the other ways above mentioned although the risk of having an apoplexy mustn’t be forgotten (I really don’t want one of those).


Just thinking.

This is nice.  Rosina Wachtenmeister (see, thinking, sort of)

Anyway, I’m packing.  This requires neither patience nor impatience but much thought.  Suppose, for instance we have a really hot warm not very cold day.   Suppose all my five, very warm woollies get wet?  Is low sodium the same as reduced salt? (Mr Marvellous on a low salt? sodium? diet).   How much room is there for clothes/camera gear/boots?  What were they thinking of when they furnished the boat with carpets?????  (Summery days and gin and tonic on the deck I suppose – barefoot boating).

So I’ll be away for a while.  As usual, the neighbours will be feeding the cat and watching over stuff and various children will be dropping in and out while we are shivering on the banks of the canal.  But I’m sure it’ll be warm in the boat?

Keep warm wherever you are.

See you soon


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  1. Okay….. Rosina Wachtmeister IS nice. Very cool, actually. I enjoyed that, ty.
    And I’m enjoying knowing that it’s your patience we’re talkin’. LOL THANK you for not talkin’ MINE.

    Happy packing dearheart. I know you’ll have zackly what you need, whether you use it or not. OR–you’ll have an excuse to exit the boat and go shopping!
    Ohhhhhh…….a new thrift store adventure!!!!!! 🙂

    Safe journey! And good times on that 1/12th of yours boat!

    Thank you Mel, yes all safe and more than enough packing (by several bundles!)

    Comment by Mel | January 28, 2011 | Reply

  2. Happy travels! (I believe the Panama Canal has got a special offer on this weekend – if you hand in your washing at one end they’ll have it washed, ironed, crimped and darmed for you at the other.)

    – Thanks too for that quote from The Tempest the other day. I was so pleased to see it – coincidentally my settings of 14 Shakespeare songs (first UK performance in Ullapool – but where else? – on 6/5/11) are entitled ‘Songs and sweet airs’. No twangling, I’m afraid, but there are some owl-hoots here and there. Will this do?

    Owl hoots sounds perfect Christopher – but Ullapool? Where else? How about Newbury?
    We had twangling, on the boat!
    Oh and that special offer. If only I’d known!

    Comment by Christopher | January 28, 2011 | Reply

  3. If the weather stays sunny, and the sunsets spectacular~
    well then It’s all good.
    If not all those saved up patience will be good, for I have heard if you don’t like the weather in Britain, wait a bit, it will change!

    Well the weather did almost everything except snow and thunder Illluminary so it was good. And it changed regularly so it was all good (except the very cold gloomy bits : )

    Comment by ☼Illuminary☼ | January 29, 2011 | Reply

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