Life, photos but not the universe

two down, one to go

Things to which to look forward, that is.

Yesterday we had our first gig with our new concertina player.  And it went really well.  She’s learnt enough of our tunes to play for a whole evening and she played really well.  And I must say, so did the rest of us.  And that in spite of  missing Jan (who used to know how fast any dance should go* and had a flawless sense of timing) and also in spite of the discovery, when we arrived, that I didn’t have my music glasses with me.  Barney went home to fetch them and after searching the desk, the kitchen and the music room, drove over them where they’d fallen on the drive when we first left.  Amazingly, they were intact inside the pieces of crushed plastic case and though bent, still functioned, if a bit dizzily.

Then today, we went to New Gorgeous Babe’s christening.  It was held at the church where Mr and Mrs Middle got married (a good feeling of continuity there) and the Godparents duly rejected the Devil in ringing tones.

I had a moment of quiet pleasure when we arrived.  Being apostate – is that the word?***  I’ll look it up in a minute – we missed the preceding Mass and as we crept into the back of the church I could clearly hear my sister’s voice rising, not above but among, the voices of the choir and congregation.  She is a lovely singer and could have been a pro if she hadn’t been busy raising seven children (yes, Roman Catholic) two of whom are now pro singers themselves and one of whom is a rising opera star.  At least, so I’m told : )****

It was just nice to hear her sing.

Afterwards we went to an Italian restaurant and the, now holy, baby was passed around a happy crowd of friends and family so that Mrs Middle could eat pizza.  It was all very pleasant.  And the food was delicious too.

And the thing yet to come is of course our first week on Farndon.  It’s time we started gathering up our warm, waterproof clothing and thinking about large breakfasts and lots and lots of soup.

Oh oops.  I pressed publish instead of save draft.  Well I’ll add photos later.  There weren’t many, I was too busy.

*Very important because if we get the speed wrong, the dancers either get bored or fall over.**

**Really!  We once had a dancer fall right into the middle of us with a resounding crash.  He was a bit over the limit though.

***yes, definitely.  Both of us.

****Sophie Bevan.  If she is a rising star I’m proud to drop her name.  If not I’m still proud because she’s a terrific singer anyway.

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  1. Awwwww…..how wonderful for holy baby and for everyone!

    I can imagine walking into church and hearing my sister in the choir. But it would NOT be angelic sounding….LOL More like a cat caught in the wringer.

    Yes–I’ll tell her I said that. LOL

    Congratulations baby, parents and grands. How cool is that……

    People who really, truly can’t sing are very rare Mel. The odd thing is they are often the ones who sing loudest!
    However, would it be fair or right to deny anyone the joy of uttering wrung-out cat noises with the blissful sense that they are joining in with a lovely thing? It would not! Singing, however badly, is good for the soul and everyone should be allowed, nay, encouraged, to do it. (Oops! I feel a post coming on)
    Anyway, there were a few cats among the angels and it didn’t in the least spoil my pleasure : )
    Yeah! It was cool : )

    Comment by Mel | January 24, 2011 | Reply

  2. lovely! so many good things. . .




    Comment by english inukshuk | January 24, 2011 | Reply

  3. ah *sigh* lovely

    : )

    Comment by Linda | January 25, 2011 | Reply

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